Soul Contracts With Our Animals Companions

Video ~ Soul Contracts With Our Animals Companions

One of you wrote in asking if we had any videos on soul contracts and since we didn’t at the time, I decided to make one.

Have you ever wondered what a soul contract is?

Do you ever feel like the important people and animals in your life are with you by soul agreement?

I refer to them as soul contracts, soul agreements or sacred contracts but they all mean the same thing. What they are is agreements we made with another soul, prior to incarnating into this lifetime, to spend our lives, or a portion of our lives together. These agreements are made for a variety of reasons and when we re-connect with the beings we’ve made them with, there is usually a feeling of familiarity, belonging and love (perhaps even instantaneous).

I hope you enjoy today’s video which will shed light on soul contracts with our animal friends:

Soul Contracts With Our Animals Companions

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