The Quickest Way I Know To Eliminate Your Blocks And Self-Sabotaging Behaviors



In 1994 I embarked on training in Body Alignment Technique, a very in-depth, transformational energy healing modality. The training spanned about 5 weeks and was conducted “live-in”, onsite at the teacher’s healing studio so each of the students would be away from our homes and daily lives.

I was most excited to finally learn this work as I’d been for healing with a Body Alignment Technique practitioner many times and the shifts and changes I experienced as a result had been remarkable.

What I didn’t know was how transformational the training would be. Each of us entered as one person and literally emerged as another. The reason for this is that in learning the many energy shifts and balances in this modality, our instructor led us through each and every one of them, as a group. It was like we were magically freed, unbound and set up to flourish in our lives.

From that moment on I was hooked on helping others shift, transform, and break through energy patterns and imbalances themselves, to allow them the freedom and ability to reach their dreams, goals and aspirations.

After seeing how many of my clients struggled with abundance, prosperity and money issues, I felt it was my mission to create a transformational program that would alleviate this. That’s how I was guided to create the energy-rich program, The Money Manifestation Method™.

In this program, I use energy clearing to eliminate the blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can Unlock the Channels to the Prosperity You Need to Fulfill Your Divine Mission!

That’s a mouthful but what it means is that this program frees you to be more open to manifesting and acting on your unique prosperity opportunities. It also allows you to more fully express your gifts and talents, and it can even help to open your intuitive abilities.

I am more passionate about this program than any other I offer as it’s the missing-link for most everyone I meet.

Check it out here, while you can still receive $100 off the already generously low registration, and while all the juicy program bonuses are still active.

To your Divine Power,

Lynn McKenzie
Manifestation and Psychic Mastery Expert

PS: You won’t believe the power these shifts will have on all aspects of your life! The Money Manifestation Method™.



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