The Clairvoyance Success Secret


runningwithclothA few career incarnations ago I was a successful 6-figure real estate agent. The secret to my success was my use of Clairvoyance, although I didn’t share it openly at the time because I didn’t think it would be accepted.

I used Clairvoyance to guide me in which listings to go after, which buyers to work with, in matching my buyers with the perfect homes, and in helping my listings sell.

Whenever I met a new buyer, I would tune into them clairvoyantly to determine which house would be a resonant match with their energy, and would also be one that they absolutely loved. On average, I sold houses to new buyers after showing them just four homes; a rather remarkable feat. I was asked often by other realtors how I did it as they were sometimes showing 20 houses or more to find the right one for their clients.

This concept may sound crazy but it worked. AND, it not only helped me be more successful but saved my clients and I lots of time, energy and money.

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