Products to help along your path to Animal Communication, Psychic Development and Healing


“I love this pendulum…
It is so responsive.”
~ Elsie

“I am astounded by what I have seen and experienced using this pendulum in comparison to the struggles I was having before working with it.
Thank you Lynn for making this available for all of us.”
~ Jody

Acu Pulsor Pendulum

The “Cadillac” of Pendulums

(includes a downloadable training class)

Over the years, students have begged Lynn to offer the special (Pulsor Spin Tester) pendulums she uses in all her dowsing and energy work. She’s used one since 1994, and in her opinion, this pendulum is the Cadillac of pendulums. Once you’ve used one you will never go back.

Here’s what Lynn loves about them:

  • They are extremely accurate and sensitive
  • They make dowsing easier and faster
  • They have a particular affinity for subtle energy fields
  • They can remove deep energetic blocks
  • They are effective for moving blocked energy when the tip is held on acupressure points
  • They balance and maintain the polarity of your energy field
  • They do not force or tune your field to an external frequency
  • They can neutralize, through contact, any harmful energy in food and drink, as well as metallic objects.
  • They are designed for use in subtle energy balancing through contact with the acupuncture points.
  • They never wear out, need recharging or clearing
  • They are also personal protection devices when kept on the person ~ they amplify your subtle energy force field

Pendulums are made of an extra-sensitive, high-end proprietary substance containing a crystalline matrix which creates a dynamic energy cell with electronic circuits. They are black and measure 1 3/4 x 1/2 inches and are suspended on a 6 inch metal chain.

Pulsor Andromedian

The Andromedian is multi-functional, full spectrum Pulsor. It is excellent for personal protection from EMF when worn on the body (this is what Lynn uses for protection). You can also place the Andromedian on any small electrical device to harmonize the energy flow and EMF protection. It is fabulous to wear for balancing and protection while using the Pulsor pendulum, and to wear after a session, to maintain the balance of the body’s Vortex Energy Centers.