Video ~ You ARE Psychic!

Boy-oh-boy, it’s been a crazy 2 weeks for me! My computer crashed 2 weeks ago and the first replacement I bought was a lemon. :( The second one, I just bought on Thursday last week and it’s working great!

At the time this email is being written, we’re just finishing up loading everything onto it and so far, so good.

I’ve been wondering what this forced time offline is all about; somehow I think it was meant to be, though not exactly the way I’d WANT to take a vacation from working!

We each come into this world with Divine Gifts. Each and every soul has gifts that they are meant to experience this lifetime. These gifts are ours to develop, learn about, grow, and to master. These gifts are NOT reserved for a privileged few!

Learn more by watching my video here.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie