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Bark Neigh Meow Lynn McKenzie book

Bark, Neigh, Meow…

My new book Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate your Soul’s Highest Calling releases on May 8th and I’m thrilled to share that you can read the first two chapters absolutely FREE.

Once you’ve finished reading the chapters, be sure to leave me a comment on what you think about them.

If you want more information on my book, you can find it here: https://lynnmckenzie.com/books/

Upcoming Events

Join me for any or all of the following:

The Animal Communicator and Healer’s Summit (Stay tuned for further information)

Wed. May 5 2021 11 AM PT Diane Wing Radio

Wed. May 5 4:17-4:37pm PT StarStyle® Radio with Cynthia Brian

Each of the above will be promoted on my social media (see links below for further details)

Check out the FREE chapters here (click on image for fullscreen):

To Your Divine Power,

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