Have You Ever Gone Against Your Clairvoyant Guidance?


crossroadsHave you ever gone against your Clairvoyant guidance?

I have! And it cost me $100,000 cash, out of my own pocket, but at the same time provided me with one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned.

Over 20 years ago, back in my realtor days, I was trying to get a group of new-home listings from a builder. He had realtors clamoring all over him for them but made a “special” deal with me that if I bought one of them myself, he’d give me all the remaining listings. My Clairvoyant guidance showed me very clearly not do it but my business minded head thought “you will get tons of business through having these listings to sell, and you can always resell the house you buy and make some money on it too”.

Unfortunately, my head triumphed over my Clairvoyant guidance so I bought the house, and got the listings.

The day after I closed the deal on my house, putting $70,000 of my hard earned cash down, the builder went bankrupt, and the listings were no longer mine. My house, of course was, but a housing-crash like no other promptly ensued. By the time all was said and done, my house had dropped in price by $100,000 and since I only put $70,000 down, I had to borrow $30,000 from the bank to close the deal.

The moral of the story is ALWAYS trust your Clairvoyant guidance. Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

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