Congratulations on your decision to learn how to Balance your Chakras. You have taken a big step in your spiritual journey and are about to find out how powerful you really are!

But before you dive into your Chakra Balancing Program, I want to give you one more thing that will deepen your connection to your spirit and intuition even further!

This is the next step
in awakening your psychic and intuitive abilities!

The Chakra Power Codes

How to activate the power of your chakras for ultimate clarity, confidence and psychic awakening!

In fact, it’s the perfect companion to the program you just purchased as it will give you an extra level of clarity, personal power and healing.

What you get

You’ll receive 8 guided healing session audios that you can begin using immediately to transform your life!

That’s more than 8 hours of Energetic Alignment and Healing.
A one-hour healing session with me is $597!
That means that 8 healing sessions would total $4,776.00!

Today, you can get these 8 guided healing sessions you can benefit from over and over again, for just $97!


Do you feel like this is the exact time in your life that you are being called to go deeper into your soul work?

What if I told you that you already have everything you need inside of you for the ultimate state of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL balance?

Your Chakra System Holds the Key to Your Next Level of Spiritual Growth, Psychic Development, and Personal Transformation.

You’re already going to be learning about your chakras, how to tell when they are out of balance and how to reinstate healing, clarity and inner peace.

But do you truly understand, on a deep level, on an embodied level, how they can assist you to live out your Divine Destiny?

let me explain.

Each chakra plays a distinct role in our awakening and transformation.
So you have to energetically address each one individually.

That’s why this is the next best step for you … it’s the perfect partner to your Chakra Balancing program.

You have the opportunity to know not only how to keep your chakras balanced, but how to draw out the magical powers of each individual chakra and use those energies to get the results you want in your work, your relationships, your health, your LIFE!

And here’s the secret most energy healers aren’t even aware of and the reason why so many people have energy sessions that don’t really work:

Your chakras respond best to vibrational frequency!

That’s why I’ve developed this amazing set of 8 energetically calibrated audio recordings that will help you optimize your chakras so you are always vibrating at the best frequency for your highest good.

By knowing how to fix the imbalances buried deep in your chakras, and draw forth the individual energies of each, you will be able to psychically, intuitively tune into whichever chakra will best serve your needs, intentions and deep, heart-centered dreams!

In this intensive guided journey through the chakras…

You’ll discover how to:

Reset, renew and regenerate any energy patterns that no longer serve you.

Access your innate gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance – the powerful gifts of greater knowing, insight, wisdom, and awareness.

Use your gifts to discern, channel and heal yourself and others.

Live comfortably and confidently in your Divine power knowing that any time you are feeling off, tired or confused, you can simply call upon this work to restore balance and HEALING!

Maximize the “energy attunements” – receive the frequencies and energies of crystals, color, essences, oils, plants, trees, the devic kingdom, the angelic realm, the ascended masters, animal totems and more.

You will be amazed by the acceleration you see in your gifts and talents after experiencing these audio recordings to elevate your chakras!


life altering.

“I’ve known Lynn’s work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her!”

Colette Baron-Reid
Best-selling author of Messages From Spirit and
internationally renowned intuitive counselor
“I recently purchased the Chakra Healing, Clearing and Attunement Intensive Program. I want to express to everyone how transformative this program has been for my entire being. I would recommend this program to all of you. Even I was amazed by the healing and frequency I could feel while listening to the recordings. Plus, as in all of Lynn’s programs, the knowledge gained is priceless.”

christie sharon
“I just started Lynn’s Chakra Healing, Clearing and Attunement intensive program and am just LOVING it!!! So far, I have only worked through the first three chakras and one of the bonus attunements (which are awesome!) and I can definitely feel a major shift in energy – a definite clearing. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who is feeling at all blocked in any way.”

nancy clifford

Here are just a few more results our clients who have purchased this program have reported:

Increased Intuition and Emotional Intelligence (the ability to read other people’s energy!)

Amplified psychic & healing abilities

Heightened connection with Spirit/Source/God

Strengthened manifesting capabilities

Elevated creativity

Improved health and serenity

Intensified passion for life

Massive increase in energy and vitality

And much more!
Anything is possible when you pair the daily Chakra Balancing Method™ with the Chakra Power Codes™ program!

David Krueger, MD
Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.

David Krueger, MD
Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance
Executive Coach

What you get

You’ll receive 8 guided healing session audios that you can begin using immediately to transform your life!

That’s more than 8 hours of Energetic Alignment and Healing.
A one-hour healing session with me is $597!
That means that 8 healing sessions would total $4,776.00!

Today, you can get these 8 guided healing sessions you can benefit from over and over again, for just $97!

Here are the mystical powers of each Chakra and how you can use them to enhance your life!

root (base) chakra

Lesson 1

root chakra

Manifestation, Prosperity, Foundation, Safety, Support, Trust, Connection to Mother Earth, Groundedness, Security, Courage

This audio lesson attunes, clears and strengthens your root chakra and grounds you when you are feeling off, isolated, disconnected or unsure of your place in this world.

sacral chakra

Lesson 2

sacral chakra

Creativity, Clairsentience, Sexuality, Emotional Intelligence, Assimilation of New Ideas, Flexibility, Relating To Others

This audio lesson attunes, clears and increases your creativity and abilities to connect and garner your desired results.

solar plexus chakra

Lesson 3

solar plexus chakra

Personal Power, Self Esteem, Energy Mastery, Claircognizance, Authority, Awakening, Transformation

This audio lesson attunes, clears and heightens your psychic abilities and emotional intelligence affording you true empowerment.

heart chakra

Lesson 4

heart chakra

Divine Love, Unconditional Love, Clairsentience, Animal Communication, Group Consciousness, Acceptance

This audio lesson attunes, clears and increases your ability to harness your power and use it for a more loving connection with all of life.

throat chakra

Lesson 5

throat chakra

Communication, Clarity, Creative Expression, Truth, Clairaudience, Channeling, Soul Purpose, Connection With The Etheric Realm

This audio lesson attunes, clears and offers energy designed to assist you with your ability to communicate in a variety of ways. You’ll find a clarity in your words that was never present before. And people will listen.

Third eye (brow) chakra

Lesson 6

third eye chakra

Clarity, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Insight, Psychic Awareness, Animal Communication, Healing, Soul Realization

Once chakras 1 through 5 are aligned, you will discover that your third eye awakens bringing you clarity and healing. This audio lesson attunes, clears and heightens your “sixth sense,” the true gifts from Source that you are innately blessed with.

crown chakra

Lesson 7

crown chakra

Claircognizance, Unity With Higher Self, Connection to Source, Channeling, Inspiration, Divine Wisdom, Limitlessness

The power of the crown chakra lies with its direct connection to the Universe. This audio lesson attunes, clears and strengthens our ability and our desire to connect, enabling us to not only optimize our crown chakra but also the abilities of our entire chakra system.

Earth Star and Soul Chakra

Lesson 8

earth star and soul star chakras

Our Connection to Earth and Cosmic Energies

Earth Star Chakra – Our Connection to the core of Mother Earth and her electromagnetic fields, anchors our relationship with the planet, and time/space coordinates

Soul Star Chakra – Our Connection to galactic and other higher beings, soul memory, soul expression, heightened consciousness, higher-self access, anchors our relationship with the Universe

We are but a small part of the Universe, and EVERYTHING is connected. One of the biggest challenges that humans have is a feeling of being shut off from the rest of existence. Even if we live in a busy city, with lots of people in our family, we can still feel alone.

A large part of this is because we are blocked in a place that many healers don’t even think to look: the earth star and soul star chakras.

That’s why this eighth lesson audio is so vital to your chakra power codes experience. You will acknowledge and nurture your connection with the planet and the Universe to fully, optimally raise your vibration and reach the next level of your spiritual growth, purpose and Divinity.

Can you imagine how you will feel when each of your power centers is awakened and attuned?

Alone, these recordings are incredibly valuable.

They will change your life, allowing you to live your truth, express your gifts and manifest your destiny.


But I know that you are yearning for more!

That’s why if you invest in The Chakra Power Codes™ today, I’m also going to include this incredible bonus to further support your transformative journey and deepen your connection.

Ten Surefire Ways To Open Your Psychic Channels And Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

BONUS: Ten Surefire Ways To Open Your Psychic Channels And Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

(A $97 value, yours for free!)

Deepen your connection to the Divine and your inner knowing in this audio lesson. It’s much simpler than you may think, and with these practices at your disposal, energy coalesces, and the elements of your intuition and psychic abilities begin to converge. This is for you if you want to activate, or escalate your Psychic/Intuitive abilities, experience a deeper connection with the Divine, and access your inner knowing with greater ease and accuracy. It includes a guided meditation and additional chakra clearing and attunements.


This is an opportunity for you to learn to both balance AND draw from the power of your Chakra System so you can begin experiencing, embodying and expressing your Divine Gifts.
And you will find that once you do, you will be manifesting the Destiny you were meant to live, and doing so with a level of clarity, confidence and grace that you’ve never experienced before!

How would it feel to wake up every day knowing, intuitively, that you are in control of your day, your mood, your health, your RESULTS!?

With these 8 recordings, you have the infinite power to draw from and be energized by Source energy on demand.

If you add up the value of each Chakra Audio, this program could easily sell for $397. In fact, that is the price that people happily pay for it now on my website because it WORKS.

But for this one time only, because you already committed to start your journey with the Chakra Balancing Method™ and I want you to have the tools to rise to the next level on your path, you can . . .


Bubbling up within you is a power that needs to be awakened. You’ve known it for a long time.

This is your chance to finally awaken a new level of clarity, intuitive knowingness and embodiment of your innate Divine gifts that you’ve always wanted to reach. And the best part? It’s simple. There is no hard work. No striving. No pushing. You simply sit, listen and allow the activations to move through you. You have always been your own best healer, your own best teacher. With this power of vibration, you can finally align, clear, heal and draw from the power of your Chakras.

And in doing so, you will awaken, strengthen and redefine your relationship with Source, the planet, and yourself.

The power is at your fingertips.

Remember, not only are you receiving 8 activation audios, but each time you listen to them you are re-calibrating your entire energy system. That means that each of the 8 audios double as deep healing sessions for you that you can access and enjoy any time you need to.


No thanks, I’ll stick to the chakra balancing program.
I am not ready to unlock my powerful intuition quite yet.


Meet Lynn

Hello! My name is Lynn … and my greatest passion is helping you identify, foster & embody your unique psychic, intuitive, animal communication and healing gifts.

“The nature of life is
to unfold us and our destiny.”

Hints of my life path were evident from birth. I was born loving animals.

As I got older, my affinity for animals – especially horses – grew. In 7th grade, the inner impulse was so strong that on a regular basis I’d bicycle from my family home in the city, up to the country, 26 miles roundtrip, just to be near horses. I was that child. Girl-gone-horse-crazy… all the while following the invisible thread of Divine guidance.

I also loved all things from the magical and invisible realms (psychic, intuitive, healing) as a child.

Steadily and certainly, I became aware…
My existence… my being was the very intersection of animals



And the two would eventually synergize to fulfill my Soul’s Divine Mission and propel my clients along theirs.

It is my heart’s greatest joy to work with conscious, creative women who are ready to shine their light, from a solid foundation.

Over the past 30 years, I have wholeheartedly immersed myself in learning everything I could about energetics, healing, personal and spiritual development, psychic development and animal communication.

In that same time, professionally I have built multiple successful businesses on the bedrock of extensive training & certification.

As a certified Coach and certified Spiritual Psychotherapist, it has been my heart’s greatest joy to deliver professional consulting since 1993 and professional coaching since 2005.

With thousands of hours invested in learning everything I could about animals & magic, I have built a stellar global reputation as an expert in the animal intuitive and energetic fields, training more than 100,000 clients in 52+ countries.

I share the specifics of my path because ultimately, I see every experience of mine as building the foundation for mirroring your journey and launching you into the fulfillment of your own destiny.

After all, we’re on this journey together.

To Your Divine Power,

Lynn McKenzie

Awaken to your magic

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