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We offer a wide variety of private readings and consultations for both humans and animals at various price points. At this time all readings are done over distance.

Lynn McKenzie


Your investment:
½ hour – $347 or 1 hour – $697

“Our Vets and even the Veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Guelph had trouble diagnosing what was physically wrong with our precious 2 year old dog Ocean. When we turned to Lynn for a reading, she knew exactly where to tell them to test; the duodenum. Imagine our vet’s surprise when the tests proved her accurate! Lynn may have saved Ocean’s life.”
~ Wendy A. & Ocean

Reading with Lynn

President and founder of Animal Energy® and Live Your Divine Life LLC and creator of the Animal Energy® Certification Training program Lynn McKenzie is a world leader in the field of animal communication, psychic development and energy healing for both humans and animals, and has been a sought after psychic, animal communicator and healer, offering private readings professionally since 1993.

Lynn’s passion lies in helping others to connect with higher guidance and the spirit realm to step into their own Divine Power. She currently spends much of her time writing, creating and delivering online training and certification programs however she is currently available for a very limited number of private readings.

Lynn’s readings (for both humans and animals) address absolutely anything you wish to receive guidance on.

You have two different reading options with Lynn.

1. A reading for yourself: 

  • Soul’s Divine Mission readings
  • Psychic Breakthrough and Attunement™ sessions
  • Energy clearing and balancing using Lynn’s proprietary healing system
  • Easing Grief sessions
  • Spiritual counselling
  • General psychic reading

2. A reading for your animal(s):

  • Connecting with animals that have crossed over
  • Reincarnation
  • Teachings and spiritual guidance from your animal companions and guides
  • Aging animals and euthanasia decisions
  • Energy clearing and balancing using Lynn’s proprietary healing system
  • Easing Grief sessions
  • General animal communication reading


Reading with Lynn’s Senior Associate

All senior associates are hand-picked and certified in Lynn’s modalities.
Animal Communication and Animal Healing Consultations deal with almost any issue including physical illness and imbalance, behavioral issues, emotional issues, training and performance issues, end of life issues and afterlife connections.

They can help to: restore health, relieve stress, improve performance, help you attune to your animal companion’s teachings, eliminate behavioral problems, relay messages to and from your animal companions, help you understand each other, improve your relationship, promote happiness and enlightenment and enhance the human animal bond.

Sessions frequently cover: aging animals and euthanasia decisions, connecting with animals that have crossed over, easing grief, spiritual counseling, learning your animals teachings and spiritual guidance, reincarnation issues, discovering your soul’s divine blueprint, medical intuition to help your veterinarian, illness, surgery and recovery issues, help for rescue animals, upsets between animals, inappropriate elimination and spraying, and any other questions you may have regarding your animal companion.

Psychic readings and healing consultations for humans cover virtually any area of your life.

About our Sessions

How Our Readings and Consultations Work:
We tune in to your animal companion(s) or you, in the case of a human session, for up to 1/2 hour prior to the session. We then spend 50-60 minutes with you on the phone (25-30 minutes for half hour consults).

Your animal companion does not have to be present with you during any of our sessions as we are tuning in to and working on a soul level, not a physical level.

Multiple Animal Sessions
We can do multiple animals in one reading however we recommend you book at least 20 minutes per animal (longer in the case of more serious issues).

We Call You (in the U.S. and Canada)
We initiate session phone calls for clients in the U.S. and Canada. Clients outside those areas are required to call us, at the predetermined time, at the number we provide you at the time of booking.

Session Recordings
All phone sessions are recorded and session recordings will be emailed to you (as an MP3 or playback file) within 48 hours of your session. We cannot guarantee a successful recording as technology can be temperamental however our success rate has been about 99%.

Appointment Availability and Scheduling
Reading times are offered on a first come first served basis, after a session has been purchased. We do our best to work with your schedule and get you booked as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate urgent situations.

Information We Require
For certain sessions we’ll ask you to provide information, and in some cases photographs or physical descriptions. In this instance, session scheduling will take place AFTER we have received all requested information.

Disclaimer: readings (psychic, animal communication, astrology, Human Design and energy healing) are not a replacement for medical or veterinary care, or legal or financial advice. Please consult with the appropriate professionals for the above.