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Spiritual Guidance from Dogs Cats Horses

Spiritual Guidance from Dogs, Cats and Horses

The wonderful furry, finned and feathered beings that we choose to share our lives with, or should I say choose to share their lives with us, are so much more than simply ‘pets’ in our lives. In fact, I believe that they are the bearers of profound spiritual messages and prompters of insightful spiritual growth through their gentle, and sometimes not so gentle nudgings. This is because our animal companions have access to, and are guardians of our Divine Blueprint or Soul’s Blueprint.

The Blueprint can be described as the ‘divine plan for the perfect unfolding of the highest potential for an individual soul’. It is a perfect state of consciousness, and can enable the awareness of the ‘ancient memories that lie deep within each of us’ to resurface. Being guardians of our Blueprints is a role of great magnitude for our companion animals and one that is not taken lightly. They see it as their life’s mission and utmost priority. In fact a happy animal is a sign of their satisfaction with our progress along our own individual paths. Certainly they have their own blueprints to develop and realize, but unlike many of us, their close ties to the spirit realm, allow them the strong ability to multitask and therefore help us while continuing their own development.

How could they possibly guide us, you may ask? In my private consultations I have seen it all. The animals are masters at their role and divinely creative in their work. To begin with let me share with you a little about one of my guides, ‘Lucero’ an Andalusian Stallion, likened to an ascended master of the equine realm, now in spirit form. We met, or shall I say our spirits met, somewhere around 1997. At that time I was in private practice as a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Kinesiologist and just ‘happened’ to attend an Animal Communication Workshop. Apparently Lucero had already planned for our ‘meeting’, and what was to transpire as I somehow managed to forget to bring the requested photos of my dog ‘Jiggs’, the fur love of my life, to the workshop, and instead consequently ended up connecting with Lucero. His energy was literally jumping off the photo at me and I knew then that my life was about to change dramatically. Our connection was immediate and profound. I had never experienced divine universal love and acceptance the way I did in that moment. It was like a barrier had been broken for me and I could now see who I truly was. I knew that the flood of information that was coming through me was from a source much greater than myself; in fact, I was channeling!

After driving home from my weekend away, with the feeling that my tires had never even touched the ground, it became very clear to me that the course of my life had changed, and that Lucero was the catalyst. He didn’t just choose me as the one being that he would work with and guide. As I got to know more about him over time I learned that he was the benevolent vehicle of change for many other healers as well. In fact, even from the spirit realm he has called together physical gatherings of healers, one of which I was lucky enough to attend one November many years ago, in Canada. Lucero, the divine being of love and light is just one of the many souls who are in partnership with us for our soul’s benefit and growth.

Prior to this day, I had always known that my connection to and communion with god, spirit or the higher power was through animals and nature but what I didn’t know was that I would ever be helping others connect in this way professionally. Not until I had met Lucero anyhow. His ideas for me have definitely reshaped my life.

When doing consultations, some of the most common messages and teachings that I hear from the animals for humanity are as follows:

  • Recognize that all beings have intelligence and sentient wisdom
  • Love yourself and all living beings unconditionally
  • Remain grounded and connected to the earths energy
  • Live in the present moment
  • Surrender to and accept where you’re at
  • Follow your heart, follow your bliss
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Trust yourself
  • Approach each day with a sense of wonderment
  • Acknowledge yourself as the lightbeings that you are
  • Meditate as often as possible
  • Understand the naturalness of the circle of life – life, death and rebirth

If you tune in and pay attention, I’m sure you will witness your animal companions sharing some of these messages with you. If you don’t feel that you have mastered telepathy yet, you may just want to notice what they are showing you on the physical level. For example your indoor animal companion may be seeking out time in the bathroom, the one area where they can feel truly grounded via the plumbing, or perhaps they may want to lie down on you right on top of one of your chakras, always the one that needs a little healing and balancing by the way. They know what they’re doing and everything they do has a purpose. In consultations I am often asked by the animals to request that their person spend more time in meditation or for them to slow down a little and go through life a little more consciously taking time to smell the roses. When we don’t oblige the animals they will often try even harder to get our attention usually by some type of behavior that we find unacceptable such as waking us up in the middle of the night. When your companion animal is trying to get your attention, always take note!

Acknowledging the sacredness in our relationships with our animal companions is a must for anyone seeking true enlightenment. Recognizing that they come to us to guide us and heal certain aspects of ourselves including broken hearts, disowned or shadow aspects, and even physical ailments can give us a whole new perspective on the relationships that we have with them. Always re-member that LOVE is their message.

To Your Divine Power,

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