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Video ~ Navigating the Death & Dying Process of Our Animal Friends

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I wanted to share an interesting statistic with you. In 2018, Americans spent a whopping $751 million on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. We sure do love our animal friends! But of course you surely know that or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Because we love them so much, it can be excruciatingly difficult to deal with the loss of them, many of my clients have told me that for them, it’s even harder than losing a human. Sadly since their lives are so much shorter than ours (for the most part) if we are true animal lovers who like to surround ourselves with animal companions, we probably have to endure a fair number of these losses. There are things we can do to help ourselves navigate this very natural process.

I made a video about it which you can watch here: Navigating the Death and Dying Process of Our Beloved Animal Companions

I sure hope you don’t need it too soon but you’ll have it for whenever you do. Feel free to share it with others who might benefit from it.

Our Animal Companions Don't Die; There is No Death

Video ~ Our Animal Companions Don’t Die; There is No Death

I hope you’re staying cool in these lazy, hazy, final days of summer. I just got back from a retreat in Santa Fe New Mexico. It was a lovely, much needed break, and the weather was much cooler than Arizona at this time of year which was a welcome bonus.

In today’s video, Our Animal Companions Don’t Die; There Is No Death, you’ll learn all about what happens when our animal friends depart the physical plane, how the love we share with them does not end with the ending of the physical, and how you can stay connected with them in the spirit realm.

Check it out here.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie