Lynn & Jiggs

Video ~ Barks in the night, flickering lights & angel clouds…

Messages from our animal companions in spirit are not only comforting but they help us to assimilate their transition from the physical plane to the spirit realm. They also prove to us that there is no death, and that the love we share with them and the deep connections we have with them live on beyond the ending of the physical.

I made this video about a number of different ways that Jiggs sent me messages after he crossed over in hopes that it will help awaken you to possibilities with your own beloved animal companions in spirit. Jiggs crossed in 2007 but lives on in my life as a helper and guide for my animal communication and healing training programs. He loves helping students and he’s always up for a chat. 

I hope you enjoy today’s video:
​​​​​​Messages From Jiggs In Spirit

To Your Divine Power,


  1. Lenda deAnn says:

    Thank you for sharing this info free. I think that it is important. Even as a reminder if we have forgot what you teach in your Course. I shared it on my fb page. I have a lot of respect for you, and your’s and Jibb’s mission.

  2. Please keep me informed because I’m desperately trying to find I mean rescue a dog and give him a happy home and all of my love till I die. I had to put my old guy that I had for 16 years and life isn’t the same. I did have a spiritual connection in fact several of him. I think he was telling me I’m fine mom and I will be here when it’s your time.

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