Video ~ A Sign From Sasha In The Afterlife

Today I bring you the heartwarming story of Sarah and Sasha that portrays how a sign from an animal companion in spirit can change everything. When Sarah lost her beloved Sasha she was yearning for a sign from Sasha in spirit. However, one was not forthcoming. Being a longtime student, currently in my Animal Energy® Certification Training Program, she contacted me letting me know how badly she wanted a sign.

I assured her that one would be forthcoming once her grief began to subside. Low and behold a short time later she contacted me again about an incredible dream she had.

Today’s video reveals the heartwarming story of love from the other side. You won’t want to miss it:

A Sign From Sasha In The Afterlife

The more we hear of stories like this and bring them into our consciousness, the more likely we can experience similar situations ourselves.

If you have a short story to share about a sign you’ve received from an animal companion in spirit, I would love to make a video about it in honor of them, and to open the possibility for others who are seeking a message from their beloved animal companions on the other side. This is truly a gift of love.