Discover The Proven Path To Aligning Your Soul’s Highest Purpose With A Step-by-Step Client Attraction System To Kick-Start Or Revitalize Your Spiritual Business…Like Magic

Dear Intuitive, Healing or Spiritual Entrepreneur,

Welcome to Psychic Business Academy, a 6 month mentoring program designed with you in mind…


Do you have a deep desire to truly serve and assist your clients with your Divine Gifts and Talents yet have no systems in place for attracting them?

If you’re anything like I was just a few short years ago:

  • You often find yourself worrying and wondering where your next client is coming from, yet see other practitioners with a steady stream of fabulous clients and wonder how they do it.
  • Your heart sinks when a client cancels their appointment with you because you desperately need the money.
  • You hold the belief that lowering your fees might bring you more clients yet when you try it, you attract even fewer.
  • You keep yearning for that elusive “golden ticket” to more clients and more income.

Are you finally ready to break this cycle once and for all and start attracting a steady stream of Dream Clients who appreciate working with you, and are willing to pay you well for what you do?

Here’s What I’ve Noticed…

Most psychic, healing and spiritual entrepreneurs approach their businesses from a place of fear.

Before I cracked the code to client attraction, I did too!

  • Attract Clients Like MagicMy dwindling bank balance was my barometer for how hard and fast I had to work on getting new clients and bringing in more money.
  • I sold my house and poured tens of thousands of dollars of my home equity into ANY way I could think of to try to get more clients.
  • And I remember thinking and wishing that someday I’d be “discovered” for my efforts by some source outside of myself and that then I’d have all the clients I wanted, and the income to go along with it.
  • I was literally doing anything and everything I could do to find clients, yet I still fell short.


Not only did I feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel trying to get somewhere. Like the hamster I simply never “arrived.” None of the methods I tried helped me create the successful business I wanted.

It wasn’t until I made a BIG decision and committed myself wholeheartedly to learning absolutely everything there was to know about client attraction that I learned the tricks and secrets that made all the difference in my bottom line.

That involved making a gut-wrenching 5-figure investment in myself through a high-end mentor who showed me the path to spiritual business success. I’ll confess that it terrified me, even kept me up at night for days on end, because I invested money I didn’t have at the time and it was all on credit.

But it paid off in spades.

I learned and mastered the secret recipe for attracting clients ~ like magic!

This is the exact same recipe I’ve used
to attract over 25,000 clients.

25,000 clients

The same one I used to create a spiritual business that’s in alignment with my soul’s highest calling, on MY terms.

And now I want to share it all with you…

…That’s why I created the Psychic Business Academy, my step-by-step proven training program for predictably and consistently magnetizing more of your Dream Clients, every time!

Why the Psychic Business Academy
Is Perfect For You Right Now

After working with thousands of intuitives and healers around the world, here’s what I know: YOU are powerful. And the world needs what you have to offer.

15256193_sYOU are meant to profoundly impact
the world with your gifts – and not just your client’s lives, but the countless other lives you’ll touch through the ripple effect.

And not “someday.” Right now.

It’s time for you to fully embody the truth that you can be both spiritual and wildly successful at the same time.

It’s time for you to step out from the shadows and create a profitable business instead of struggling blindly wondering where your next client is coming from.

The recent energetic shifts in worldwide consciousness have opened up massive opportunities for success. Opportunities that call for a big shift personally and professionally.

Are you ready to say YES? I hope so. Because the world is waiting for YOU!

6 Months From Now You Will Have…


  • A “cellular knowing” that client attraction is never happenstance and that you alone are the powerful and intentional attractor of clients to your business
  • Your unique and radiant expertise that reflects the highest expression of your soul
  • A personalized blueprint for setting yourself apart from the crowd and owning your Divine gifts, talents and expert status
  • Your own unique way to consistently magnetize your Dream Clients even while you sleep
  • The most rewarding ways to work with your clients so that each of you are deeply fulfilled, and transformed
  • The tools to be able to literally push a button and make money
  • An understanding of Divine Business Magic™ and how to claim it in YOUR business so you can attract more high paying clients and create WAY more income
  • A systematized Client Attraction method that aligns your passion, vision, mission and gifts to create the business of your dreams
  • A business makeover so powerful that even you hardly recognize what you once called your business


I’ve learned so much about myself and how it relates to my business. I now make good business choices based on my personal Brand Archetypes, and have a Signature System that allows me to market in a personalized manner.

Because I wanted the “full experience”, I invested in her high-end Goddess program as well. I have never felt so empowered and supported.

Lynn makes everything so much easier to understand by having systems that break everything down into understandable parts. When I hit the proverbial wall, she is right there to give me exercises that really make all the difference.

I know my business will be a great success in no little part because of Lynn McKenzie’s mentoring abilities.

Susanne Helms

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Here are a few of the fabulous
highlights you’re going to Love in this
6-month training program…

Uncover Your Spiritual Business Contract and Unique Personal Brand Archetypes® ~ in a Full Day Retreat

brand-auth-archetype-fan-doodadYou’ll discover your spiritual business contract and how it aligns with your vision and mission as I guide you through my elegant Branding With Archetypes® System.

By the end of the day you’ll have your authentic signature brand that magically reveals the sweet spot where your life purpose intersects your business purpose using the magic and power of archetypes.

You’ll not only stand out from the crowd when you have your unique brand, you’ll have a deeper resonance with your Dream Clients and you’ll feel more energized and passionate about building your business.

In this one-day virtual retreat you’ll
receive and discover:
  • Your naturally inherent expertise and leadership talents that are the foundation upon which all of your marketing, products, programs and offerings are based.
  • Your Unique Brilliance, the divine essence and powerful force of who you are at the core of your being and where you shine. This will help instill confidence and eliminate any fears and doubts you may have.
  • The specific words and qualities to use and feelings to evoke in your marketing copy so that it consistently aligns with your unique business purpose.
  • Your Personalized Branding With Archetypes® Assessment that reveals your combination of Brand Archetypes…and a wealth of information about YOU!
  • Your own gorgeous, full-color Branding With Archetypes® Card Set and Branding Wheel.
  • Your Branding Quiz and Checklist, so you have all the information you need to apply your Brand Archetypes to your business immediately.
  • My personal support and award-winning coaching as I help you create your signature brand that gives you the tools to fully step into your authenticity as psychic, healer, or spiritual entrepreneur.

Nancy_KaiserI’ve just completed a 3-month program with Lynn McKenzie. Lynn’s expertise in marketing in a spiritual arena is invaluable. Knowing she has gone before and tested the waters, gives me a great deal of confidence that with her guidance I will be able to achieve similar results.

In fact, I have just committed to work privately with Lynn for another 6 months to help me expand my reach even further. I know with her help nothing is beyond me. I can reach whatever goal I set for myself and my business.

Thank you Lynn for your willingness to share all you’ve learned.

Nancy Kaiser

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Discover Your
Divine Mission and Dream Client

Your Divine Mission is the highest expression of your soul that reflects your unique and radiant expertise.

Your Dream Client is a client that possesses the perfect blend of characteristics and qualities that are a complete resonant match for you… literally a match made in heaven.

When you combine the two you create a sweet spot where you attract more clients and money, feel thrilled about the work you do and create a deeply rewarding experience for both you and your client.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to determine your unique Divine Mission and how it applies to your business.
  • You’ll determine the exact qualities and characteristics of your Dream Client. So you’re always working with clients you love who bring out the best in you.
  • How your Divine Mission combined with your Dream Client allows you to express your unique brand of magic.
  • A Dream Client checklist that guarantees you’re always working with people you align with.
  • How to work only with clients you are in complete alignment with and release any who drain your energy so you always have space to attract more.
  • How to identify and align yourself with the greatest needs of your clients so they’re left lining up and begging for your services.
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KendallSummerhawkLynn’s intuitive gifts have always been amazing. And so is her marketing and business savvy! Lynn can quickly pinpoint exactly what you need to do to quickly grow your list, increase your fees and attract more clients. She’s a skilled online marketer who knows the ins-and-outs of launching new services and programs and how to keep marketing SIMPLE. Plus, she walks her talk, having created several successful businesses of her own! With Lynn you get a spiritual AND a practical approach to growing your business — awesome!”

Kendall SummerHawk
Leading Expert in Women Entrepreneurs and Money
and Co-founder of the International Association of
Women in Business Coaching

Get Clients Now

Let’s face it, the lifeblood of your Psychic, Healing or Spiritual business is the clients you are currently working with and the steady stream of new ones coming in.

Even before you have everything ready and in perfect place to run your successful spiritual business you MUST still be attracting clients. Otherwise you won’t be in business long. I’ll show you where you may have clients ripe for the picking that you can work with immediately.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The 5 top places your potential new clients may be hanging out right under your nose so you can begin working with them even before you have the rest of your business ready. 
  • The 3 things you must have in place to have a steady stream of new clients coming your way so your cash flow is actually FLOWING.
  • One of a kind, fun ways to bring new clients into your fold now.
  • How to stay connected with your client base in a friendly and informative way so that they feel valued and you always stay “top of mind” with them.
  • Done-For-You template to help you create awesome titles for articles, programs and everything else you do that will make your clients instantly want more of what you have.

carolwattsThis is the best investment I have ever made!

I have just completed class 2 and followed the homework assignments to the letter. I just wanted you to know that this is the best investment I have ever made! My income has already ‘effortlessly’ increased to the point that I need to review the money speedometer. I am so excited to hear the rest of the classes;, this is obviously a learning tool that I needed desperately.  Thank you so much!

Carol Watts

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Learn A Proven System
For Easily Enrolling Clients

One of the best ways to “seal the deal” with any client that is interested in your programs or services is through a live telephone conversation known as a discovery or breakthrough session.

Discovery sessions flesh out the gap between where your clients currently are versus where they’d like to be so you can determine if they’re a good fit for you, and if so, how you can best serve them.

They also allow the client to determine if you’re a good fit for them. In the discovery session, you’ll lead your prospective client to an enlightened breakthrough in clarity and decisiveness.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • I’ll hand you my proven done-for-you template for conducting deeply rewarding, transformative selling conversations that result in your ideal clients being excited to work with you, even at a higher investment level than you’re used to.
  • You’ll know exactly what to say and how to be confident, even excited about conducting them.
  • How To Claim Your Worth and Step Into Your Expert Status template so your clients will definitely know you’re the one they want to work with.
  • How To Help Your Clients Afford To Invest in Themselves Through You template because whether you know it or not, it’s YOUR job to help them get out of their own way so they can experience the results they want.
  • How To Handle Objections template that lists your client’s most common objections and how to handle them because objections are simply just a way for your prospective client to voice their self-doubt and limiting beliefs that stop them from moving forward.

SharonMadsenBefore coaching with Lynn I was stuck in the one-on-one model of delivering my services. By incorporating Lynn’s techniques and money mindsets, I have added leveraged programs that have tripled my income in a matter of months, and my clients LOVE this training. Thank you Lynn! I’m so grateful for your wisdom and guidance.

Sharon Madsen
Registered Massage Therapist, Clinical Training Facilitator
Dragonfly Therapeutics

Implement An Easy And Surefire Client Attraction System

Bottom line, to run a successful business that fulfills you and truly expresses your Divine Mission, and to be able to stay in that business, and not have to return to a dreaded J-O-B, you MUST have an effective system that consistently brings in new clients.

That’s why you must adopt a client attraction system that feeds you a continual stream of new prospects.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The 3 Key Results your clients will gladly pay for and why you MUST address one of them in your marketing message to attract your Dream Clients.
  • You’ll craft your personalized Marketing Message so you consistently attract and make positive, lasting impressions on your Dream Clients.
  • The important role your website plays in bringing in new clients and the one thing that it MUST have to be profitable. Skip this and you’ll be leaving tons of money on the table.
  • The 3 things your clients must feel before they will invest with you.
  • You’ll design and implement your client-attracting free offer that will consistently bring new clients to you even while you sleep.
  • You’ll implement a time-saving automatic delivery method for all your marketing information.
  • You’ll learn the easiest ways to increase your data base quickly so that you always have new prospects to work with.

Colette_Baron_Reid_Photo1I’ve known Lynn’s work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation.

Colette Baron-Reid
Internationally acclaimed
Intuitive, Author, & Speaker

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Create And Launch Your Own Lucrative High End Program Or One-Day Retreat

I’ll show you how to quickly and easily create, design and launch your own profitable program or one-day retreat so you can generate more income in a way that takes your client to a much deeper and more rewarding level of transformation or results.

You’ll learn my secret sauce for offering your program in a way that positions you as the expert and is magnetic to your desirable Dream Clients.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • The 3 things that must be in alignment before you design your program so that it is sure to be marketable and desirable to your Dream Clients.
  • How to easily access rewarding, longer term clients.
  • How to design programs that are so desirable you’ll have a waiting list of clients wanting to invest in them.
  • What to include and what not to include in your programs.
  • How to write copy that will speak directly to the needs and wants of your Dream Client and literally presell them.
  • Sacred Pricing, the art of pricing your programs and products in a way that divinely serves both you and your Dream Client.
  • How to strategically market your programs in a way that’s sure to generate way more business than if you simply listed them on your website and waited for clients to contact you.
  • You’ll learn all the strategies I used personally to create multiple 5-figure days (even while away from my business) and in excess of $50,000 in sales on one program alone.

David_Krueger_2Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.

David Krueger, MD
Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance
Executive Coach

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Plus You’ll Receive All These Extra Bonuses

bonus6 Incredible Business Energy Healing And Clearing Sessions

(a $900 value)

Over the course of this 6 month program you’ll receive 6 group Business Energy Healing Sessions. They will consist of energy clearing and attunements designed for deep personal, business and money breakthroughs helping you release layers of old programing and replacing them with invaluable tools for successful client attraction. I use this work regularly myself to create all of my profound breakthroughs.

Clearings and attunements act on both the conscious and subconscious levels. I have found that the large majority of issues blocking our ability to move forward are subconscious in nature. In fact, even energies and blockages you are unaware of may be sabotaging you, and until they are cleared, their insidious frequencies may be playing havoc with your success.


How To Create An Irresistible, Client-Attracting Free Offer That Sells, In 7 Easy Steps

(a $197 value)

This complete program consists of 5 mp3 audio recordings plus templates, PDFs and “done for you” documents galore.

You’ll learn all of the steps to creating a list of your ideal clients, that’s so big that you’ll be able to simply push a button to sell your products and programs. AND you’ll be able to develop a waiting list for your private work.

bonusHow To Live In ‘Energetic Integrity’ So You Can Confidently Charge What You’re Worth – And Get It!

(a $97 value)

It’s one thing to WANT to charge what you’re worth and attract more income and business, but another to be in energetic alignment with those desires.

We’re going to dive DEEP into the juicy, all-important energetic practices you can do to make sure you are a confident and expansive match with your income and the business you are creating.

I’ll show you:
  • Ways you may be unconsciously pushing clients (and income) away
  • Five areas of your life and business where you may be out of alignment with the income and clients you wish to attract
  • Action steps and exercises to keep you in energetic alignment with your goals
  • How what I reveal about my own journey will help you to take a shortcut to living in energetic alignment with your income breakthroughs and how to charge what you’re worth and get it!

bonusHow To Eliminate Self Doubt & Learn to Reveal the Profound Value of The ‘Transformation’
You Offer

(a $97 value)

Sadly, most soul-inspired entrepreneurs don’t understand what they’re really selling so it’s no wonder they doubt themselves, their fees and the true value of their worth.

I’ll show you:
  • How to powerfully and effortlessly present the nitty-gritty of your services so your benefits sell themselves
  • How to nip self-doubt in the bud and banish your “am I worth it” worries once and for all
  • How to avoid justifying your fee (and quit giving away your power and diminishing the value of your offer)
  • How to discover your profound impact on the lives of your clients

bonusActivate Your Money Tree MP3 Download

(a $97 value)

This is one of the more juicy bonuses and is justifiably a stand-alone offering. If you assimilate the information delivered in this bonus class alone, and actively commit to using it, you will receive infinite value!

This class is comprised of invaluable energetic activations and attunements. I will guide you through a sacred process where you will utilize your clairvoyance to activate your personal money tree; the energetic source of your unlimited abundance and inner wealth.

I will guide you to experience a deeper understanding of your unique Vibrational Credibility and align with your Universal Bank Account.


bonusBONUS Downloadable Recordings of Every Training, Coaching and Business Energy Healing Session Call, Including the Full-Day “Branding With Archetypes®” Virtual Retreat

(a $500 Value)

Even if you miss a call you’ll still receive all the valuable program information as all calls will be recorded and emailed to you in 2 formats, a playback file you can listen to on your computer, and an MP3 file which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod.

You’ll receive each audio recording within 24 hours of the call.

bonusMy Psychic Business Academy Rolodex

($97 Value)

You’ll receive a PDF copy of my very own “little black book” with my top resources for all your business needs. Web designers, graphic designers, audio recording services, shopping carts, payment information, virtual assistants ~ everything you’ll need to get your Psychic, Healing or Spiritual business rolling.


Templates, Scripts, Exercises & ‘Done-For-You’ Extras GALORE

(Value Priceless!)

This program is loaded with Done-For-You scripts (that work), exercises, templates, and checklists to save you time, and make sure you put this information into action immediately.

Time is money! These proven, Done-For-You materials will save you both time and money, and will eliminate the burden of starting from scratch.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive As An Exclusive Member of the Psychic
Business Academy…

The Psychic Business Academy is a comprehensive step-by-step learning and implementation experience which combines practical client-attraction tools and techniques with manifestation and Divine Business Magic™ principals so you’ll have everything you need to create a thriving business with lots of clients and great income.

You’ll receive…

8 Member-Only Business Magic Training Modules
To Hand You All The Information You’ll Need

Each 75 minute Business Magic call will dive deep into one of the Psychic Business Academy training modules so you’ll have all the information you need to start attracting more clients and creating more money right away.

During the training calls I’ll share exercises, Done-For-You templates and checklists that will make it easy to implement what you’re learning.


1 Member-Only Branding With Archetypes® Virtual Retreat Day

Over the course of one day you’ll discover your spiritual business contract, your unique Brand Archetypes and how they align with your vision and purpose.

This day will set the stage for everything you do in your business moving forward.


6 Member-Only Open-Coaching and Q&A Calls
To Fast Track Your Results

Each live 90 minute open-coaching and Q&A call offers a fabulous opportunity to receive priceless coaching from Lynn to help you integrate the training material, and move you forward and into fast action and quick implementation.

Lynn will answer your questions and share her “behind the scenes” secrets and resources to accelerate your results so you’ll be guaranteed to have everything you’ll need to succeed.

There’ll even be an opportunity to get open feedback from your entire community of spiritual entrepreneurs. We’ll also include 8 archived Coaching and Q&A calls.


6 Member-Only Business Energy Healing And
Clearing Sessions To Ensure You’re Clear
To Take Aligned Action

There will be 6 60 minute business energy healing and clearing sessions, designed with only one purpose…to move you forward on your journey to more clients, more purpose and more money.

The focus of these sessions will be to help you integrate and assimilate the course material, with emphasis on manifestation and mindset upgrades, and energy frequency up-leveling so you can effortlessly hold the energetic container required to move into your new way of doing business.


An Exclusive Online Community For Accountability, Inspiration And Support

You’ll enjoy a supportive 24/7 online community where you can interact with like-minded peers so you never have to feel alone on your journey.

You’ll use this community for support, accountability, inspiration and encouragement. Whether you’re feeling stuck and need help, or want to share a breakthrough, success or celebration, your community will be open for you.

All of your program material including, audio recordings and downloads, templates, checklists and scripts will be posted here so you’ll have it readily available all in one convenient place. We do the organizing for you!


An Abundance Of Done-For-You Templates, Checklists and Scripts

No more feeling stuck, overwhelmed or having to start from scratch.

In this program we hand you an abundance of Done-For-You scripts, exercises, templates, and checklists to save you time, money and make sure you can effortlessly put this information into action.

Plus Other Bonuses Totaling Over $2297!

Each valuable bonus was hand-selected to ensure the success that awaits you in the Psychic Business Academy.

Regular Investment

Full Pay Best Deal: I want to make 1 payment of only $3997

6-Pay Option – E-Z PAYMENT PLAN: I want to get started today for just six payments of $797 billed in 30 day increments

Now Only

Full Pay Best Deal: I want to make 1 payment of only $1997

6-Pay Option – E-Z PAYMENT PLAN: I want to get started today for just six payments of $357 billed in 30 day increments

12-Pay Option – E-Z PAYMENT PLAN: I want to get started today for just twelve payments of $197 billed in 30 day increments


Rest easy — your order will be processed on secure servers.

You’ll Know This Program Is
Right For You If…

  • You are a healer, psychic, or spiritual entrepreneur. Coaches, artists, authors and other creative consultants are also a perfect fit.
  • You got into your spiritual business to deliver your divine gifts to the world not to be a marketing expert but you’ve come to realize that you need to do more than you’re currently doing to attract the clients and income you desire.
  • You’ve tried to master this business thing yourself but it’s become plain to see that to get the results you want you need the help of an expert guide who’s gone ahead, cleared the path and will show YOU the way.3532804_s
  • You want a proven system that’s easy to follow that gives you the exact steps, one by one, so that all you have to do is show up and implement them.
  • You’re ready to activate your Business Magic! You’ve spent years learning your craft and understand fully that your gifts go beyond the physical realm, and you’re ready to start using them in your personal brand of magic to enhance all areas of your business and life.
  • You want to move gracefully through your fear and doubt and realize on some level that the business you want already exists, all you have to do is transcend your old beliefs and claim it.
  • You’re finished with feeling “not ready” and stuck and FINALLY see the opportunity to embrace your Divinity in its full abundant potential. Hint: whenever you can see an opportunity you’re ready to take it.
  • You know that when the student is ready, the teacher appears and you also know that saying YES to yourself triggers a Universal avalanche of resources to help you succeed in every way.

The Psychic Business Academy Schedule…

Branding With Archetypes® Virtual Retreat Day will be delivered virtually at registration so you can begin immediately.

Business Magic Training Calls and Business Energy Healing And Clearing Sessions will be delivered evenly throughout the program.

Open-Coaching and Q&A Calls will be held monthly on Tuesdays, alternating between 10am pacific and 5pm pacific.

And, your Psychic Business Academy Online Community will be open 24/7 for support, accountability, inspiration and encouragement.

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Love and Abundant Blessings,


PS: If the Psychic Business Academy is resonating with you… then there’s a part of you that desires to expand, up-level, and grow. Honor that part of you here.

Real change starts with awareness, clarity and decision. You’re going to learn so much about yourself, your business and your dreams by taking this first step.

But please don’t put it off – I want you to be eligible for the special savings and extra bonuses, don’t miss out on those.

PPS: Questions?

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