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Video ~ A Sign From Sasha In The Afterlife

Today I bring you the heartwarming story of Sarah and Sasha that portrays how a sign from an animal companion in spirit can change everything. When Sarah lost her beloved Sasha she was yearning for a sign from Sasha in spirit. However, one was not forthcoming. Being a longtime student, currently in my Animal Energy® Certification Training Program, she contacted me letting me know how badly she wanted a sign.

I assured her that one would be forthcoming once her grief began to subside. Low and behold a short time later she contacted me again about an incredible dream she had.

Today’s video reveals the heartwarming story of love from the other side. You won’t want to miss it:

A Sign From Sasha In The Afterlife

The more we hear of stories like this and bring them into our consciousness, the more likely we can experience similar situations ourselves.

If you have a short story to share about a sign you’ve received from an animal companion in spirit, I would love to make a video about it in honor of them, and to open the possibility for others who are seeking a message from their beloved animal companions on the other side. This is truly a gift of love.

Video ~ The Difference Between Flower Essences & Essential Oils

I’m writing this on a rare snow day in Northern Arizona, we’re getting dumped on BIG time, and it’s expected to keep snowing (or raining if the temperature rises) for the next 48 hours or so, with a predicted 6-8 inches of snow falling. It’s a rare event to get any snow here and I’m sure by the time you’re reading this it will be gone (one can only hope).

Today’s video speaks to the difference between essential oils and flower essences. It’s important as I often hear students refer to them as if they’re the same but there is a huge difference, and one you’ll want to know about if you use them on animals or any being who is pregnant.

In short, essential oils are basically the life blood of plants and contain naturally occurring volatile chemical compounds such as terpenes (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and diterpenes), as well as esters, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, phenols, and oxides. Flower essences on the other hand are energetic frequencies of plants, captured in spring water along with a preservative such as shiso, a Japanese vegetable. Since the inception of their use in the 1930’s, flower essences have produced no known side effects, primarily due to their energetic nature, while the chemical constituents in essential oils can have a large or in very rare cases even fatal impact (which varies by oil, of course).

The bottom line is if you’re going to use essential oils, especially on animals or any being who is or may be pregnant, it’s imperative that you study them to understand the impact of the above mentioned chemical constituents.

Check out my video: The Difference Between Flower Essences & Essential Oils

Also, a quick heads up that I know in at least one case I transposed the names essential oils and flower essences so please forgive me.

Video ~ Your Animal Communication and Healing Questions Answered

We’ve reached the midway point in February, often known as one of the hardest months to get through, at least for those who dislike winter and dream of warm (or hot) sunny days like me. Usually we can’t complain about the weather too much here in Arizona (and I know those of you suffering through arctic conditions have no sympathy for us in the south) but this year winter has been extra wet and cold, so knowing it’s close to being over (our winters are very short) makes me really happy! Mother Nature might surprise me though.

My video this week is an in-depth, 1 hour open Q&A about animal communication and healing that covers any topic that viewers wanted to ask, and focuses heavily on loss of an animal companion, connecting with them in the afterlife and much more, check it out here:

Your Animal Communication and Healing Questions Answered Video

Video ~ Navigating the Death & Dying Process of Our Animal Friends

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I wanted to share an interesting statistic with you. In 2018, Americans spent a whopping $751 million on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. We sure do love our animal friends! But of course you surely know that or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Because we love them so much, it can be excruciatingly difficult to deal with the loss of them, many of my clients have told me that for them, it’s even harder than losing a human. Sadly since their lives are so much shorter than ours (for the most part) if we are true animal lovers who like to surround ourselves with animal companions, we probably have to endure a fair number of these losses. There are things we can do to help ourselves navigate this very natural process.

I made a video about it which you can watch here: Navigating the Death and Dying Process of Our Beloved Animal Companions

I sure hope you don’t need it too soon but you’ll have it for whenever you do. Feel free to share it with others who might benefit from it.

Clairvoyance For Business

There are many ways entrepreneurs can use clairvoyance to help in business, actually as a solopreneur it’s my unrivaled secret weapon when navigating all the moving parts of running a business.

Here are some examples of ways I use clairvoyance in business:
One of the largest business expenses in my business is investing in myself through other coaches and mentors, and purchasing programs and products to help me excel. That’s the secret to my success but I don’t just do it “willy nilly”, instead I tune in clairvoyantly to determine which ones are right for me, and which are not. I’ve chosen my last 6 coaches using clairvoyance and I’ve always been happy with my choices and the results I created. This is a HUGE help to me in business.

I use clairvoyance to determine which programs and products to create, the names of my programs and products, and when to launch them, and in what order. This can make or break my income earning potential as they must coincide with the desires and demands of my audience.

I use it to attract clients – we just reached a milestone, over 89,000 on our mailing list and over 65,000 on social media – so it must be working.

I also use in in my launches, like the one I just held, to determine how many people I would like to have participate in the program. It’s amazing how that works, if I wish for 100 attendees, I’ll almost always get them, if I wish for 1,000, I’ll get them. It’s really up to me and my clairvoyant manifesting. I also create a visual image to anchor that creation.

I even used clairvoyance recently to create a Facebook ad campaign for my Clairvoyance Mastery program. I invested a daily amount which is MUCH higher than I could have ever imagined committing to just a few years back, but since I followed my guidance, it payed off.

These are just a couple of ways I use clairvoyance. If you’d like to learn how to apply these and more to your business, join me in Clairvoyance Mastery.

How To Use Clairvoyance to Manifest What You Desire

You’ve heard the words “ask and it is given”, it’s one of the universal laws of manifestation after all.

Esther Hicks and “Abraham”, the collective energy she channels, have been teaching it for years; they even have a book by that name. And yet, so many feel that when they ask it is NOT given.

I’m going to share the missing link, and my signature process for manifesting so you can manifest for yourself WITH results.

Step 1: Ask
I think we all, know how to do this. One caveat I’m going to add to this is that you be clear and precise about exactly what you want.

Step 2: Watch
You have to watch for the opportunities, signs and guidance that shows up for you; these will happen, but you HAVE to be conscious and watching for them so you don’t miss them.

Step 3: Take Action
To complete the process, you have to take action on the opportunities and signs when they show up. Manifestation is a co-creation not a spectator sport.

To help all of the above work, I add the following.

Step 4: Call Upon Your Magic
This is where your Clairvoyance comes in.

Clairvoyance simply means “clear psychic sight”. I’ve used Clairvoyance for years in my personal manifesting and want to share how you can too.

Here’s what I do:

I tune in clairvoyantly to what it is I really want to create in my life, I picture it clearly, and then call in my other main “clairs”. They consist of clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizence and mean clear hearing, clear sensing and clear knowing. If one of your other “clairs” comes more naturally to you, you can begin with that one and bring your clairvoyance in afterwards.

Once I have my vision set, with the help and energy of all my other “clairs”, I then picture that perfect creation, inside a sparkling, magical bubble, similar to a large soap bubble. Next I send that bubble up to the universe to interact with all the other magical bubbles in the universe that represent the opportunities available to me.

I then visualize it joining, or matching up with the perfect one, that’s most aligned with me, my soul, as well as my vision, in the highest and best good for all.

Then I visualize it traveling back to me to be grounded into my consciousness.

Then I take aligned action; I use my clairvoyance (clear sight) to determine the timing and best course of action.

Then I watch as my manifestation (or creation) comes to fruition.

Is it always 100% exactly as I pictured? No, but it is what I’ve created, in complete alignment with my higher self and soul, so I know it’s something that will also be valuable and beneficial for myself and others.

I’ve used this technique to create multiple 6-figure businesses, manifest horses, homes, careers, and live a life of freedom in some of the most desirable places in North America. You can too!

Be sure to join me for a FREE Clairvoyance video series beginning January 15th.

clairvoyance mastery

Clairvoyance; Manifesting Your Soul’s Gifts

The dictionary describes clairvoyance as ‘the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions, removed in space or time from natural viewing’.

I like to describe it as “seeing, knowing and receiving guidance on situations, events or circumstances by other than our known senses, more particularly through the third (or inner) eye”.

Up to now, you may believe that clairvoyance is an unattainable superpower, reserved only for a privileged few, but nothing could be further from the truth; I’m here to debunk all myths regarding clairvoyance! It is a very natural, attainable skill, and one that anyone can learn, providing they have an open mind, a proven system, they are given the right training, and they commit to practice. Just like learning any other new skill.

Living day to day in a ‘tuned-in, tapped-in and psychically turned-on’ fashion is what I call living in a clairvoyant state-of-mind. It’s amazing the benefits that can be yours when you choose this for yourself. Imagine easily tapping in to your divine guidance, having access to universal wisdom, and being able to read the energies of situations, people, places and things, all with very little effort. Think of what that could do for you, not to mention the money, time and effort you could save, and especially the investments you could make!

Likened to dreaming while you’re awake, or watching your own internal movie screen, clairvoyance bestows you with omniscience or “complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness and understanding, and the ability to perceive all things”. What could be more useful and exciting than that? One of the benefits I especially enjoy about being clairvoyant is the ease with which it enables us to make decisions, whether personal, relationship, career or financial.

Clairvoyance brings us clarity! Knowing what is best for us in any given moment is such a wonderful gift that saves us from struggling and toiling to make decisions. It helps us transform our deepest fears into empowered joy.

Clairvoyance is an important player in healing and manifesting too. One of the reasons that clairvoyance adapts itself so well to healing is that it allows you to write, direct and perform in your own movies. It can be paired with other modalities or used alone to create powerful healing results.

In manifesting it can be used in much the same way. Once you have set your intentions, you can then put your plan up on your inner movie screen and ask the divine to assist you in showing you the way. Then, watch the inspiration and visual unfolding in front of you. Your path will become clear and your steps will be spelled out. How’s that for simple?

Let me know below how you’ve used clairvoyance in manifesting and healing.

The Energy Field & Chakras of Animals & How They Relate To Animal Communication & Healing

If your animal companion is exhibiting unusual symptoms of any sort, the first thing I recommend, after you’ve received a clean bill of health from your veterinarian, of course, is to look for issues in their energy field. It is often where the root cause of physical, emotional and behavioural issues resides and once determined, cleared and balanced, your animal companion can return to good health and wellbeing on all levels. Chakras are a main component of the energy field and a perfect place to start.

The Chakra System Holds The Key To Imbalances

The chakra system holds the key to many imbalances in our animal companions, whether of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable them to live in greater comfort and joy, but we can also unravel their untold stories, sometimes even more effectively than through animal communication. At the least, working with the chakras of animals is a huge benefit when it comes to improving their lives.

In case you’ve never heard of chakras before, they’re simply energy vortexes or portals, located in various locations throughout the body, spinning and emanating outwards, and are vehicles for the assimilation of vital life force energy. This vital life force energy is filtered through their chakras and their entire being, so when there are imbalances or blockages present, they can inhibit assimilation, resulting in physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms.

For simplicity I often liken the chakras to “etheric organs” and feel the health and wellbeing of them can be just as important to an animal as is the health and wellbeing of their physical organs.

Diagnosing chakra imbalances:

While I recommend consulting a professional for this, you can also learn to do it yourself.

Intuition – if you are intuitive, you can tune in to the energy field and chakras of your animal companion to determine which chakras are out of balance, or contain blockages.

Surrogate muscle testing – if you are skilled at muscle testing (also known as applied kinesiology), you can test your animal companion’s chakras, using a surrogate, or by self-testing, as using one of their muscles isn’t an option.

Dowsing – if you’re an adept dowser, you can dowse your dog’s chakras using a pendulum, either right above the body, or using a chakra chart remotely. Be sure to specifically ask for the “energy of the chakra”, as dowsing can measure a myriad of energies.

Sensing energy with your hands – another way to determine chakra blockages or imbalances is through your hands. This requires a keen sensitivity to energy which I believe can be learned by anyone, with practice. Once adept, simply hold your hand over the area of each individual chakra to determine any imbalance or blockage.

Clearing chakra imbalances:

There are a number of ways to clear chakra imbalances. You can use one of the methods above, combined with one of the tools below:

Hands on healing – as the name implies, hands on healing is done by placing your hands on or just above the body, in this case the chakra, and intending that universal healing energy flow to the animal and correct any imbalance.

Distance healing – distance healing can be done from a distance of anywhere from a few feet to a continent away from the animal, while intending that universal healing energy flow to the animal and correct any imbalance.

Tools to assist you in chakra healing (in either hands on or distance healing):

Intention – your intention is the most powerful healing tool you have, and all you really need to heal any being. I like to create an intention with an accompanying statement such as “I send green light to Carly’s heart chakra and ask that it come into perfect balance spinning in a perfect fashion, with any blockages, imbalances or non-beneficial energies to be released to the spiritual”.

– radionics is a method of healing by sending particular frequencies to an animal to promote healing. This can be done with a radionics machine, or through your own energy field (with training).

Visualization – visualization is another powerful healing tool. You can visualize the chakra coming into perfect balance with all blockages or imbalances being released.

Color – you can use the corresponding color of the chakra (E.g. for the root chakra use red) and picture it overlaying and infusing the chakra, and clearing out all imbalances and blockages resulting in a clear, balanced chakra.

Crystals – There are a number of crystals that can be used to heal each chakra. For example, amethyst, violet tourmaline or lepidolite resonate with and can be used to balance, clear and heal the crown chakra.

A Pendulum – I mentioned above that you can determine an imbalance or blockage in a chakra through dowsing. You can also bring a chakra back into balance using a pendulum. Simply hold the pendulum over the chakra to be balanced, manually swing it in a clockwise circle while sending energy, and continue to do so while intending that it come into perfect balance. Do so until you feel it has.

Spirit Animals – this is a more shamanic approach; each chakra has a related spirit animal and you can call in the spirit of the corresponding animal, to come to your animal companion to heal their chakra.

Physical Stimulation – weak chakras can be stimulated with various activities such as exercise, bathing, massage, depending on the particular chakra.

Humans have seven major chakras but animals have nine. One of the extras being the sensing chakra, which enables your animal companions to see, hear, sense and smell much better than you. The other being the brachial chakra, a main energy center that links directly to all the other chakras in animals.

The location and colors of the 9 major chakras in animals (I also work with 13 minor chakras)

Root ~ base of the tail ~ red
Sexual Progression (Sacral) ~ belly, internal sexual organs ~ orange
Solar Plexus ~ back, mid-spine ~ yellow
Heart ~ chest ~ green
Brachial ~ each side of neck in the dip in front of /above the shoulder blade ~ black
Throat ~ throat ~ sky blue
Sensing ~ bridge of nose ~ silver blue
Third Eye (Brow) ~ brow, head ~ indigo
Crown ~ top of head ~ violet

Please Note: Animal Communication and Healing is not a substitute for Veterinary care.

Want to use this article on your website? You’re welcome to do so as long as you include the following in its entirety along with it:

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally acclaimed Psychic, Animal Intuitive and Healer. Through her Animal Energy® Certification Training program she teaches others to attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share. She can be reached at 918-973-4988 or through her website at www.LynnMcKenzie.com.

Adopt Mindsets and Beliefs That Serve Your Animal Communication and Psychic Goals

Video ~ Adopt Mindsets and Beliefs That Serve Your Animal Communication and Psychic Goals

Today I bring you one of my favorite videos. It’s on mindset and belief systems, and how they play such a huge role in the success of aspiring animal communicators and psychics, as well as those who wish to advance their already present skills. We MUST make sure that all of our beliefs are in line with what we want to learn, do, be, and have. And, to be successful, we also have to train ourselves to think the way someone who is massively successful at it would think. This may require doing some major self-examination and owning and healing our shadow side. Developing our animal communication and psychic skills is a path of mastery of the soul (and self) and our biggest transformational journey into personal and spiritual growth.

We can ALL be animal communicators and psychics, these are not skills reserved for a privileged few. As one of my mentors always says, “decide and take action”; nothing is more true in the animal communication and psychic genres.

Watch today’s video Adopt Mindsets And Beliefs That Serve Your Animal Communication And Psychic Goals for more on this topic.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie

Answering Your Animal Communication & Psychic Questions #1

Video ~ Answering Your Animal Communication & Psychic Questions #1

I love the statement “practice knowing and you will know”. In my 25+ years of teaching and mentoring animal communication and psychic development students I have found that statement to be abundantly profound. Many years ago I asked for guidance from Spirit on how I could best help my students to activate their gifts and receive their highest breakthrough and transformation in my training programs. I was told that it is the students themselves who “decide” they are going to do so, that do achieve this. Of course, their decision includes setting intentions, focus and morphing their being to a place where this is the case. It is my honor to help them do this and I love nothing more than leading them there.

In case you missed it, we’ve had a couple of AMAZING LIVE Q&A sessions on our Animal Alchemy Facebook page this month. If you didn’t catch the latest one, or would like to watch it again, here it is for you.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie