Animal Energy® Certification Training

Animal Energy® Certification Training

Are you ready to stop wondering what your animal companions think and feel and start communicating with them easily and effortlessly?

Dear Animal Loving Spiritual Seeker,

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You have the distinct knowing that your animal companion is trying to tell you something but you just can‘t figure out what it is
  • You have a deep desire for spiritual growth and you know animals are a part of your path but just don’t know how to take it further
  • You want your animals to know how much they are loved and cherished but you have no way to know if they do
  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to sort out a health, behavioral or training issue with little or no results
  • You’re faced with gut wrenching end of life decisions and want to do the right thing for your animal friend

I have encouraging news for you…

If you’ve been in any of these circumstances and prayed for Divine Guidance, that experience has lead you here. You’re in the right place, right now.
This training will give you the knowledge and practice to make communicating with and healing your animal companions as easy as breathing.

You’ll see.

Start Communicating with the animals today.


Hello! My name is Lynn.

My greatest passion is helping you identify, foster & embody your unique animal communication, psychic and healing gifts. As a renowned leader in Animal Communication and Psychic Mastery since 1994, I’ve worked with and taught over 100,000 students in more than 52 countries. These include industry leaders and celebrities.

When you awaken to this wisdom, it opens you up and transforms you so you can make a bigger difference in the world. Many of my students have created successful businesses for themselves in these fields.

While my expertise in Animal Communication and Healing has allowed me to become a sought-after speaker on both television and radio – and resulted in my being published in a Hay House book in 2009 – I can assure you that I was once exactly where you are now. I hadn’t yet activated or developed my Animal Communication and Healing skills, and quite honestly, I didn’t even know I could.

Let me share how this
incredible journey began…

It was my late Golden Retriever, Jiggs, who guided me to learn and master the art of animal communication and healing.

Jiggs arrived in 1993 as a bouncy 9-week-old puppy but within a few short weeks was more often sick than not. Through trying to get him help, rather unsuccessfully, I came to realize that I had to be the one to take full responsibility for his wellbeing, and in the process, figure out exactly how to heal him.

I didn’t know it then, but Jiggs was in my life by “soul agreement” to nudge me toward my Soul’s Divine Mission or greater purpose in this lifetime. And it worked! He guided me to learn animal communication and healing not only to help him but to use what I’d learned, worldwide, to help thousands of others.

Over time it became clear that to fulfill his nudging, and help the most animals and their people, the best way to do it was to teach and mentor others in my methods and systems.

What does my story mean for You?

Despite the modern MYTH that these gifts are
“something you have to be born with,”
reserved for a privileged few, or take years of training,
YOU TOO can learn to communicate with the animals!

Whether you’re looking to understand your animal companions on a deep level, establish a clear connection with their souls in the afterlife, or wish to access the greater spiritual reasons they’re in your life now, this is the perfect place to begin that rewarding journey.
Let Jiggs’ Legacy Live on through you!

Start Communicating with the animals today.


“I LOVE this course … what an awesome instructor you are. I have taken other online courses and you give us so much value and are so knowledgeable, generous and I feel your genuineness in truly wanting us to understand everything and to succeed. Thank you very, very much! You make me believe I CAN do this.”

Kaoru Makiguchi

If you’re a woman who is finally ready to
bring forth your spiritual gifts and

open your
psychic channels…

If you’re a woman who is finally ready to
bring forth your spiritual gifts and

open your
psychic channels…


Imagine having a direct connection with your animal companions that affords you trust and accuracy you can rely on, so that every decision you make on their behalf… is perfect.

Imagine also knowing that your path to partnering with the animals is an initiation, or deeper spiritual awakening. Your animal companions are the keepers of Divine information, specifically for and about you, and are constantly offering spiritual wisdom and insight ~ if only you are open and able to receive it!

Picture having the peace of mind and confidence of always knowing:

  • What your animal companions are trying to tell you
  • How to help them stay happy and healthy
  • Their ideas about your spiritual path & the role they play in your soul’s purpose
  • What you can do to improve their day-to-day lives
  • And anything else you’ve ever wanted to know about your animal companion

When you say YES! to connecting with the animals on a deeper level, all of this and more can be yours!

Animals have much to share about how you can enhance their everyday lives. With crystal-clarity they will let you know what you can do to improve their training and performance, which foods and veterinarians they prefer, which treatments and supplements are best for them and even how they feel about adding another companion to the household!

Never again will you wonder or guess about what’s in their best interest. They’ll tell you directly so you’ll have true peace of mind.

“I can’t say enough about the Animal Energy® Certification Training program. Lynn is an outstanding instructor, with a passion for helping her students realize their destiny. Since enrolling in Level 1, I have realized some exciting breakthroughs in deepening my connection with animals. My intuition and communication skills are more consistent and continue to develop. I’m excited about my progress and look forward to continuing my journey as I move through future levels.”

Cathy Sanchez

Animal Caretaker, Energy Practitioner
“I’ve known Lynn’s work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her!”

Colette Baron-Reid

Best-selling author of Messages From Spirit and
internationally renowned intuitive counselor

Start Communicating with the animals today.


Join the 600+ people who have already been through this life-changing training program. Tangible benefits, both personal and professional, are possible for you, too:
  • Open your unique animal communication gifts in a way that’s fully aligned with who you are at a soul level, not someone else’s version of how you should do it
  • Easily receive relevant, useful and actionable insight from the animals; regularly and effortlessly
  • Experience accuracy, clarity and deep inner knowing that you can rely on and trust
  • Have the tools to help yourself and others sail through animal or human challenges, with ease and grace
  • Save yourself time, money and wasted effort by ALWAYS having the answers you want, and making the decisions that are best for YOU and your animal companions

Welcome To The Animal Energy® Certification Training

Welcome To The Animal Energy® Certification Training
Where You Learn to Communicate With Animals
Confidently, Accurately and On Demand


Here are the 11 tools you’ll receive in this 5-12 month experiential training program…

An Individualized “Discover Your Unique Path To Animal Communication” Assessment and Report Prepared For You
Exclusively By Lynn

(a $197 value)

You’ll receive your individualized “Unique Path To Animal Communication” assessment and report, personally prepared for you by Lynn. She’ll tune in to your energy field and reveal your best and easiest path to Animal Communication and Healing.

She’ll share how your innate communication and healing gifts currently manifest, the best way to further develop them in this program, and how the remainder of them will also begin to manifest, inevitably and naturally.

The combination of a personalized assessment and detailed report delivers a true understanding of your unique path to Animal Communication and Healing.

A Privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report That Reveals Your Animal Communication Gifts and Talents

(a $297 value)

Your chakras play a key role in learning animal communication.

The current status of your chakras plays a big role in the ease in which you learn and develop your animal communication and healing skills. Lynn will prepare an individualized, detailed written chakra report for you which will lay out the current status of each one.

You’ll see which of your chakras are in perfect balance, and which require clearing and balancing to be in their strongest, most vital state, so you’ll know exactly what to work on to enhance your animal communication and healing skills.

And, more importantly, you’ll receive an energy protocol to clear any imbalances!

Foundation for Success

(a $197 value)

This is where we lay the groundwork for your animal communication practice.

You will receive an Animal Energy® Attunement which will be energetically transferred to you to enhance and increase your animal communication abilities and accuracy.

You will learn exactly what interspecies telepathic communication is, the three distinct paths to communicating with the animals, and which one of them is the best starting point for you. This will catapult your animal communication results.

You will meet my Animal Energy® guides and healing team who will assist you as you begin the process of meeting your own guides and healing team over the course of this program. These are the non-physical helpers who gather to assist you in all your communication and healing pursuits.

You will be introduced to how animals are teachers and healers, guides for the soul and connectors to the afterlife. This information will be built upon throughout the program.

Your Energy Toolkit

(a $197 value)

There’s nothing more important to your success in animal communication than how you manage your energy.

You will learn my best proven processes and practices for preparing for and communicating with the animals. These powerful tools will amplify your results so much that you’ll come to refer to them as your “unfair advantage.”

The Energy Field of Animals

(a $297 value)

I am a firm believer that communicating effectively with animals requires an in-depth understanding of their energy field.

The energy field holds the key to most of the imbalances in our animal companions, whether they are of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. You will receive a deep understanding of every component of their energy field.

You will also receive my proprietary protocol to clear all blockages and imbalances from their energy field. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable the animals to live in greater comfort and joy, but we help to unravel their untold stories.

This segment of the training is a standalone program in its own right, and one that you will be able to use for years to come that will benefit you, your friends and your animal companions.

Animal Communication

(a $297 value)

The path to communicating with animals is a deeply spiritual journey.

In this core component of your training, you’ll learn the full spectrum of animal communication. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Animal communication; your birthright
  • The oneness of all life
  • How to communicate
  • Key components to successful communication
  • The benefits of animal communication
  • Sending messages to the animals
  • Surefire ways to receive messages from the animals
  • Various ways we receive information
  • How to accurately interpret messages
  • Working over distance
  • Connecting with animals in spirit
  • Akashic Records
  • Reincarnation
  • Code of ethics
  • Gifts from the animals
  • Determining what our animal companions want
  • Guidance from our animal companions
  • Dowsing, a tool to activate, and later confirm, your animal communication results

Your Hand-Picked ‘Animal Totem’ For Animal Communication

(a $47 value)

Your ‘Animal Totem’ is a life-long partner in your Animal Communication pursuits.

Each of us has a particular animal totem that desires to help us specifically with our animal communication endeavors in this program. Lynn will tune in and hand-pick your Animal Communication Animal Totem.

You will also learn how and when to call in your animal helper, and ways to deepen their service in your practice.

You will receive your totem within seven days of enrollment.

Case Studies

(a $197 value)

For your learning benefit real-life case studies will be intermixed throughout the training.

Case studies are such a powerful learning tool, and example of what’s possible with Animal Communication. This program is loaded with examples of how Lynn used animal communication for afterlife connection, healing of serious health conditions, behavioral modification, training success stories, medical miracles and more.

Practice Clients

(a $297 value)

During this program you will have the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience working with practice clients.

Each participant is encouraged to work with a minimum of 6 case-study clients. This provides the opportunity to not only apply and test your skills but to bring your results back and receive feedback and coaching on your work.


(value: priceless)

While this program is designed as a certification program, CERTIFICATION IS OPTIONAL.

This comprehensive 10-module training is designed to be self-paced for your convenience, and completed over 5 – 12 months, but you have up to 2 years to certify and long term access to the program material.

Once you’re certified you will receive a certificate and logo to display on your website, and will be qualified to use the title “Animal Energy® Practitioner” after your name. You’ll also have the opportunity to be listed in our online practitioner directory.

If you choose to participate in this program solely for your personal use, there is no need to complete the certification process but you are more than welcome to.

An Exclusive Online Community Forum for Answers, Inspiration and Support

(value: priceless)

You’ll enjoy a supportive 24/7 online community where you can interact with Lynn and like-minded peers, so you never feel alone on your journey.

You’ll use this community for support, answers to your questions, inspiration and encouragement. Whether you’re feeling stuck and need help, or want to share a breakthrough, success or celebration, your community will be here for you.

Start Communicating with the animals today.


“One of the best decisions I made was to register for the Animal Energy® Certification Training with Lynn McKenzie. Classes are straight forward and clearly presented. I have learned so much from them.”

Diane Burchard

In Addition To The Comprehensive Information
Provided In Your Core Training Materials…
You’ll Also Receive These

bonuses to enhance
your learning

BONUS: Unlimited Access To Lynn’s Comprehensive
Animal Communication and Healing Audio Library

(a $1,997 value)

Lynn’s Comprehensive Animal Communication and Healing Audio Library contains such an abundance of training that it could easily be a standalone offering at the same investment as this entire program.

It contains more than 60 hours of leading-edge animal communication and healing training that you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

You’ll have full access to all Animal Communication and Healing Library content, on SO many topics including:

Animal Totems and Spirit Guides, Simple Energy Techniques for Healthy Animal Companions, The Energy Field of Animals, Receiving Divine Guidance and Healing through your Animal Companions, Animals in Spirit, Animal Reincarnation, Awakening to and Deepening your Psychic/Intuitive and Animal Communications Skills, and The Five Audio Healing and Understanding Your Animal Companions Through The Chakras and many MORE!

The trainings in the archive library will appeal to beginners, right through to the advanced student.

BONUS: 10 Member-Only Animal Energy® Coaching and Q&A Calls

(a $597 value)

Each live group Coaching and Q&A call offers an unparalleled opportunity to tap into Lynn’s guidance and valuable intuitive insights. Lynn’s guidance will help you understand, integrate and implement the training material and anything else that comes up for you.

Twice per month, Lynn answers your questions and shares her “behind the scenes” tips and secrets to accelerate your results so you’re guaranteed to have everything you’ll need to succeed. If you can’t attend live, you are encouraged to submit your questions in advance so you’re sure to get them answered.

BONUS: Downloadable Recordings of Every Coaching and Q&A Call

(value: priceless)

Even if you miss a call you’ll still receive all the valuable program information as all calls will be recorded and emailed to you in 2 formats: a playback file you can listen to on your computer, and an MP3 file which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod.

You’ll receive each audio recording within 48 hours of the call.

Start Communicating with the animals today.


Carmel Mueller Grove
“This training is above and beyond awesome, especially the private group of like-minded people where there is tons of support.”

Carmel Mueller Grove

“Despite years of doing this work with people, your Animal Energy® Certification Training program has expanded my capacity a great deal, even though I am only partway through it. It has given me processes and tools that are very practical, effective, and infinitely useful! I love the space it puts me in! Thank you Lynn.”

Jody Wallace

B.A. LMT, Energy Medicine for People and Animals

Animal Energy® Certification Training Curriculum

Module 1
Animal Communication
Initiation and Overview
  • You’ll be introduced to animal totems and discover how they help you open your animal communication and healing gifts, you’ll also receive your own hand-chosen totem
  • You’ll receive a broad but detailed overview of animal communication designed specifically to set the stage for, and kick-start, the energetic opening and activation of your innate animal communication gifts
  • You’ll learn the importance of grounding, and how to ground the animals and yourself with my proprietary protocol
  • You’ll receive Your Unique Pathway To Animal Communication personalized reading

Module 2
Animal Energy® Attunement
And Dowsing Basics
  • You’ll receive a highly-transformational Animal Energy® Attunement to adjust and fine-tune your personal energy field to better access Lynn’s teachings
  • You’ll learn about non-physical realm healing teams and helpers, be introduced to your own, and meet Lynn’s, so you’ll have a support system to call upon at any time to help you with animal communication and healing
  • You’ll learn dowsing and muscle testing basics and protocols, to enable you to access the Animal Energy® System, to activate areas of your consciousness that will accelerate the opening and flourishing of your animal communication gifts
  • You’ll receive a personalized Intuitive Chakra Assessment

Module 3
Animal Communication
Basics And Activation
  • You’ll receive Lynn’s Making the Heart Connection meditation and preparation protocol to set you up for easy and accurate communication
  • You’ll be introduced to, and learn the basics and procedures to begin communicating with the animals
  • You’ll learn what questions to ask the animals, how to ask them, and how to receive answers back from them
  • You’ll “meet” and receive group messages from two of Lynn’s animal guides, in spirit
  • You’ll be introduced to Jiggs’ Telepathic Pyramid; a surefire technique for connecting with the animals telepathically

Module 4
Communicating With The Animals
To Determine And Release
Physical-Level Blocks And Imbalances
  • You’ll learn Lynn’s proprietary healing and clearing system which allows you to determine, and clear physical-level blocks and imbalances in any living being, so you can effectively communicate with them on another level
  • You’ll learn how to prepare yourself and your energy field for doing this work accurately and effectively
  • We’ll delve deeper into animal communication procedures and protocols
  • You’ll be introduced to flower essences and their magical powers
  • You’ll learn to work with and clear chakras

Module 5
Communicating With The Animals
To Determine And Release
Emotional-Level Blocks And Imbalances
  • You’ll learn part 2 of Lynn’s proprietary healing and clearing system which allows you to determine, and clear emotional-level blocks and imbalances in any living being so you can communicate more effectively with them
  • You’ll learn about energy meridians and how they play a part in emotional blocks and issues in the animals
  • You’ll learn about the other aspects that contribute to and create emotional blocks and imbalances

Module 6
Communicating With The Animals To
Determine And Release Mental And
Spiritual Level Blocks And Imbalances
  • You’ll be introduced to part 3 of Lynn’s proprietary healing and clearing system which allows you to determine and clear energetic blocks and imbalances in the mental and spiritual bodies in any living being so you can communicate more effectively with them
  • You’ll learn about negative belief systems and how to deal with them
  • You’ll witness a live Energy Clearing Demo Session where Lynn works with her dog Carly

Module 7
Distance Healing & Communication,
Reincarnation, And Energy Healing Mastery
  • You’ll learn the basics of how to communication with and send healing over distance and dimension
  • We’ll delve deeper into the role of your healing team and you’ll solidify your connection with them
  • We’ll explore reincarnation, how it pertains to our animal companions, and how to work with it in your animal communication sessions

Module 8
Animals As Teachers, Healers And
Guides For The Soul, Afterlife Communication
  • You’ll learn the three distinct pathways to accessing animal communication and healing
  • We’ll explore how animals are teachers, healers and guides for the soul
  • You’ll learn to communicate with the animals during the death and dying process
  • You’ll experience an enlightening “animals in spirit” interview and deepen your understanding of the spirit realm

Module 9

Energy Imprinting,

Spiritual Interdependence,

Practitioner Ethics

  • You’ll learn the various ways in which animals absorb energy, thought forms and emotions from people, places and things
  • We’ll explore the spiritual interdependence between humans and their animal companions
  • You’ll learn animal communication and healing ethics
  • You’ll witness a live animal communication and healing Demo Session where Lynn works with a student’s horse

Module 10
Soul Contracts and Agreements,
Akashic Records, Soul’s Divine
Blueprint, Communication Mastery
  • You’ll learn about soul contracts and agreements; what they are, and the role animals play in them, in our lives
  • You’ll learn how to access your soul’s divine blueprint / soul’s divine mission through your animal companions
  • You’ll discover the eight channels of alignment for animal communication and healing
  • You’ll receive an animal communication mastery upgrade
  • You’ll discover the animal / Akashic Record link

Animal Communication
And Healing Library

You’ll also receive all of the teachings in the Animal Communication and Healing Library Bonus which includes the award-winning 5-part Healing and Understanding Your Animal Companions Through The Chakras program (currently sold separately for $397), as well as many others.
This training program is energetically calibrated and intentionally structured to activate and open your animal communication and healing gifts. It’s the beginning of an incredible journey that will change your life!

At completion you’ll be able to use the Animal Energy ® Certified Practitioner title, and will be able to offer professional sessions to paying clients, if you choose.

Start Communicating with the animals today.


You’ll know this program is right for you
if any of the following resonates:

  • You yearn for a deeper connection with animals and all life
  • Your spiritual growth is of utmost importance to you
  • You love animals and have a great passion to be of highest service to them and their people
  • You want to communicate with and help your own personal animal companions
  • You work with animals in a professional capacity, whether training, grooming, showing, competing, racing, etc. and can already sense the value of being able to communicate with them
  • You seek certification in a modality that expands your existing business offerings, or provides the opportunity for a new one
  • You’ve tried other animal communication programs before but didn’t get the results you were hoping for
  • You have a burning desire to manifest your psychic and energy reading gifts, through the animals, so you can apply them to all areas of your life
  • You erroneously believe that you have to be already “gifted” to develop this skill – actually if this is you, this training is PRECISELY what you need!
  • You value a program that takes your individual learning path into account and provides your easiest path to success

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive
As An Exclusive Member of the
Animal Energy® Certification Training Program…

Over 90 hours of training, energy clearings, activations, attunements, coaching and Q&A calls, PLUS personalized assessments:

Individualized “Discover Your Unique Path To Animal Communication” Assessment and Report

Privately-done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report That Reveals Your Animal Communication Gifts and Talents

Ten LIVE group Coaching and Q&A Calls

The Animal Energy® Healing & Clearing System; a complete modality for humans and animals

Hand-Picked ‘Animal Totem’ For Animal Communication and Healing

Animal Energy® Attunement

10 bi-weekly comprehensive modules comprised of audio, video and PDFs to keep you on track in your learning

Code of Ethics for Animal Energy® practitioners

Case Studies, Practice Clients and Certification (if desired)

Exclusive 24/7 Online Community Forum for Answers, Inspiration and Support

Access To Lynn’s Comprehensive Animal Communication and Healing Audio Library

Downloadable Recordings of Every Open Coaching and Q&A Call, and access to the archives

Long term access to the training material via the learning portal including Attunements, Activations, Energy Secrets, Meditations, Proprietary Tools, Guided Exercises, Fool Proof Techniques and more!

This program was
specifically designed for:


All course work can be done from the comfort of your own home, or on your device or tablet, from wherever you are in the world. And best of all, you can do it at your own pace, and review it as many times as you wish, to truly anchor and assimilate the teachings.


You’ll receive 2 monthly LIVE Coaching and Q&A Calls where you can ask any question you want, and receive Lynn’s help in assimilating the program material. If you can’t attend live, you are encouraged to submit your questions in advance so you’re sure to get them answered. You’ll also have access to our 24/7 forum so you’ll never feel alone.


This training is delivered, step-by-step through audio, video, handouts, meditations, worksheets, and checklists. Whatever type of learner you are, we’ve got you covered!


Using my proprietary, step-by-step system which I spent over 20 years developing, teaching and perfecting, it’s not only possible to learn to communicate with and heal the animals, it’s easy and fun!


I trained for over 30 years, and spent well over $100,000 learning what I’ll be teaching you in this program. I’ve distilled it down into the most useful, comprehensive, easy to learn and cost effective program I can offer.

Start Communicating with the animals today.


“This course has been the most life changing thing I could have ever imagined. The support from Lynn, her staff and the other students is awesome. It was beyond my expectations.”

Gretchen Heath

“I absolutely love this course. It speaks to my heart. I find it engaging yet challenging enough to push me outside of my comfort zone and explore new ways of communicating.

Debra Miller

Soul’s Whispering Wind Pet Communication and Advanced Reiki Healing

So you’re probably wondering…

“Lynn, this sounds exciting and I’m so ready,
but what is my investment?”

My late animal companion Jiggs was so eager to teach me how to communicate quickly and effectively with him. And I want to make learning this useful skill a reality for you, too. In that spirit, I want to make your decision easy.

The true value of the material and energetic experience in this program is incalculable. In full integrity, I could set the investment at upwards of $3,900 but I intentionally chose to offer it at a small fraction of that.


To make it easy for you to say YES… to the program, to yourself, and to what’s possible on the other side of completing this training.

Imagine awakening to the teachings and wonder that the animal kingdom has to share. What would that be worth to you? Now multiply that by 10, because the results of this deep transformative work are exponential. Calling this training life changing is an understatement as you’ll soon experience for yourself when you say “YES!”

In addition, I also want to offer you the option of an easy installment plan (since I know cash flow concerns can be very real for some).

Are you ready to

FINALLY start connecting with
your animal companions in a way that
gives you the rich experience
of truly understanding them?

Regular Investment

To SAVE $1,100 register NOW


I want to make 1 payment of only $1997

Easy 6 Payment Option

I want to get started now for $379, plus 5 additional monthly payments of $379 

(I understand all payments are due and payable)

Delivery: Upon full pay purchase, program materials and bonuses will be sent to you immediately and private reading reports will be sent over 30 days. Upon payment plan purchase, program materials will be sent to you, 2 Lessons per month and private reading reports will be sent over 30 days.

If you’re ready to get started,
reserve your space TODAY.
Your animal companions
are eagerly awaiting your awakening.


To your divine power

P.S. If the Animal Energy® Certification Training program resonates with you on any level… this is your sign; the perfect confirmation that this program is right for you! On a soul level we always know. Honor that part of you by saying yes. You’re worth it.

Change and growth begins with awareness, clarity and decision. You will learn so much about yourself, your gifts and your dreams by taking this first step!

But please don’t put it off. You must register by the savings deadline to be eligible for the extra-special $1000 savings and receive all the bonuses. I want you to receive every benefit that’s being offered in the full program.

P.P.S. Questions? Feel free to email my Team and we will provide the answers to your questions so you can begin your magical journey.


Start Communicating with the animals today.


Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

How exactly does this program work?

Shortly after purchase, you’ll be sent a “welcome” email with access to our program learning portal where Modules 1 and 2 will be available immediately to access at your leisure. Within 48 hours you’ll receive an invitation to our private forum.

Your two individualized assessments/readings, and animal totem will be delivered to your inbox within 2 weeks. Throughout the program, you’ll be guided step-by-step to easily navigate each training lesson (audio, video, handout, etc.). Plus, you’ll receive emails to announce and remind you of the LIVE Q&A calls with Lynn, so you’re sure to get all your questions answered.

What if I can’t make it to the Q&A calls live?

That’s fine. We have clients all around the world and although we do our best to schedule Coaching and Q&A calls at times that are friendly to most time zones, we understand that some of you still won’t be able to join the calls. If you can’t attend live, you are encouraged to submit your questions in advance so you’re sure to get them answered. Plus, Lynn participates in the 24/7 online support forum so you can always get support there.

This is exactly what I need but money is tight right now. Will you be offering it again?

It will be offered again, but not at this investment with all these bonuses. The fact is, this program’s a great deal, even at its regular investment of $1,997, so if you want to wait you can always purchase it at that price in the future.

My schedule is busy. How much time will this program require?

There are 10 lessons designed to be completed bi-weekly over 5 – 12 months. Each lesson shouldn’t take more than 1.5 – 2 hours of your time. The great news is that you can stretch it out and complete it leisurely, at your own pace. If you wish to certify, you will have a full 24 months from your start date to do so which gives you an abundance of flexibility. Any learning in the comprehensive Animal Communication and Healing Audio Library is at your choice and your pace. You will have long term access to the course material so you don’t feel rushed.

I’ve tried programs like this before and was disappointed because I didn’t have the success I’d hoped for. I must be blocked. How can I be sure it will work this time?

If you have tried to learn animal communication unsuccessfully in the past, there’s a good chance that you were attempting it through the wrong pathway for YOU. That’s about to change. If you feel blocked or unsure you can to do this, for whatever reason, this program was designed especially for you! It is full of energy attunements, clearings and empowering exercises designed to shift your blocks. Plus, you’ll receive two invaluable personalized readings, in report form, to guide you on your unique, individual path to success. Each person has their psychic breakthrough at some point in time, and this program is designed to call yours forth now!

Ready to emberk on a
life-changing journey?



You will receive immediate access to Modules 1 and 2 so you can get started right away. Future lessons will be delivered bi-weekly, unless you chose the full-pay option, where all remaining lessons will be delivered at once at the end of week 4. LIVE Coaching and Q&A calls also kick-off immediately and you can view the schedule in the learning portal* and will receive reminders via email.

* The learning portal is your convenient single-stop for accessing all the lessons, Q&A call info, replays and archives, and the Animal Communication and Healing Library. You have long-term access to these training materials.

Lynne Demers

“Thanks SO MUCH! I am so happy to be in this program. I know MANY psychics, mediums, animal communicators and all around “woo woo” people and I must say, Lynn is absolutely one of the best instructors I have ever had. I’m so grateful to the Divine for leading me to her (and her team!).”

Lynne Demers

Tina Marie Gancarz
The program was life changing for me and I am deeply grateful. Thank you Lynn!”

Tina Marie Gancarz

About Lynn

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally-acclaimed leader in animal communication, psychic and energy mastery. She is a highly sought-after speaker, whose passion lies in awakening others to their Divine Gifts, Power, and Mission. Teaching others to attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share is another of her true passions.

With over 31,000 clients spanning more than 52 countries, Lynn’s signature programs include Animal Energy®, Clairvoyance Mastery™, Psychic Development Mentoring™, Money Manifestation Acceleration, Healing and Understanding Your Animal Companions Through The Chakras™ and The Chakra Healing, Clearing and Attunement Intensive™. Her client list includes leaders and celebrities in the intuitive, coaching and business worlds.

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Nour Bitar
Lynn’s Animal Communication and Healing system is incredible! I’ve learned so much from it, it has literally changed the way I look at life besides all the incredible healing benefits for our beautiful animal companions and ourselves, absolutely love it. Lynn is an amazing partner in the learning journey, Thank you!”

Nour Bitar

“I understand why the universe led me to this course and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sending heartfelt thanks. This course aligns with every fiber of my being! And I’m eager to continue with the lessons!”

Brandy Harrison-Wethal

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are to illustrate potential results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

“You are an amazing teacher. You have helped me through some hard sorrowful times and have helped me return to joy. Thank you for all that you are! I love your classes.

Janyce Godwin

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Animal Energy® Certification Training Program. Each module holds so much information that is easy to understand. You are excellent at explaining in a clear fun way.”

Christie Sharon

“The coaching calls are incredible, as is the entire Animal Energy® Certification Training program. Lynn, you give so much of yourself to your students. I can see myself taking several programs with you. Thank you again!”

Diane Carlson
“I’m so grateful for the Animal Energy® Certification Program and your inspiring mentorship, Lynn. I feel like I went from 0 to 90 in a matter of only a few months. It started to connect within, with other work that I do, and all of a sudden it started to flow. Great stuff!”

Dr. Rebbie Staubing

Founder, The Yoga of Alignment
“I have always felt a closeness to animals and wanted to learn how to help them. I was guided to Lynn McKenzie’s Animal Energy® Certification Training. What a blessing it has turned out to be. I have learned so much, and I am very grateful that Lynn’s training was put in my path.”

Annette Hagy-Rose

Certified Ambassador of Awakening Dynamics, Energy Healer
“Lynn’s Animal Energy® Certification Training program is wonderful! The three private readings which are included in the program validated and confirmed for me that I was on the right track and allowed me to step into the truth and owning my gifts. Thank YOU for holding his space and teaching!”

Mayuko Fukino

“I just started the training about 10 days ago. Amazing already!

Jennifer Fisher Jones

“The Animal Energy® Certification Training program really gave me the confidence to follow my passion.”

Wendy Pierce

“Lynn is a wonderful teacher and has helped me trust and find my own confidence!”

Natalie Suttorp

“This training has helped me be where I’ve wanted to be all my life! I now feel validated living my life, as much as I can, from intuition and letting it serve a positive purpose. Thank you!”

Willow Hill

“I believe in your gifts and I trust you like no other.

Kendall Summerhawk

The Leader In Certified Business and Money Coach Training For Women
“Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.

David Krueger, MD

Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance, Executive Coach

Lynn McKenzie

Awaken to your magic

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