Learn To Detect And Clear Imbalances In Your Animal Companion’s Chakras To Create Better Health, Healing And Emotional Well-Being

The chakra system holds the key to many imbalances in our animal companions, whether of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable them to live in greater comfort and joy, but we can unravel their untold stories, sometimes even more effectively than through animal communication.

Chakras are simply energy vortices or portals located in various locations throughout the body, and are vehicles for assimilation of life force energy.

You’ll learn:

Everything there is to know about the animal energy field, aura and subtle energy bodies. You’ll discover the various layers and how imbalances work their way in to the physical level, and manifest as dis-ease.

Detailed descriptions of 31 chakras; 8 major and 23 minor chakras. Details include the exact chakra location, associated organs and emotions, and the related imbalances.

Techniques, procedures and protocols to use to detect and correct imbalances and blocked energy so the animals will always benefit on the highest level from your healing work.

How working with the chakras can provide clues to what’s going on within the animal, often in a story like format, sometimes even better than through animal communication.

The corresponding colors, crystals, planets, elements and spirit animals related to each chakra. Having all these tools will give you everything you need to completely understand and work with the chakras effectively.

How to prevent imbalances from advancing from the energy body into the physical level, and also how you can often reverse issues that have already manifested on the physical plane.

Case studies, examples, protocols and exercises for both you and the animals. This will ensure ease of learning, integration and assimilation and will also model live real-time healing sessions.

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Your chakras play a key role in using your psychic gifts.

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