My name is lynn.

… and my greatest passion is helping you identify, foster & embody your unique psychic, intuitive, animal communication and healing gifts.

“the nature of life is to unfold us and our destiny.”

Hints of my life path were evident from birth.
I was born loving animals.

As I got older, my affinity for animals – especially horses – grew. In 7th grade, the inner impulse was so strong that on a regular basis I’d bicycle from my family home in the city, up to the country, 26 miles roundtrip, just to be near horses. I was that child.

Girl-gone-horse-crazy… all the while following the invisible thread of Divine guidance.

I also loved all things from the magical and invisible realms (psychic, intuitive, healing) as a child.

Steadily and certainly, I became aware…
My existence… my being was the very intersection of animals



And the two would eventually synergize to fulfill my Soul’s Divine Mission and propel my clients along theirs.
It is my heart’s greatest joy to work with conscious, creative women who are ready to shine their light, from a solid foundation.

Over the past 30 years, I have wholeheartedly immersed myself in learning everything I could about energetics, healing, personal and spiritual development, psychic development and animal communication. In that same time, professionally I have built 6-figure businesses on the bedrock of extensive training & certification.

With thousands of hours invested in learning everything I could about animals & magic, I have built a stellar global reputation as an expert in the animal intuitive and energetic fields, training more than 100,000 clients in 52+ countries.

I share the specifics of my path because ultimately, I see every experience of mine as building the foundation for mirroring your journey and launching you into the fulfillment of your own destiny.

After all, we’re on this journey together.

To Your Divine Power,