How To Use Clairvoyance to Manifest What You Desire

You’ve heard the words “ask and it is given”, it’s one of the universal laws of manifestation after all.

Esther Hicks and “Abraham”, the collective energy she channels, have been teaching it for years; they even have a book by that name. And yet, so many feel that when they ask it is NOT given.

I’m going to share the missing link, and my signature process for manifesting so you can manifest for yourself WITH results.

Step 1: Ask
I think we all, know how to do this. One caveat I’m going to add to this is that you be clear and precise about exactly what you want.

Step 2: Watch
You have to watch for the opportunities, signs and guidance that shows up for you; these will happen, but you HAVE to be conscious and watching for them so you don’t miss them.

Step 3: Take Action
To complete the process, you have to take action on the opportunities and signs when they show up. Manifestation is a co-creation not a spectator sport.

To help all of the above work, I add the following.

Step 4: Call Upon Your Magic
This is where your Clairvoyance comes in.

Clairvoyance simply means “clear psychic sight”. I’ve used Clairvoyance for years in my personal manifesting and want to share how you can too.

Here’s what I do:

I tune in clairvoyantly to what it is I really want to create in my life, I picture it clearly, and then call in my other main “clairs”. They consist of clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizence and mean clear hearing, clear sensing and clear knowing. If one of your other “clairs” comes more naturally to you, you can begin with that one and bring your clairvoyance in afterwards.

Once I have my vision set, with the help and energy of all my other “clairs”, I then picture that perfect creation, inside a sparkling, magical bubble, similar to a large soap bubble. Next I send that bubble up to the universe to interact with all the other magical bubbles in the universe that represent the opportunities available to me.

I then visualize it joining, or matching up with the perfect one, that’s most aligned with me, my soul, as well as my vision, in the highest and best good for all.

Then I visualize it traveling back to me to be grounded into my consciousness.

Then I take aligned action; I use my clairvoyance (clear sight) to determine the timing and best course of action.

Then I watch as my manifestation (or creation) comes to fruition.

Is it always 100% exactly as I pictured? No, but it is what I’ve created, in complete alignment with my higher self and soul, so I know it’s something that will also be valuable and beneficial for myself and others.

I’ve used this technique to create multiple 6-figure businesses, manifest horses, homes, careers, and live a life of freedom in some of the most desirable places in North America. You can too!

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  1. Sharon L McKnight says:

    I always believed that God will provide, and I never asked for anything because of that belief. And it seems to be true. How do you do this? Picture money in your hand? Picture yourself in great health? Still unclear.

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