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Clairvoyance; Manifesting Your Soul’s Gifts

The dictionary describes clairvoyance as ‘the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions, removed in space or time from natural viewing’.

I like to describe it as “seeing, knowing and receiving guidance on situations, events or circumstances by other than our known senses, more particularly through the third (or inner) eye”.

Up to now, you may believe that clairvoyance is an unattainable superpower, reserved only for a privileged few, but nothing could be further from the truth; I’m here to debunk all myths regarding clairvoyance! It is a very natural, attainable skill, and one that anyone can learn, providing they have an open mind, a proven system, they are given the right training, and they commit to practice. Just like learning any other new skill.

Living day to day in a ‘tuned-in, tapped-in and psychically turned-on’ fashion is what I call living in a clairvoyant state-of-mind. It’s amazing the benefits that can be yours when you choose this for yourself. Imagine easily tapping in to your divine guidance, having access to universal wisdom, and being able to read the energies of situations, people, places and things, all with very little effort. Think of what that could do for you, not to mention the money, time and effort you could save, and especially the investments you could make!

Likened to dreaming while you’re awake, or watching your own internal movie screen, clairvoyance bestows you with omniscience or “complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness and understanding, and the ability to perceive all things”. What could be more useful and exciting than that? One of the benefits I especially enjoy about being clairvoyant is the ease with which it enables us to make decisions, whether personal, relationship, career or financial.

Clairvoyance brings us clarity! Knowing what is best for us in any given moment is such a wonderful gift that saves us from struggling and toiling to make decisions. It helps us transform our deepest fears into empowered joy.

Clairvoyance is an important player in healing and manifesting too. One of the reasons that clairvoyance adapts itself so well to healing is that it allows you to write, direct and perform in your own movies. It can be paired with other modalities or used alone to create powerful healing results.

In manifesting it can be used in much the same way. Once you have set your intentions, you can then put your plan up on your inner movie screen and ask the divine to assist you in showing you the way. Then, watch the inspiration and visual unfolding in front of you. Your path will become clear and your steps will be spelled out. How’s that for simple?

Let me know below how you’ve used clairvoyance and be sure to join me for a FREE Clairvoyance video series beginning January 15th.

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