Animal Energy® has been providing animal communication and healing services for over 30 years in 52 countries throughout the world.


We providing on-line training courses, seminars and workshops in the field of animal healing and personal transformation through animals.

Our ongoing, on-demand online training programs include coaching and community support. You can also take our home study courses you on your own. Both options are self-paced.

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Your investment:
$1997 or $279/mo for 6 mo

Includes twice monthly live Coaching and Q&A Calls (for a minimum of 24 months!) and tons of support along with video, audio and PDF lessons as well as a TON OF BONUSES to guarantee your success (this program is honestly valued at well over $5,000!)

Animal Energy® Certification Training – Level 1

Learn to Communicate Confidently, Clearly and On Demand… Even With Those Who Have Crossed Over!

  • You’ll get long-term access to our comprehensive Animal Energy® Certification Training Program where we guide you step-by-step through our proprietary process
  • You’ll learn to understand what your animal friends think, feel and want you to know
  • You’ll receive “proven in the field” tools to help you help and communicate with any animal; your own, those of clients (in business), service animals, rescue animals and even those in nature
  • You’ll begin to embody that your path to partnering with the animals is a deep spiritual awakening and an integral part of your soul’s journey

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Your investment:
$1497 or $267/mo for 6 mo

“You’ll learn so much more. The lessons take you deeper into all aspects of healing and animal communication. It’s well worth the investment to continue.”

“After Level 2 I feel so much more in tune with my intuition and abilities. I feel so much more capable and ready to move forward with my business now.”

Animal Energy® Certification Training – Level 2

Deepen and Expand your Animal Communication and Healing Gifts Exponentially!


Expand and up-level your gifts, skills and confidence with new material and a deeper dive into all that you learned in Level 1, including advanced steps and implementation options.

As in Level 1, you’ll have long-term access to the training material, and will have access to bi-monthly live Coaching and Q&A Calls (for a minimum of 12 months!)

You’ll also receive THREE BONUS PROGRAMS to broaden your knowledge and enhance your toolkit (this program is honestly valued at well over $5,000!)

Home Study Courses

Talk to the Animals
  • Learn to talk to your animal companions easily and effortlessly.
  • Know what your animal companion is trying to tell you.
  • Express how much they are loved and how much they mean to you.
  • Assure them that everything will be okay during times of stress or change.
  • Understand how they are feeling physically or emotionally.
  • Know when it’s their time to cross over and whether to assist them.


Healing And Understanding Your Animal Companions Through The Chakras

Learn To Detect And Clear Imbalances In Your Animal Companion’s Chakras To Create Better Health, Healing And Emotional Well-Being


Animals in the Afterlife: Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our Animal Companions

Open Yourself To Love, Connection, Heightened Intuition, Spiritual Growth, And The Naturalness Of The Circle of Life


Crystal Healing for Animals

Learn The Amazing Benefits Of Crystals; Powerful Healing Tools For The Animals


The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication Training MP3 & Study Guide

This full day workshop, filmed live on location in Sedona Arizona in 2004, was edited down to a 70 minute training video and comes with an accompanying study guide.



We provide in-person and long-distance energy healing services for animals.

Lynn McKenzie


Your investment:
½ hour – $347 or 1 hour – $697

“Our Vets and even the Veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Guelph had trouble diagnosing what was physically wrong with our precious 2 year old dog Ocean. When we turned to Lynn for a reading, she knew exactly where to tell them to test; the duodenum. Imagine our vet’s surprise when the tests proved her accurate! Lynn may have saved Ocean’s life.”
~ Wendy A. & Ocean

Reading with Lynn

President and founder of Animal Energy® and Live Your Divine Life LLC and creator of the Animal Energy® Certification Training program Lynn McKenzie is a world leader in the field of animal communication, psychic development and energy healing for both humans and animals, and has been a sought after psychic, animal communicator and healer, offering private readings professionally since 1993.

Lynn’s passion lies in helping others to connect with higher guidance and the spirit realm to step into their own Divine Power. She currently spends much of her time writing, creating and delivering online training and certification programs however she is currently available for a very limited number of private readings.

Lynn’s readings (for both humans and animals) address absolutely anything you wish to receive guidance on.

You have two different reading options with Lynn.

1. A reading for yourself: 

  • Soul’s Divine Mission readings
  • Psychic Breakthrough and Attunement™ sessions
  • Energy clearing and balancing using Lynn’s proprietary healing system
  • Easing Grief sessions
  • Spiritual counselling
  • General psychic reading

2. A reading for your animal(s):

  • Connecting with animals that have crossed over
  • Reincarnation
  • Teachings and spiritual guidance from your animal companions and guides
  • Aging animals and euthanasia decisions
  • Energy clearing and balancing using Lynn’s proprietary healing system
  • Easing Grief sessions
  • General animal communication reading


Your investment:
½ hour – $117 or 1 hour – $177

Reading with Lynn’s Senior Associate

All senior associates are hand-picked and certified in Lynn’s modalities.
Animal Communication and Animal Healing Consultations deal with almost any issue including physical illness and imbalance, behavioral issues, emotional issues, training and performance issues, end of life issues and afterlife connections.

They can help to: restore health, relieve stress, improve performance, help you attune to your animal companion’s teachings, eliminate behavioral problems, relay messages to and from your animal companions, help you understand each other, improve your relationship, promote happiness and enlightenment and enhance the human animal bond.

Sessions frequently cover: aging animals and euthanasia decisions, connecting with animals that have crossed over, easing grief, spiritual counseling, learning your animals teachings and spiritual guidance, reincarnation issues, discovering your soul’s divine blueprint, medical intuition to help your veterinarian, illness, surgery and recovery issues, help for rescue animals, upsets between animals, inappropriate elimination and spraying, and any other questions you may have regarding your animal companion.

Psychic readings and healing consultations for humans cover virtually any area of your life.