Practical Uses For Clairvoyance In Business


CSSchakraIn order for Clairvoyance to be a valuable tool in business, it must be practical, useful and actionable. What I mean by that is information that gives you immediate answers to the questions you have, help with important business decisions, and direction for next steps. I have used it in business for decades; beginning in the 80’s to create a multiple 6-figure businesses that truly nourish my spirit and serve my soul. It’s absolutely beyond fabulous when we have access within to the answers we need.

Financial Choices

If you’ve ever wondered where to allocate or invest your money in business, Clairvoyance is your savior. There are countless of choices for today’s business owner, from what programs and products to invest in, to what type of advertising to do. Knowing you’re making choices that truly resonate with you and your highest purpose is absolutely invaluable information to have at your fingertips.

Decision Making

No matter the size of your business you will be making LOTS of decisions; that’s a given. If you’re a small business you’ll be making even more as you’ll be wearing many or most hats. Imagine having the perfect tool to guide you to the decision that is “highest and best” for you every time!

Niche or Target Market

Who you target in business can make all the difference to your success, enjoyment and income. Clairvoyance has never guided me wrong when it comes to who I serve and the problem I solve for them. My clients must agree as I’ve been successful in a business that’s morphed itself based on my guidance for over 20 years.

Products and Programs

If you’re extremely creative like me, you have more product and program ideas than time to bring them to fruition. That can be a blessing and a curse. The good news is your Clairvoyance can guide you in choosing the ones that resonate energetically with both yourself and your clients and offer them in a strategic way where you client’s benefit is the greatest, and you are richly rewarded.

Staff and Helpers

Whether it’s choosing an assistant, an event coordinator or a vendor, you can use Clairvoyance for guidance and direction. After you have staff onboard you can then use Clairvoyance to determine the best tasks for them to help you with and the timing of projects. This can help to keep your staff happy and save you money too.

We’ve all had readings in the past where random, far out, possibly entertaining information of no importance or consequence is delivered. I’m not a fan of this use for clairvoyance when I know that it can be used for so much more meaningful, valuable insight.

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