How I Quadrupled My Real Estate Investment With Clairvoyance


doorwayIn March of 2013 I was offered an opportunity to purchase a home privately at a really great price. I already had a home at the time but took a look at the new one and decided to buy it on the spot. Risky business because I hadn’t even listed my other house, let alone sold it, but I was guided by my Clairvoyance so I knew it was right.

My then current house sold quickly (as I predicted) and I moved into my new house (#2) in May of that year. It almost immediately became apparent that the setting wasn’t what I’d expected it to be and upon tuning into my Clairvoyance further, I was guided to find yet another house; all this after being in my new, renovated home for only 4 months, (really?).

Again, I trusted my vision and expeditiously found my current home (#3), which I purchased, again (of course) before I sold #2. Another big risk in a real estate market that wasn’t very active, but I knew the routine; trust the vision!

As it shook out, house #2 sold for a more than 50% profit (after renovations) and I renovated and moved into house #3, my current house in November. This spring I had #3 appraised for more than double what I paid for it, which makes my current investment WAY over quadruple what I paid for house #2, making the series of moves the best thing I could have EVER done even though at times it didn’t always feel that way. I held to my vision and profited immensely!

I can always count on my Clairvoyance for making important decisions and seeing my next steps. What about you? Would you like to open this gift for yourself? Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>


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