Holy Leaping Horses Batman!


horsejumpingHere’s a picture of me practice jumping my show horse, Battle Sterling, in my (MUCH) younger years.

I’m sharing this with you, even though the photo quality is poor, because when recently reminiscing over “the good old days”, I suddenly realized that what it takes to get to the place of teaming up with a 1,000+ pound steed, and jumping large, immovable objects is exactly what it takes to make a major leap in business (I was in the middle of a 3-part jump in this picture).

I’ll share what that leap is with you in a minute, but first do you ever look at other psychics, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who seem to have it all and wonder why they do, and you don’t?

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, so I really get this one.

And it’s not luck! Those who are successful, and appear to have the stars perfectly aligned above them, somewhere along the line (usually often), took a BIG leap and ….

Invested in themselves!!!

They invested in themselves, all or nothing, and then stayed the course and made it happen, no excuses.

That’s what it takes in business, and that’s what it took jumping horses.

If you currently have a business that feels more like an expensive hobby, or one that could really use a double shot of abundance, there’s a distinct chicken and egg scenario at play.

And this is the tricky part, which comes first?

Do you have to create a successful business, so you then have the funds to invest in the mentoring that you need?


Do you have to make a terrifying investment in mentoring so you can create the successful business of your dreams?

For 99% of the successful entrepreneurs I know, myself included, it was the latter. I had to make an all or nothing decision, knowing that enough was enough, and find a way to invest in ME.

That’s what it took to create my success. Then, of course, I had to follow through with focused time and energy but when you make a powerful decision, backed up by extreme desire, that part is easy.

Jumping large, immovable objects on a 1,000+ pound horse is similar. Not only did I have to be completely invested, the first time I tried it, but I had to put myself out there in faith and trust. There is no way to become a good jumper in advance of doing it, the only choice was to commit and follow through, with a mentor of course.

If you’re ready to commit to your business, and have the stars seemingly aligned above you, check out my current mentoring opportunities and make 2015 the year of your big leap.





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