Answering Your Animal Communication & Psychic Questions #1

Video ~ Answering Your Animal Communication & Psychic Questions #1

I love the statement “practice knowing and you will know”. In my 25+ years of teaching and mentoring animal communication and psychic development students I have found that statement to be abundantly profound. Many years ago I asked for guidance from Spirit on how I could best help my students to activate their gifts and receive their highest breakthrough and transformation in my training programs. I was told that it is the students themselves who “decide” they are going to do so, that do achieve this. Of course, their decision includes setting intentions, focus and morphing their being to a place where this is the case. It is my honor to help them do this and I love nothing more than leading them there.

In case you missed it, we’ve had a couple of AMAZING LIVE Q&A sessions on our Animal Alchemy Facebook page this month. If you didn’t catch the latest one, or would like to watch it again, here it is for you.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie

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  1. Sandi McGhee says:

    I have always felt a very connection with all animals, and I found that visualization works very well for me…I used it on myself when I was very ill with cancer. This blog and the trainings are absolutely fascinating! Thank you, Lynn!

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