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Our Animal Companions Don't Die; There is No Death

Video ~ Our Animal Companions Don’t Die; There is No Death

I hope you’re staying cool in these lazy, hazy, final days of summer. I just got back from a retreat in Santa Fe New Mexico. It was a lovely, much needed break, and the weather was much cooler than Arizona at this time of year which was a welcome bonus.

In today’s video, Our Animal Companions Don’t Die; There Is No Death, you’ll learn all about what happens when our animal friends depart the physical plane, how the love we share with them does not end with the ending of the physical, and how you can stay connected with them in the spirit realm.

Check it out here.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie

Video ~ Signs From Our Loved Ones in the Spirit Realm (Human and Animal)

Happy Sunday! I’m currently taking a few days away from work for a summer retreat to recharge my batteries and activate my creativity. I hope you’re getting some time to yourself to do what you love this summer too.

This week I’m talking about rainbows, feathers, and hearts and what they all have in common. They are signs from our human and animal loved ones in the spirit realm. Once you watch the video I can almost guarantee you’ve experienced some of them yourself.

Check it out here

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie