Your Soul’s Divine Mission Checklist



cherubIs your soul calling you to step up?

Do you know on some level, that there’s more to life and business than what you’re currently experiencing?

Do you often question whether you’re doing what your soul really came here to do?

You are a divine, brilliant being, as unique as a snow flake, just waiting to sparkle.

There is nothing more exciting than knowing and living your true brilliance: it’s the golden elixir of passion and fulfillment!

As a highly conscious entrepreneur, I know it’s important to you to live your life in complete alignment with the highest expression of your soul. That’s a given!

But sometimes life, past lives, lack of clarity, blockages or fears muddy the water, and it’s much more difficult than we’d like.

That’s why I created the Soul’s Divine Mission Checklist, to give you a gauge of where you’re at in terms of living, making money, and conducting business from your purpose. It will also show you where you need help most.

Soul’s Divine Mission Checklist:
(simply check off each applicable statement)

_____ You receive a deep sense of joy and fulfillment from the work you do

_____ Your creative juices are constantly flowing with new business ideas that are aligned with your purpose

_____ You’ve mastered your psychic/ intuitive skills

_____ You fully embrace your Divine Power

_____ You live a life of passion and enthusiasm

_____ Success often feels effortless

_____ You manifest confidently and often experience instant manifestation

_____ You are constantly up-leveling your mindset

_____ You see your “mission” as a journey, not a destination

_____ You easily maintain focus on your aligned goals; your “team of horses” are pointed in the same direction

_____ You live a magical and inspired life; it’s as though you have a magic genie at your disposal

_____ Your always create more than enough money, and your finances are in order

_____ You bravely take divinely inspired action because you know it’s for the highest and best of all

_____ You are abundant and prosperous in all areas of life

_____ You’re aware that your next big leap is right in front of you, and you summon the courage to make the jump because there’s no other choice

_____ You see failure only as an indication to alter your path, nothing more

_____ You reside in the energy of love; paralyzing fear being a thing of the past

_____ You feel unstoppable

_____ You say YES to yourself, your sacred purpose, and anything that will bring you closer to it


How did you do?

If you found that there’s much room for improvement, or you have a sense of dissatisfaction, or a deep desire for expansion, it’s your soul calling you to step up!

Will you say YES!

For ONE WEEK only – because there’s nothing I love to do more than help others awaken to, and claim their Soul’s Calling… you can have a reading with me, for ONLY $497! (Regular investment is $797!)

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In your Soul’s Divine Mission Reading:

  • you’ll discover your soul’s true calling
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  • you’ll discover the role your chakras play in your mission, and how to recalibrate them for success
  • we’ll uncover and clear any blocks to your Divine Mission
  • you’ll learn your Sacred Soul Archetypes and how they manifest in your life and business

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A Soul’s Divine Mission Reading is for you if…

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✔ You are ready to have a life, business or career that’s in complete congruence with your unique soul’s essence.

✔ You’re ready to up-level your psychic and manifestation skills.

✔ You are truly ready to uncover and radiate your divine gifts and talents.

✔ You’re ready to once-and-for-all, clear your blocks to soul prosperity

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To your Divine Power,


Lynn McKenzie

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