Video ~ Animals; Keepers of Our Soul’s Divine Mission

I’m back in New Mexico for some more R&R and time communing with nature. I know I just got back from a short trip there but there was an unfinished yearning I had to fulfill.

New Mexico really is the Land of Enchantment as their license plate states. Lately it’s really captured my heart, even though I’ve been here many times in the past with much less fascination. The land, the hot springs, the culture, the people, the food and the magic here have recently been a huge draw. I guess it’s my time, spiritually, to enjoy it.

The animals also guide us just as this land has guided me.

When we partner with animals, they not only help us move towards and master our spiritual growth and the lessons we came here to learn, but they also nudge us in the direction of our Soul’s Divine Mission.

Click Here to watch a video I made for you about that now.

To Your Divine Power,
Lynn McKenzie