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A Magazine Article You’ll Want To Read


This week I bring you an informative article I wrote for the current issue of Animal Wellness Magazine. It’s called Healing and Balancing Your Dog’s Chakras but actually applies to any animal. I encourage you to check it out as it includes an animal chakra chart as well as big glimpse into my proprietary healing technique, normally only available to students of my Animal Energy® Certification Training program.

Check it out below:
Animal Wellness Magazine Article

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Video ~ How to clear a pendulum

I know many of you are psychics, healers and most likely pendulum users so I thought I’d share a video today on how to clear a pendulum for increased accuracy in your healing work.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoy it.

How to Clear a Pendulum


P.S. Since 1994, I’ve been using the Cadillac of pendulums. These are extremely sensitive and accurate, have a particular affinity for subtle energy fields, and can remove deep energetic blocks among many other desirable qualities. Once you’ve tried one you’ll never go back.

Learn more here

Video ~ Your Animal Communication and Healing Questions Answered

We’ve reached the midway point in February, often known as one of the hardest months to get through, at least for those who dislike winter and dream of warm (or hot) sunny days like me. Usually we can’t complain about the weather too much here in Arizona (and I know those of you suffering through arctic conditions have no sympathy for us in the south) but this year winter has been extra wet and cold, so knowing it’s close to being over (our winters are very short) makes me really happy! Mother Nature might surprise me though.

My video this week is an in-depth, 1 hour open Q&A about animal communication and healing that covers any topic that viewers wanted to ask, and focuses heavily on loss of an animal companion, connecting with them in the afterlife and much more, check it out here:

Your Animal Communication and Healing Questions Answered Video