Crystal Healing for the Animals

Learn The Amazing Benefits Of Crystals; Powerful Healing Tools For The Animals

Crystals are extraordinary gifts from the earth. Using these vibrational tools in our healing work on animals enables us to create powerful shifts and initiate incredible changes in them ~ on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

You’ll learn:

What crystals are, how they’re formed, and how they can heal both us and our animal companions

The many ways you can use them for healing your animal companions on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

How to care for, program and cleanse energies from your crystals when new as well as ongoing energy maintenance tips

Detailed properties and indications for use of numerous crystals including the 4 Master Healer crystals

The crystals as they relate to each chakra, and how to use them to clear and balance your animal’s chakras

Ways to select crystals that match your animal’s needs and energy requirements

”I wanted to share that I worked on Tooty’s chakras with the crystals from the program, and then left amber, clear quartz, carnelian, turquoise and blue lace agate out, and he’s feeling better! He’s acting more like he used to. The crystals are definitely working for him and at the same time, they’re making me feel better too.

Janet Tierney

Lynn, I have to tell you, Angel has barely left her bed where I put the amethyst, hematite and kunzite you suggested, it’s like she knows that the healing energy is there, so she wants to be with it! Thank you.

Tamara Strom

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Learn The Amazing Benefits Of Crystals; Powerful Healing Tools For The Animals


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Crystal Healing for the Animals

Crystal Healing fo Animals
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Your chakras play a key role in using your psychic gifts.

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