“Finally Revealed: How to Become Confidently Clairvoyant So You Can Tap Into the Wisdom of the Universe With Remarkable Accuracy!”

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Now that we’re in the thick of the biggest upgrade in consciousness in recent history, many people are left wondering…

“What’s next?”

Some are having a hard time navigating the speed with which things are changing. Others are left disconcerted by the uncertainty of the future.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

When you have a surefire method of tapping into the infinite wisdom of the Universe with clarity and a true inner knowing, what prevails is empowerment, peace of mind, and a deep connection to infinite possibility.

This invitation is especially for you if …

You want a proven step-by-step system to learn and perfect your Clairvoyant Vision … so you can give fast, accurate readings for yourself and others

You’re eager to tap in to your divine guidance and personal power so you can gracefully sidestep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges

You’ve tried to learn psychic skills in the past but it didn’t work out as you envisioned

You’re excited by the idea of EASILY reading the energies of situations, people, places and things, so you can bypass painful “learning opportunities” and jump right into what works

You want to learn how to transform your hesitation about the future into enlightened joy that you can access at a moment’s notice

You’re ready to save serious money, time and effort by consistently making the right decisions in your personal life and your business

You’re excited to gain clarity and a deep inner knowing about life’s issues, large and small

You want to learn how to help others (and yourself) sail through the changing times we’re in with ease and grace

You want a clear window into the future (and the past) so you can make the best of every opportunity coming your way

You want to create a name for yourself as a specialist in the highly desirable field of clairvoyance

Whatever your desires, the Universe is equipped to hand you these enhanced skills right now. The gift of clairvoyance is an innate part in each of us, just waiting to enhance our everyday lives.

Today more than ever, people who have the ability to see beyond the obvious and extract the wisdom behind it will be sought for their guidance by friends, family and clients.

This is where YOU come in …


Clairvoyance Mastery™

For Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

As a world-recognized expert in psychic mastery, I’m ready to teach you everything you need to know to become confidently clairvoyant.

Even if you don’t feel naturally gifted or spiritually “perfect”, you’ll leave this program highly qualified to read for yourself — and consult professionally for others if you choose — with this powerful, sought-after skill.

“I’ve known Lynn’s work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her!”

Colette Baron-Reid

Best-selling author of Messages From Spirit and
internationally renowned intuitive counselor
“My psychic abilities have increased 100% … and I’m not the only one who has noticed! Friends who didn’t even know I took your training have commented on how much more clear and intuitive I am. My accuracy has skyrocketed!”

Lisa Philips-Cardinal

Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Biofeedback Technician

What Is Clairvoyance Mastery™?
Here’s just a sample of the actionable content you’ll gain access to in this best-selling program …

You’ll discover how to:

Set up an internal “reading room” that’s easy for you to access, no matter what’s happening in your external environment

Connect and disconnect from the energies of other people, so your readings are always clear and accurate

Access mental/emotional pictures the same way expert psychics have been doing it for centuries

Clear and ground your clairvoyant reading screen

Perform psychic detective work when necessary

Establish your own unique reading symbols

Yes, I am In!

Hand me the secrets to Clairvoyance Mastery!


Here’s what you’ll learn / receive:

Conduct Readings With Clairvoyance

Learn my step-by-step system for conducting accurate clairvoyant readings from a space of inner knowing, peace and neutrality.

Clairvoyance is a lot like dreaming while you’re awake … yet it requires specific practices to master for full effectiveness.

Fortunately, anyone can develop these skills, given the right desire and intention.

In this module I’ll teach you how to clairvoyantly read yourself, read other people, read relationships, and even read past lives!

Heal With Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is an especially powerful tool for healing.

Once you’ve learned my step-by-step system for clairvoyant reading, I’ll show you how to apply that same process to clairvoyant healing.

This is especially beneficial because you’ll be guiding your friends and clients to essentially write, direct and watch their own mini movies. And that leads to lasting results.

We’ll cover a variety of techniques you can use … plus lots of ideas for creating your own!

Manifest With Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the perfect medium for manifesting.

Each of us has a level, volume and frequency at which we manifest everything we experience in our lives.

Clairvoyant Manifesting allows us to expand our comfort zones and outer limits to create whatever our heart desires most, including …

  • Money and Abundant Prosperity
  • Loving Relationships
  • Beautiful Environments
  • Vibrant Health
  • More Joy!

Just like with clairvoyant healing, once you’ve learned my step-by-step system for clairvoyant reading, you’ll be ready to manifest with ease.

Create a Clear Energetic Channel To Maximize Your Gift’s Potential

This program component is designed to create a crystal clear energy field that frees you to experience your new clairvoyance capabilities to the fullest.

Clairvoyant students frequently have patterns, blocks and fears instilled in their cellular memory. When they’re released, they’re finally able to step wholly into their divine connection — and truly open to their highest potential.

Sometimes blocks are simply thought forms or faulty belief systems. And other times they’re imbalances that are firmly entrenched in the energy field.

Either way, you’ll clear and release them, which catapults your progress.

Clairvoyance Mastery Apps

In addition to the experiential skill set you’ll gain throughout this program, Clairvoyance Mastery™ apps enhance your clairvoyant toolkit, such as …

  • Balancing your chakra system
  • Grounding and protecting your energy field
  • Raising your vibrational frequency
  • Running rejuvenating earth and cosmic energies
  • Creating and maintaining strong psychic boundaries

Once you’re familiar with these Apps, you can use them every day to practice and perform readings and healings using the system I’ll teach you.

These Apps will serve you well with clients … and in every other area of your life.

Receive Support From Non-Physical Energies and Realms

We were never meant to do our Lightwork alone. There’s abundant support waiting to assist you always, in all ways.

That’s why you’ll learn how to connect with, download and utilize the energies of the non-physical realms, including …

  • Ascended Masters
  • Archangels
  • Animal Energies
  • Cosmic Energies
  • Even the Devic Kingdom!

By learning to call on them at will throughout this program and beyond, you’ll energize and enchant your work, your creativity and your life.

Clairvoyant Ethics

Proper clairvoyant ethics go far beyond the standard confidentiality principle. They’re a broad-based set of criteria that are essential for creating and upholding clean clairvoyant/client relationships.

Even if you don’t plan to use this skill professionally, being knowledgeable about ethics is an important part of your instruction. It will give you confidence as you provide sessions to anyone, whether paid or unpaid, including friends, family, and neighbors. We’ll discuss how to honor this sacred bond with your clients, and we’ll cover topics such as …

  • Trust
  • Non-judgment
  • Energy Containment and Responsibility
  • Mental and Emotional Processing
  • Clear and Healthy Boundaries
  • Staying Centered and Grounded
  • How to Interpret and Deliver Psychic Information
  • And How to Empower Your Clients Toward Self-Reliance Rather Than Creating a Dependence On You

By understanding the ethics of clairvoyance, you’ll feel confident and secure in your Clairvoyance Readings — especially since the healing and intuitive field is currently ungoverned.

Q&A and Psychic Troubleshooting

In addition to the in-depth training you’ll experience in the Clairvoyance Mastery™ program, there’ll be plenty of time for Q&A.

All your questions will be answered!

We’ll also have class time devoted to troubleshooting common areas of difficulty or concern.

And if you can’t attend the Q&A calls live, you’re welcome to submit your questions in advance. My team and I will make sure you get the help you need.

Membership in a Private Online Community and Forum

In Clairvoyance Mastery™, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone.
You’ll be surrounded by a supportive group of students in a private online community and forum.

It’s the perfect place to share your insights, your progress, and even your struggles, so you have access to direct input between classes.

This is also where you’ll find willing partners to practice your clairvoyant readings.

And the support won’t end with the program.

We’ll keep the doors to the community open for 30 days after the training program ends.

In-The-Field Clairvoyant Reading Experience

Once you learn how to conduct accurate clairvoyant readings, the best way to build your clairvoyant muscle is to conduct real-world sessions!

To make sure you leave the program feeling fully confident, you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive a minimum of four clairvoyant readings with people you haven’t met before (usually fellow classmates).

This allows you to get a true feeling for where you naturally excel —and where you might need support or improvement.

Plus, it’s loads of fun!

Certificate Of Completion

Once you’ve completed the program successfully you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion.

This comprehensive training program plus bonuses is designed for the beginner and advanced student alike and is intended to give you everything you need to activate and embody your clairvoyant gifts for personal or professional use.

You may participate in this program at your leisure as you will have long term access to the training material.

Can’t Make The Classes Live?

No worries … we have you covered! We’ve made it easy to jump in, whether you’re busy during our regular class times … or you live halfway around the world in a totally different time zone.

PLUS … You’ll get every class delivered to your inbox within 48 hours, even if you can’t make it to the call! We want you to have every advantage in Clairvoyance Mastery™.

“Whether you’re a clairvoyant beginner or a seasoned pro — whether you’re interested in becoming a professional clairvoyant or simply using it for your own benefit — this program opens you to increased clarity, peace, and awareness, accelerated spiritual growth and personal freedom.”

“I have just joined the Psychic Development Mentoring Program and have done the first activation for just eight days and I am thrilled, ALREADY! I have experienced wonderful breakthroughs, unblockings, and forward movement in this short amount of time. I cannot give enough praise to the Psychic Development Mentoring Program.”

Lisa Robinette

“Your teachings have eliminated any doubt I had in my psychic abilities. I love them!””

Kimberley Spencer

for purpose, passion and prosperity

Clairvoyance Mastery™



PLUS … Get All These Valuable Psychic BONUSES Valued at More Than $600!

bonuses to enhance
your learning

Animal Energy® Certification Training Chakra Report

BONUS A Privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report That Reveals Your Clairvoyant Gifts and Talents
(a $297 value)

Your chakras play a key role in learning clairvoyance.
The current status of your chakras plays a big role in the ease in which you learn and develop your clairvoyant skills. Lynn will prepare an individualized, detailed written chakra report for you which will lay out the current status of each one.

You’ll see which of your chakras are in perfect balance, and which require clearing and balancing to be in their strongest, most vital state, so you’ll know exactly what to work on to enhance your clairvoyant skills.

And, more importantly, you’ll receive an energy protocol to clear any imbalances!

BONUS: The Chakra Balancing Method™

BONUS: The Chakra Balancing Method™
(a $197 value)

The current status of your chakras plays a huge role in sailing through life, with all its challenges, not to mention how you learn and develop important energy management practices, and how you go on to cultivate your psychic and healing skills. You’ll receive a process you can use any time to assess the current status of each of your chakras. You’ll know which of them is in perfect balance, and which chakras require clearing and balancing to be in their strongest, most vital state. You’ll always know exactly what to focus on to enhance your goals and intentions, whether they’re business, financial, relationship, career, family or other.
This mini program includes:

  • The Chakra Balancing Method™ Program Guide PDF
  • The Chakra Balancing Method™ Video
  • The Chakra Balancing Method™ Chakra Self-Assessment Chart PDF (Long Version)
  • The Chakra Balancing Method™ Chakra Self-Assessment Chart PDF (Short Version)

As importantly, you’ll receive my energy protocol to clear any imbalances, so you can experience optimally-spinning chakras, any time!

A Clairvoyance Mastery™ Energy Clearing Session

BONUS: A Clairvoyance Mastery™ Energy Clearing Session
(a $147 value)

This pre-recorded session consists of energy clearing and attunements designed for deep personal and psychic breakthroughs helping you to release layers of old programming and replace them with invaluable tools for success in this program. This is the technique I myself use regularly to create profound business and personal breakthroughs.

This clearing and attunement acts on both the conscious and subconscious levels. I have found that the large majority of issues blocking our ability to move forward are subconscious in nature. In fact, even energies and blockages you are aware of may be sabotaging you, and until they are cleared, their insidious frequencies can play havoc with your success.

BONUS: Activate Your Money Tree
(a $147 value)

This is one of the juiciest bonuses in Clairvoyance Mastery™!

It can easily be worth the investment of the entire program when you take in all the learning and commit to using the rich information delivered in this one audio alone.

I’ll guide you through a sacred process that uses your clairvoyant vision to activate your personal money tree — the energetic source of your unlimited abundance and inner wealth.

You’ll experience a deeper understanding of your unique vibrational credibility and align with your Universal Bank Account.

Plus, you’ll receive invaluable energetic activations and attunements in this 50 minute audio!

Ten Surefire Ways To Open Your Psychic Channels And Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

BONUS: Ten Surefire Ways To Open Your Psychic Channels And Deepen Your Connection To The Divine
(A $47 value)

Deepen your connection to the Divine and your inner knowing in this MP3 audio. It’s much simpler than you may think, and with these practices at your disposal, energy coalesces, and the elements of your clairvoyance begin to converge. This is for you if you want to activate, or escalate your Psychic/Intuitive abilities, have a deeper connection with the Divine, and access your inner knowing with greater ease and accuracy. It includes a guided meditation and chakra clearing, complete with attunements.

“Lynn, your integrity, leadership, clairvoyance, and nurturing are inspiring. As a result of your program my psychic skills have more than doubled, and I use them daily in my life and business. Thank you for being the wonderful, inspiring, empowering and intuitive being that you are.”

Marina Duskov

Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant
“Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.

David Krueger, MD

Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance, Executive Coach
Yes, I am In!

Hand me the secrets to Clairvoyance Mastery!


What’s My Investment for Your Time-tested and Proven Clairvoyance Mastery™ Content?

If you’ve researched Clairvoyant Training programs, you already know they cost upwards of $1,800. And from doing my own due diligence, I personally know they don’t offer the comprehensive coverage this program does.

I designed it that way because I’m passionate about getting this important and powerful work into the hands of people like you and into the world. That’s also why I’m offering it at an investment level that’s within easy reach, with payment plans to make it even easier!

“Yes, Lynn … I’m Ready to Dive Into Your Best-Selling Clairvoyance Mastery™ Training Program!”

I understand I’ll receive MORE THAN 16 HOURS of Clairvoyance Training.

8 Live Clairvoyance Mastery™ Classes

Bonus: A Privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report

Bonus: The Chakra Balancing Method™

Bonus: A Clairvoyance Mastery™ Energy Clearing Session

Bonus: Activate Your Money Tree

Bonus: Ten Surefire Ways To Open Your Psychic Channels And Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

Clairvoyant Ethics

“In The Field” Clairvoyant Reading Experience In a Safe and Supportive Environment

Clairvoyance Mastery™ Certificate of Completion

Membership in a Private Online Community That’s Open for Support 24/7

Recordings of Every Class

Get Started Now

$697 (Regularly $1,297)
I want to make 1 payment of only $997

Easy Payment Plan 6 Pay Option

6 Payments – $134 x 6 (Regularly $357 x 4)
I want to make 6 payments of only $134

Still Undecided?

Ask me any question that’s on your mind (or in your heart) about the Clairvoyance Mastery™ Training program.

Hand to heart, I’ll give you my honest feedback to help you decide if this program is right for you.

Click here to send an email now, with “Question about Clairvoyance Mastery” in the subject line.

One of my knowledgeable and attentive team members will be in touch ASAP to provide additional information so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Barbara Hutson
“I can see the difference after the activations. I am also a student in Lynn’s Animal Energy® Certification Training program and it has completely aided my Animal Communication goals as well! I should have taken the Psychic Development Mentoring program first.”

Barbara Hutson

Linda Pizzale
“Your program was magical. I used to think that I wasn’t psychic but have now fully embraced my gifts.

The energy activations you included were subtle yet powerful….opening up my channels more and more, and I LOVED how you addressed all of our doubts and concerns so brilliantly!!”

Linda Pizzale

Speaker, Coach & Trainer
“I believe in your gifts and I trust you like no other.”

Kendall Summerhawk

The Leader In Certified Business and
Money Coach Training For Women

Yes, I am In!

Hand me the secrets to Clairvoyance Mastery!


Lynn McKenzie

Awaken to your magic

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