New From World Renowned Psychic and Healer
Lynn McKenzie

Now You Can Easily Learn to Balance
Your ENTIRE Energy System
to CLEARLY receive messages from
your body, soul and the Universe.

Leading expert in Intuitive Healing and Psychic Communication, Lynn McKenzie’s new 21-Day the Chakra Balancing Method™ teaches you to tune into, score and rebalance your chakras to enrich every area of your life!


Does your soul yearn for a deeper connection?
An ability to heal? A more expansive and clear experience of life?

How often do you turn to the latest book, the latest trend or to Google, searching for the solutions to get clear on why things are the way they are in your life?

You’re uncomfortable.

Maybe you’re experiencing physical symptoms like fatigue or pain.

Maybe you’re experiencing sadness, apathy, lack of enthusiasm or disconnectedness.

Maybe you’re just ready to feel even more connected to your own heart and soul.

And you’re spiritual enough already to know that those symptoms are a manifestation of something deeper.

but what?

You don’t have to keep searching, wondering and Googling.

Every answer you seek lies within your CHAKRA system.

IMPORTANT– If you consider yourself a spiritual person and you aren’t yet regularly partnering with your own chakra system you are missing out on a powerful layer of Divine connection that will deepen your life experience and expand your intuitive gifts to a whole new level.



Your CHAKRA system is made up of 7 primary wheels of spinning energy that line your body from the crown of your head, to the bottom of your tailbone.

Each chakra is connected to or associated with feelings, emotions, bodily systems, categories of life and your innate gifts.

Your romantic relationship?

There’s a chakra for that.

Your career and life purpose?

There’s a chakra for that too.

And by using a simple 21-day practice that balances your chakras to release blocks so they can spin smoothly and in the correct and intended direction, you can unlock a level of depth and connection to spirit that you’ve left totally untapped up to now.


A message from Lynn:

Have you ever wondered why you have a nagging ache or pain that your doctor couldn’t attribute to any “real” problem? 

Or maybe you feel a little down on yourself because after all, you’re a pretty spiritual person so it makes no sense that things still feel a bit…off sometimes.

I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault. I’m sure you’ve searched for answers online, in the doctor’s office, or anywhere else you could, but came up empty.

That’s because not every answer you seek can be found in a book or an article or even an “expert.”

The solution you seek is within. YOU are the expert, the psychic, the healer of your own life.


Lynn McKenzie


Have you noticed your frustration when your wifi is slow or your computer is malfunctioning? Suddenly everything is so much harder, stressful and problematic? You start wondering if you need a new laptop when in reality, there’s simply a glitch in the software.

That’s exactly what happens when your Chakras are not balanced.

You can spend hours with specialists . . . with therapists . . . even with energy healers, but if you don’t know how to clear and balance your own chakras, you aren’t going to have lasting results.

But now, by learning how to read the messages from your own energy system, you can learn to heal issues that have been plaguing you for years, answer your most burning questions and take your life experience to another level beyond what you ever thought was possible…

Here are just a few results that are possible when you learn the simple daily practice of balancing your chakras…

Eliminate physical symptoms, like a sore throat that doesn’t seem to be tied to an illness.

Boost your energy.

Strengthen your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Reduce the effects that the energy of others has on you.

Increase your patience and inner peace.

Get clear on your direction.

Dispel feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Increase mental clarity and satisfaction.

Unleash your creativity and productivity.

Stimulate your passion and enthusiasm for life.

Experience grounded focus and excitement for the future.

Most importantly: This is a process that you can use over-and-over whenever you feel unbalanced or suspect that your energy is off.

This system combines decades of deep work and research compiled into one program that will teach you how to restore your Energy System for the ultimate state of health, peace, clarity and connection to your own body and spirit.

Yes, you have intuitive gifts, and yes, you can strengthen them and use them to heal and live the life of your dreams.

You can:

Increase your creativity

Restore peace in the face of conflict

Gain the clarity and confidence that comes with knowing you always have the answers at your fingertips

Put an end to emotional turmoil

Understand why a physical symptom is occurring

Step into your Divine power

Increase your psychic and intuitive abilities

Deepen your connection to Spirit (the Universe, Source, the Divine)

Would you like to learn this for yourself?


Here’s What A Few Of Our Students Are Saying:

“I just did the chakra self-assessment and in less than 2 months, I have raised all of my chakras with the exception of one, to 100%. I am totally amazed with these results, and so grateful for the program. All of my chakras were in the 70’s when I started.”
“I’ve seen major throat chakra improvement. Through this program I am now much better at speaking up when I need to and expressing my power, which I was not very good at before.”
“When I tune in and clear my heart chakra it feels bigger than before. I’ve found myself feeling more forgiving. By clearing my third chakra, my stomach issues have improved. And clearing my third eye chakra I now feel more guided by my intuition.”
“The biggest benefits in my life as a result of doing regular chakra balancing have been in my work. I ground myself and balance my chakras before I go there. If I balance my chakras, I can ‘get out of the way’ and ideas, inspired choices of music, and supportive energies flow to me and through me, often with beautiful results. In this way the chakra balancing benefits so many as well as me.”

Even if you’ve never done chakra work before, this system makes it incredibly easy for you to use your gifts to heal and to keep yourself on a path that is most aligned with your destiny.

Here’s what you get!

The Chakra Balancing Method™ Program Guide PDF

A 46 page fully illustrated discovery book to help you dive deep into partnership with your own Chakra System.

The Chakra Balancing Method™ Video

A step by step training to walk you through the Balancing method in a way that is easy to understand so you can start reaping the benefits TODAY.

The Chakra Balancing Method™ Chakra Self-Assessment Log
(Long Version & Short Version) PDF

The “scoring” sheets so that you can begin to hear the language of your own chakra system and determine which chakras are in and out of balance.

Why is such a powerful system available at such a small investment?

Because I want you to easily get started so that you can understand how powerful you truly are and begin believing in your own magic and abilities.
You already have the gifts, and once you have the program, you’ll know how to use them.

I realize that starting a new routine, even when it’s important to you, can sometimes be challenging. But the beauty of this program is that it’s timeless and designed for you to pick right back up and use over and over again.

And I know you’ll see results.

The wonderful thing about this program is that you’ll have it forever, and you can use it whenever you feel like you’re out of balance.

Once you’ve been through the system, though, you will be more highly attuned to your body, so you will immediately be able to pinpoint the chakra that needs attention, which will get you back to the way you want to feel even faster.

So if you’re serious about learning how to harness the gift of healing yourself, and you want to naturally and easily remove the hurdles that prevent you from feeling like the amazing, beautiful human that you are, then get your personal chakra balancing system here.

I know

that personal growth and healing yourself can transform your life into the life of your dreams.

I know

this, I’ve spent most of my life in discovery mode.

I know

that if you heal what’s off, deep inside, the issues will stop manifesting on the outside.

I know

this is the best way to live in joy and love—the way you want to live.

Access the program now!

Time is Very Much Of the Essence… I won’t offer such a simple solution to most of the problems we experience in our daily lives along with the tools to tap into your magic at this price forever.

Balancing your energy system and accelerating your gifts with such minimal effort is something you just have to try to finally feel what it means to live in total alignment.

If you want to
experience unparalleled—

Spiritual growth

Personal transformation

Emotional freedom

Divine Clarity

—then you need to pick up
this program now!

How long have you been waiting for the one thing that can address all the issues that have been plaguing your life?
Any amount of time is too long. You deserve to feel healthy, clear, powerful and balanced.

Decide to change your life today.

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my promise

You Will Love the Way You Feel

When you finally discover how simple it is to align your chakras and heal yourself. You will be absolutely amazed.

And you can do it again
and again … your entire life.

No need to order again. No need to book an appointment.
All you have to do is pull out the training, pinpoint your chakra that is off kilter, and rework your magic.

It’s that simple.

When you start to feel out of balance you need a quick, easy system that you can do on your own to set things right. Harnessing the power that lies within has never been this easy!

Please, do yourself a favor and start tackling the root cause of the issue instead of trying to put a band-aid on the symptoms.

You will absolutely love how you feel when you live in perfect alignment!

This mystical system can be used for any of your chakras, any time you need it, to address whatever is keeping you from living your beautiful truth and your happiest life.

There is no reason to go one more day searching for solutions to your symptoms, your questions and your blocks.

The answers you seek lie within.

You were born with the power to heal yourself with the wisdom of your body, heart and soul.

To Your Divine Power,

P.S. Remember, reading dozens of books and speaking to “experts” won’t take care of the root of your problem the way adjusting your chakras does because they offer generalities and your chakra system is unique to YOU.

I have already helped so many people use the gifts that lie dormant—or in a half-awake state—inside of them to see massive results in every area of their lives. Isn’t it YOUR turn to finally feel the way you want to?

Are you ready to deepen your spiritual practice, strengthen your intuition and find out just how powerful you really are?

Meet Lynn

Hello! My name is Lynn … and my greatest passion is 
helping you identify, foster & embody your unique 
psychic, intuitive, animal communication and healing gifts.

“The nature of life is
to unfold us and our destiny.”

Hints of my life path were evident from birth. I was born loving animals.

As I got older, my affinity for animals – especially horses – grew. In 7th grade, the inner impulse was so strong that on a regular basis I’d bicycle from my family home in the city, up to the country, 26 miles roundtrip, just to be near horses. I was that child. Girl-gone-horse-crazy… all the while following the invisible thread of Divine guidance.

I also loved all things from the magical and invisible realms (psychic, intuitive, healing) as a child.

Steadily and certainly, I became aware…
My existence… my being was the very intersection of animals



And the two would eventually synergize to fulfill my Soul’s Divine Mission and propel my clients along theirs.

It is my heart’s greatest joy to work with conscious, creative women who are ready to shine their light, from a solid foundation.

Over the past 30 years, I have wholeheartedly immersed myself in learning everything I could about energetics, healing, personal and spiritual development, psychic development and animal communication.

In that same time, professionally I have built multiple successful businesses on the bedrock of extensive training & certification.

As a certified Coach and certified Spiritual Psychotherapist, it has been my heart’s greatest joy to deliver professional consulting since 1993 and professional coaching since 2005.

With thousands of hours invested in learning everything I could about animals & magic, I have built a stellar global reputation as an expert in the animal intuitive and energetic fields, training more than 100,000 clients in 52+ countries.

I share the specifics of my path because ultimately, I see every experience of mine as building the foundation for mirroring your journey and launching you into the fulfillment of your own destiny.

After all, we’re on this journey together.

Lynn McKenzie

Awaken to your magic

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