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Animals as Spiritual Teachers

Animals as Spiritual Teachers, Catalysts, and Powerful Wisdom Guides

Today I bring you an article I wrote for Aspire Magazine on Animals as Spiritual Teachers, Catalysts, and Powerful Wisdom Guides. It’s about how animals, as our spiritual teachers, have deep, divine wisdom to share with us, and how they have very unique purposes to fulfill that are so often life changing for us. I share about my late golden retriever, Jiggs, a very important catalyst, teacher, and guide in my life and career as an animal intuitive and healer—among other things, as well as my spiritual guide Lucero, an Andalusian horse whom I lovingly refer to as an ascended master of the equine realm.

My new book Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate your Soul’s Highest Calling delves much deeper into these topics and so much more. Have you read it yet?

I’m thrilled to share that it’s received many 5 star reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads and here’s what founding pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, and author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit, Penelope Smith had to say about it:

“Enthralling real-life stories of people being enlightened by animals will inspire you to tap into your own intuitive communication and healing powers.”

Penelope also sent me this personalized note along with her endorsement “You wrote your book very well, and the stories are very captivating. Your long experience shows. Well done, and I wish you great success in getting this out to the world and helping many people.”

I was honored to receive this praise from such a respected colleague!

If you haven’t read Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate your Soul’s Highest Calling yet, I hope you will. I can guarantee it will change your perspective if not your life.

Have you ever wondered what the #1 skill you must master to expand your animal communication skills exponentially is? Register for my FREE 90-min Animal Communication and Healing Masterclass to find out.

To Your Divine Power,

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Spiritual Guidance from Dogs Cats Horses

Spiritual Guidance from Dogs, Cats and Horses

The wonderful furry, finned and feathered beings that we choose to share our lives with, or should I say choose to share their lives with us, are so much more than simply ‘pets’ in our lives. In fact, I believe that they are the bearers of profound spiritual messages and prompters of insightful spiritual growth through their gentle, and sometimes not so gentle nudgings. This is because our animal companions have access to, and are guardians of our Divine Blueprint or Soul’s Blueprint.

The Blueprint can be described as the ‘divine plan for the perfect unfolding of the highest potential for an individual soul’. It is a perfect state of consciousness, and can enable the awareness of the ‘ancient memories that lie deep within each of us’ to resurface. Being guardians of our Blueprints is a role of great magnitude for our companion animals and one that is not taken lightly. They see it as their life’s mission and utmost priority. In fact a happy animal is a sign of their satisfaction with our progress along our own individual paths. Certainly they have their own blueprints to develop and realize, but unlike many of us, their close ties to the spirit realm, allow them the strong ability to multitask and therefore help us while continuing their own development.

How could they possibly guide us, you may ask? In my private consultations I have seen it all. The animals are masters at their role and divinely creative in their work. To begin with let me share with you a little about one of my guides, ‘Lucero’ an Andalusian Stallion, likened to an ascended master of the equine realm, now in spirit form. We met, or shall I say our spirits met, somewhere around 1997. At that time I was in private practice as a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Kinesiologist and just ‘happened’ to attend an Animal Communication Workshop. Apparently Lucero had already planned for our ‘meeting’, and what was to transpire as I somehow managed to forget to bring the requested photos of my dog ‘Jiggs’, the fur love of my life, to the workshop, and instead consequently ended up connecting with Lucero. His energy was literally jumping off the photo at me and I knew then that my life was about to change dramatically. Our connection was immediate and profound. I had never experienced divine universal love and acceptance the way I did in that moment. It was like a barrier had been broken for me and I could now see who I truly was. I knew that the flood of information that was coming through me was from a source much greater than myself; in fact, I was channeling!

After driving home from my weekend away, with the feeling that my tires had never even touched the ground, it became very clear to me that the course of my life had changed, and that Lucero was the catalyst. He didn’t just choose me as the one being that he would work with and guide. As I got to know more about him over time I learned that he was the benevolent vehicle of change for many other healers as well. In fact, even from the spirit realm he has called together physical gatherings of healers, one of which I was lucky enough to attend one November many years ago, in Canada. Lucero, the divine being of love and light is just one of the many souls who are in partnership with us for our soul’s benefit and growth.

Prior to this day, I had always known that my connection to and communion with god, spirit or the higher power was through animals and nature but what I didn’t know was that I would ever be helping others connect in this way professionally. Not until I had met Lucero anyhow. His ideas for me have definitely reshaped my life.

When doing consultations, some of the most common messages and teachings that I hear from the animals for humanity are as follows:

  • Recognize that all beings have intelligence and sentient wisdom
  • Love yourself and all living beings unconditionally
  • Remain grounded and connected to the earths energy
  • Live in the present moment
  • Surrender to and accept where you’re at
  • Follow your heart, follow your bliss
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Trust yourself
  • Approach each day with a sense of wonderment
  • Acknowledge yourself as the lightbeings that you are
  • Meditate as often as possible
  • Understand the naturalness of the circle of life – life, death and rebirth

If you tune in and pay attention, I’m sure you will witness your animal companions sharing some of these messages with you. If you don’t feel that you have mastered telepathy yet, you may just want to notice what they are showing you on the physical level. For example your indoor animal companion may be seeking out time in the bathroom, the one area where they can feel truly grounded via the plumbing, or perhaps they may want to lie down on you right on top of one of your chakras, always the one that needs a little healing and balancing by the way. They know what they’re doing and everything they do has a purpose. In consultations I am often asked by the animals to request that their person spend more time in meditation or for them to slow down a little and go through life a little more consciously taking time to smell the roses. When we don’t oblige the animals they will often try even harder to get our attention usually by some type of behavior that we find unacceptable such as waking us up in the middle of the night. When your companion animal is trying to get your attention, always take note!

Acknowledging the sacredness in our relationships with our animal companions is a must for anyone seeking true enlightenment. Recognizing that they come to us to guide us and heal certain aspects of ourselves including broken hearts, disowned or shadow aspects, and even physical ailments can give us a whole new perspective on the relationships that we have with them. Always re-member that LOVE is their message.

To Your Divine Power,

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The 6 Spiritual Roles Animals Play in Our Lives

The 6 Spiritual Roles Animals Play in Our Lives

Yippee, my new book Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate your Soul’s Highest Calling was officially released on May 8th, and it’s already received four 5 star reviews! Writing the book was an enormous amount of work (WAY more than I could have imagined) and it’s so rewarding to see my efforts finally come to fruition. Bark, Neigh, Meow was published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available at all the normal booksellers. You can learn more about it here (and read the first 2 chapters free in the “look inside” feature), and, for your convenience, there are also links there to purchase it: https://lynnmckenzie.com/books/.

Today I bring you an article I wrote on how our beloved companion animals are also our spiritual teachers. I was asked by my publisher to write this article for their journal and thought that you’d also enjoy it:
The 6 Spiritual Roles Animals Play in Our Lives


I also want to share a recent 35 minute interview where I was interviewed by Diane Wing, you can listen to it here: https://www.dianewing.com/radio/lynn-mckenzie-animal-intuitive/

With my book launch I’ll be posting more content, including free interviews, training, audios, and videos on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AnimalAlchemyLynnMcKenzie/ so be sure to follow me there.

To Your Divine Power,

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Bark Neigh Meow Lynn McKenzie book

Bark, Neigh, Meow…

My new book Bark, Neigh, Meow; Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of your Companion Animal to Activate your Soul’s Highest Calling releases on May 8th and I’m thrilled to share that you can read the first two chapters absolutely FREE.

Once you’ve finished reading the chapters, be sure to leave me a comment on what you think about them.

If you want more information on my book, you can find it here: https://lynnmckenzie.com/books/

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4 Simple Energy Techniques to Help Your Animal Companion

4 Simple Energy Techniques to Help Your Animal Companion

Do you ever wish you could do more for your beloved animal companion to help them through times of stress, discomfort, and dis-ease? When your animal companion isn’t acting like themselves, seems “off,” or is in general need of more balance, there are things you can do to help while you’re waiting to see a veterinarian. I’m animal intuitive and healer Lynn McKenzie (LynnMcKenzie.com), and I would like to share some simple yet powerful tools and techniques that you can use to help your animal friends. These exercises will benefit you as well—not to mention, you’ll feel wonderful knowing that you’re doing something positive to help your furry friend.

Animals are incredibly sensitive to energy. They act as sponges for us, helping clear our energy, and are susceptible to their own imbalances as well. When working with them energetically through the techniques I share below, even the tiniest action we do on their behalf can produce significant results and can have a far-reaching impact.

Some of the tools and techniques I’m going to share with you can be done daily as energy maintenance protocols, and others have more specific purposes. Either way, they should all lead to happier, healthier animal companions.

  1. Grounding
  2. Just like ours, the energy field of animals can become imbalanced through stressors, the environment they live in, shock, trauma, and absorbing energy from others—as they often do. This simple grounding exercise is designed to reconnect them with the energy of Mother Earth, which is the most natural state for any living being.

    This exercise consists of a series of three strokes. To begin, bring yourself into a calm, focused state; take a few deep, cleansing breaths, releasing any stresses of the day.

    With the middle and index finger of each hand together, trace a line from the tip of the animal’s nose up the middle of the face, between the eyes and ears, along the midline of the body (spine) to the shoulders, then separate your hands and bring one hand down each shoulder and leg to the top of the front paws (or hooves—see below for full directions for grounding larger animals). As you’re doing this stroke, visualize that your animal friend’s energy is flowing along with it. At the paws, rest gently and visualize their energy going down through the floor (or floors) and into the ground below, connecting deep with Mother Earth and releasing any non-beneficial energy. Let the animal or your intuition tell you how long to hold for—generally about 30 to 120 seconds—until you feel their energy connecting deep within the earth.

    Repeat that stroke, but this time, go all the way to their hips before separating your hands and tracing down each back leg as you did with the front legs in the first stroke. Again, visualize that your animal friend’s energy is flowing along with the stroke and that their energy is going down through the floor (or floors) and into the ground below, connecting deep with Mother Earth. Again, hold for a bit as you did in the first stroke.

    Finally, repeat this once more, but go all the way to the tail and trace along to the tail tip or what would have been the tail tip in an animal with a docked tail and cup your hands there and hold allowing for their energy to go down and connect them with Mother Earth.

    This exercise can be done physically on the body, in the aura (about 4–6 inches above their body), or over distance—from across a room or even in another location—always honor what your animal companion prefers. Sensitive animals generally prefer it done off the body. If your animal friend has touchy paws, you can do the exercise hands-on, but then hold your hands above the paws when you get to that area. Our main goal is healing, so we don’t want to add any extra stress.

    If you are familiar with energy fields, as you’re doing this exercise, visualize and intend that their chakras, subtle bodies, and meridians come into perfect balance each time you do it. When finished, visualize the animal’s body in a protective bubble of pink light (for healing).

    For horses, due to their size, you will do five strokes: one down each leg with both hands on that leg and hold at the hoof, and one to the tip of the tail. (For your safety, do not stand directly in front of or behind a horse.)

  3. Pressure Points on the Ears
  4. Animals’ ears hold numerous pressure points, and working their ears—preferably through direct touch but even in the aura if necessary—can help to relieve many issues in their bodies, from aches and pains to digestive disorders. Taking your index finger, curl it sideways under the inside of the ear, with your thumb on the outside. Starting at the base of the ear, run your finger and thumb from there up or down (depending on the species) to the outer edge of the ear with slight pressure. Repeat, working your way across the ear, until you have covered the entire ear and then do the same on the other ear. This procedure can be emotionally comforting to the animal, like a massage, and can calm and balance them.

  5. A Lifesaving Acupressure Point
  6. For animals just like humans, the goal of acupressure is to encourage the movement of life force energy through the meridians. Meridians are “energy pathways” that flow within the body, and one such meridian, located along the midline, is called the “governing meridian.” The GV-26 point is an important acupressure point that is worth knowing about for any animal lover; it’s located on the governing meridian, on the spot where your dog or cat’s nose meets their mouth.

    This acupressure point has been known to save the life of an animal in an emergency by reviving consciousness, calming them, and re-centering their energy field. It is a key point to try for shock, emergency resuscitation, during seizures, or collapse.

    Try it if your animal reacts negatively to a bug bite or sting—on top of administering Benadryl or homeopathic remedies, etc., while you’re on the way to your veterinarian. It can also help when an animal is hit by a car or suffers similar trauma.

    To stimulate this point, take the pad of your thumb and push hard on the GV-26 point— in an emergency, you may even use your fingernail.

  7. Brain Integration
  8. When the brain is integrated, it means that a being is operating equally from both hemispheres of the brain—right and left. In this state, they are more able to think, move, behave, and feel. It helps their coordination and memory and assists them in learning and assimilating, and embodying what they are learning.

    One tool I use to integrate the brain hemispheres of our animal friends involves figure eights. You can walk a dog or horse in a figure eight, in both directions, to help integrate the right and left hemispheres of their brains.

    You can trace figure eights in the direction of the animal’s aura as follows: hold your arm straight out, palm out like you’re stopping traffic, and visualize the figure eight on its side like an infinity symbol but with more rounded circles. Then trace the figure eight that way in the air toward the animal’s aura. Be conscious of which direction you’re tracing in, and gauge their energy after trying it in both directions. This will balance the animal’s brain hemispheres and energy field and you will often see them do some releasing; you’ll know when you see them start to yawn, lick, chew, or stretch.

It’s important to note that none of these exercises is intended to be a substitute for veterinary care, but rather as a complement to calm and balance an animal’s energy field while waiting to visit a veterinarian. Using these techniques can bring your animal companion peace and harmony and can help them on a physical, emotional, or mental level—or simply help them live a happier, more balanced life. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with and practice them so you are ready to do them to assist your animal companions when they need it. Doing these exercises can also improve your peace of mind, as you know you are practicing something that will guide your animal friend’s life in a positive direction.

If you’re interested in exploring this work further, I have two free resources to offer you that will help you get started.

  1. My free Making the Heart Connection with Your Animal Companions training course will help you open even further to deeper connections with your animals as well as in every aspect of your life. It’s a six-part audio series with a workbook and webinar. You can find it here: https://lynnmckenzie.com/training/
  2. My free Animal Communication & Healing Masterclass is a 90-minute webinar that covers:
    • The three paths to animal communication mastery and how to know which is the best and easiest path for YOU.
    • The #1 skill you must master to expand your animal communication and feel 100% confident in your abilities.
    • The key ingredient to understanding your animal companions confidently so you always know what they truly want.
    • The often-missed animal communication energy secret that instantly makes you feel closer to your animal companions. You can find it here: www.AnimalEnergyCertification.com

    I also offer in-depth training programs and home study courses on a variety of topics to help you in the areas of animal communication and healing, psychic development, and clairvoyance mastery, which you can learn more about on my website, LynnMcKenzie.com. If you feel called to deepen your connection and explore a new path and calling, let me encourage you to take a deeper look.

    To Your Divine Power,


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Lynn & Jiggs

Video ~ Barks in the night, flickering lights & angel clouds…

Messages from our animal companions in spirit are not only comforting but they help us to assimilate their transition from the physical plane to the spirit realm. They also prove to us that there is no death, and that the love we share with them and the deep connections we have with them live on beyond the ending of the physical.

I made this video about a number of different ways that Jiggs sent me messages after he crossed over in hopes that it will help awaken you to possibilities with your own beloved animal companions in spirit. Jiggs crossed in 2007 but lives on in my life as a helper and guide for my animal communication and healing training programs. He loves helping students and he’s always up for a chat. 

I hope you enjoy today’s video:
​​​​​​Messages From Jiggs In Spirit

To Your Divine Power,

Video ~ A little about me…

Over the years, many of you have asked (and I’m sure others have wondered) how I got to be where I’m at in my career as a leader in the field of animal communication, psychic development and healing so I thought I’d make a video to fill in some of the blanks.

The short answer is it’s been a 26 year dedicated and focused process. I share a lot more here:
A little about me…

To Your Divine Power,