Chakra Healing for Cats: Energy work for a happy and healthy feline friend

Chakra Healing


Energy work for a happy and healthy feline friend

Your one-stop resource guidebook for chakra healing for cats

Hardcover, full color, fully illustrated for Sept. 6 2022 release by OH! Life a division of Welbeck Publishing Group.

Chakra imbalances can cause a myriad of issues for our feline companions, on a physical, emotional or mental level. Balancing your cat’s chakras can result in greater overall wellbeing as well as boosted health and happiness. Chakra Healing for Cats is a comprehensive resource and guide to natural healing that helps you decode your cat’s behavioral signs and identify the related chakras that require balancing. It offers various healing modalities such as crystal healing, pendulum dowsing, flower essences and gem elixirs, as well as Lynn’s proprietary energy work to help you and your feline companion along your journey together. As you connect with your cat on a deeper spiritual level and become more in tune with one another, you’ll also awaken (or further) your own psychic and healing abilities and cultivate your unique gifts and intuition for enhanced personal growth.

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is the perfect guide to creating meaningful connections with your beloved animals. You’ll find greater passion, elevate your spirit, deepen your connection to the unseen realm, and much more.

Lynn McKenzie 2021

Lynn is an expert in the animal intuitive and energy healing fields with over thirty years of experience. She has provided training and consultation for over 100,000 clients, and she offers various programs relating to animal communication, healing, spiritual growth and personal transformation, psychic development, clairvoyance, and chakra healing.