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Euthanasia, An Act of Love

Video ~ Euthanasia, An Act of Love

I hope you enjoyed the Solstice and are embracing summer in full swing. I’ve been making time to swim outdoors which I love. Even though it’s extremely hot in the desert it’s still my favorite time of year. I just wish someone would tell puppy Pixie Rose that just because the sun comes up early doesn’t mean we have to get up at 5 am. EVERYDAY!

Today’s video is on euthanasia, a topic ripe with emotion for good reason. It is heart wrenching to make the final decision for a beloved animal companion, especially when we wish they could stay with us on the earth plane forever. It is one of the most unselfish acts of love you can give them though. 

Learn more in this video, click here.

P.S. the fire I mention in the video is now out <3 To Your Divine Power, Lynn McKenzie