Holy Leaping Horses Batman!

horsejumpingHere’s a picture of me practice jumping my show horse, Battle Sterling, in my (MUCH) younger years.

I’m sharing this with you, even though the photo quality is poor, because when recently reminiscing over “the good old days”, I suddenly realized that what it takes to get to the place of teaming up with a 1,000+ pound steed, and jumping large, immovable objects is exactly what it takes to make a major leap in business (I was in the middle of a 3-part jump in this picture).

I’ll share what that leap is with you in a minute, but first do you ever look at other psychics, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who seem to have it all and wonder why they do, and you don’t?

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, so I really get this one.

And it’s not luck! Those who are successful, and appear to have the stars perfectly aligned above them, somewhere along the line (usually often), took a BIG leap and ….

Invested in themselves!!!

They invested in themselves, all or nothing, and then stayed the course and made it happen, no excuses.

That’s what it takes in business, and that’s what it took jumping horses.

If you currently have a business that feels more like an expensive hobby, or one that could really use a double shot of abundance, there’s a distinct chicken and egg scenario at play.

And this is the tricky part, which comes first?

Do you have to create a successful business, so you then have the funds to invest in the mentoring that you need?


Do you have to make a terrifying investment in mentoring so you can create the successful business of your dreams?

For 99% of the successful entrepreneurs I know, myself included, it was the latter. I had to make an all or nothing decision, knowing that enough was enough, and find a way to invest in ME.

That’s what it took to create my success. Then, of course, I had to follow through with focused time and energy but when you make a powerful decision, backed up by extreme desire, that part is easy.

Jumping large, immovable objects on a 1,000+ pound horse is similar. Not only did I have to be completely invested, the first time I tried it, but I had to put myself out there in faith and trust. There is no way to become a good jumper in advance of doing it, the only choice was to commit and follow through, with a mentor of course.

If you’re ready to commit to your business, and have the stars seemingly aligned above you, check out my current mentoring opportunities and make 2015 the year of your big leap.




The Top 3 Mindsets That May Be Holding You Back From Receiving Large Sums Of Money


Are you WILLING to receive large sums of money from your Spiritual Business; I mean TRULY willing? I’m talking about sums that are much larger than you can presently imagine. Many of you will immediately think “that’s a no brainer, of course I am”, yet I see so many spiritual entrepreneurs blocking themselves from doing so. If you’re a psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur and would love to have a more fulfilling business, full of clients, income and abundance, keep reading because I’m going to share three of the top strategies that will get you there fast.

I call these mindsets the three “D’s”; Decisions, Discomfort and Discard or Decline.


Successful spiritual entrepreneurs have learned to decide and take action. It’s as simple as that. Even when they don’t feel totally ready! If you desire greater financial rewards, it’s time train yourself to make decisions and make them quickly.

Waffling, dithering, confusion, or wanting to “feel into it” for any length of time (a big favorite in the healing crowd), are simply habits that pull you down, take you out and sabotage your income. They’re costing you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know because it happened to me.

Tip – no productive, successful entrepreneur ever feels truly “ready” when they bring a new project, product or business to fruition, but they move forward with it anyhow as they know that “done is better than perfect”.


Our comfort zone is … well … comfortable, but when we operate safely within it, everything remains stagnant and status quo. That’s because all growth occurs outside of it. Let’s be honest here, no one likes discomfort, it wasn’t until I experienced how much, and how quickly I’m rewarded financially (and otherwise) for being willing to reach outside my comfort zone that I adopted a new mindset around it.

Now, whenever that niggling feeling of discomfort crops up for me, I celebrate the amazingness that’s on the immediate horizon! Growth in business, and personally involves stretching and leaping, and that often translates to something yucky; pain, fear, even nausea. Initially, anyhow!

Tip –discomfort is NOT comfortable, but I find it absolutely amazing how quickly it can transform into “no biggy” when we muster up the gumption to take courageous action. We humans are resilient creatures.

Discard or Decline

I used to think that success was just about adopting new behaviors, habits, beliefs and mindsets but interestingly, as we move up the success ladder, one of the things we must learn to do well is to “let go and say no”. Everything in our experience is either lifting us up toward our goals, or pulling us away from them. When we learn to quickly decline or discard the things in the latter category, we are in effect keeping our energy clean, clear and focused on success.

Tip – we must be willing to let go of people, places and things that are not serving our big vision and mission.

These are just a couple of my favorite mindsets, ones I always start on with new clients. The key theme in each of them is willingness. Willingness to do whatever it takes (no matter what!), separates the achievers from the dreamers, and those who receive large sums of money in their Spiritual Business from those who don’t.


~ High Paid Psychics and Healers ~

You’re a psychic or healer and you want to be paid well for the transformation you provide to clients, right?

If not, that’s something worth examining in its self, but better left for another conversation. If so, keep reading because I’m going to blast through an age-old belief system you may have, and there’s nothing better than clearing out old beliefs that aren’t working for us anymore, and replacing them with ones that are.

After working with thousands, yes thousands, of conscious entrepreneurs, what I can tell you for sure is that you absolutely don’t need another modality to create the very successful healing or intuitive business you desire. As I share that, I can feel the collective discomfort as it sinks in, because if you’re anything like 99% of the clients I work with, you LOVE learning new modalities and embark upon them with extreme fervor and the belief that each one is going to be your “golden ticket” to success.

How do I know this? I’ve been there!

I totally get it, you LOVE being a psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur because you love helping clients, and therefore you figure “more modalities = more ways you can help your clients,” right?

I hate to burst your bubble but after working with the thousands of conscious entrepreneurs that I have, I can assure you, without a doubt, that adding another amazing new modality is NOT the recipe for greater transformation, for both you and your clients.

That brings me to what the “golden ticket” for psychics and healers really is, and I’ll boil it down to this rather simple blueprint:

Determine Your Tribe

Who is it that you specialize in serving? Be very specific here. The more laser focused you can be, the more clients you’ll attract.

Discover Their Biggest Problem

I’m talking about the thing that keeps them up at night…the thing that they’re longingly praying for a solution to.

Determine the Outcome or Transformation You Provide

This is a very simple piece but one that most spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with immensely. Bottom line, you MUST know and be able to clearly tell others the exact outcome you provide them with. By the way, everyone has one.

Set Up Packages and Programs

Nothing is more appealing to your Dream Client than programs that feel like they’re designed just for them. This is called your offer.

Tell People About Your Offer

Talk to people, both in person and online. Get out there and market yourself and your offering.

Enroll People Into Them

Enrolling clients into your programs involves a very specifically orchestrated heart-centered transformational conversation. Learning how to do this well is your magic bullet for success.

Do Your Magic

This is where you get to do your sacred work. The reason why most of you became healers in the first place, right? Enjoy, you’re truly expressing your Divinity!

Make Fabulous Money

It is 100% doable to make 6 figures, multiple 6 figures, or even seven figures when you are energetically aligned and follow this blueprint. I’ve used it for my success and my clients have used it for theirs.

The alternative is a life of financial struggle. We both know that you can’t provide your best work when stuck in your own muck, and you can’t stay in business without income.

If you’re ready to step up and become the high paid psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur that you know you were meant to be, let’s have a chat.




Three Secrets To Create, And Attract Exactly What You Want

FloatingWomen become entrepreneurs so that they can create the businesses and lives of their dreams. They have a deep passion to pursue, and lives they want to transform, but unfortunately many find that there’s a gap between the goals they had in mind when they first began, and their current reality.

Would you like to “magically” attract your best high-end clients, design desirable products and programs, and land great speaking gigs, joint venture partnerships, and great spots on awesome telesummits? Imagine what your life would be like! Others are doing it and you can too!

Here are my three must-have secrets to creating, and attracting exactly what you desire in business:

1. Are you set up to receive what you want?
Are you and your business ready for all the great things that you want to attract? Remember, opportunity favors the prepared entrepreneur. If you were to receive a high-end client today, do you have a program you could take them through? Do you have various payment options that you could offer them (Paypal alone is not enough)?

If you were invited to speak tomorrow, do you have a talk, or talk outline prepared? Have you set up a lead-collection “freebie” that potential clients can opt in for? Have you prepared for sales conversations with potential clients that come from your talk? Being ready with each of the above increases your chances of receiving exponentially.

2. What do you say when you talk to yourself?
We all know that what we attract is a mirror for what’s going on inside us, and how we talk to ourselves is a true reflection of the experience we create on the physical plane. Do you ever find yourself saying (either out loud or to yourself) “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have enough clients”, or “my clients will never pay that amount”?

Many struggle with this and it’s a surefire business, income and opportunity killer. That sounds harsh but it’s SO true. Turn this habit around by taking stock of what you’re telling yourself and then commit to only using dialogue that supports you, and your desired outcome. If you catch yourself slipping up, yell “stop” and immediately reframe your sentence.

3. Does your environment support your dreams and desires?
When you’re up-leveling or stepping into the next highest version of you, your environment is a key player in the success of your growth. It’s mandatory to clear and organize your space and remove anything that doesn’t lift you up and pull your forward, even if it means sitting in a sparsely furnished office. This is how you create flow and make the energetic room for what it is you’re attracting.

Addressing each of these will bring you closer to what you want in business.

Is It Time To Make More Money?

watering-moneyWay too often, spirit-rich, heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with making enough money. For some, it’s a challenge to make ends meet, let alone live comfortably, and it’s simply not meant to be that way. Think back to why you got into business in the first place, of course it was to bring your unique brand of transformation to the world, but wasn’t it also to create a decent income for yourself while doing so?

Besides the obvious, you’ll know you’re ready for a money breakthrough if:

  • You are having trouble attracting enough clients
  • You are attracting only low paying clients
  • You’re attracting moderate to high paying clients but they’re burning you out

If any of these scenarios is present for you, you won’t be able to maintain your business in the long run. Whether you’re a coach, healer, intuitive or consultant, it takes an investment of guts, money and a huge amount of energy to start and stay in business, and you deserve to be richly rewarded for your efforts. Otherwise, what you’ve got is an expensive hobby.

The problem here isn’t just that you’re not making enough money, doing what you love (as if that alone wasn’t a big enough problem!); it’s that it’s taking you out of energetic integrity in a BIG way. Having the clients and making the money you deserve is about so much more than just the money. It’s about who you’ll become, and the personal growth and transformation that you’ll go through to step into your place of power, it’s about the energetic vessel you’ll create to hold the energy required to truly shine your light in the world, and it’s about creating a clear channel to receive the spiritual downloads and divine guidance you’re meant to bring forth to the world. None of this can happen when you’re playing small and struggling to pay the bills.

So how DO you make great money doing what you love? Here are 3 of my secrets to help you create your money breakthrough, so you can stop struggling, start thriving and stay tapped into your vision and mission, for the long haul.

Secret #1: Value the Deep Transformation You Offer

Self-worth and value issues come up for nearly every heart-centered, spirit-rich woman entrepreneur I’ve met. One way to quickly abolish these feelings is to allow yourself to really bask in the value of the deeply transformative work you’ve already done (testimonials are a great help here). Then ask yourself: What were the results? How did your clients transform? What was the value for them?

Secret #2: Create Surefire Systems

Systems help you to create the outcomes you’re looking for, over and over again, and they free you up to do more of the creative, transformative work that you love. Every entrepreneur needs systems, whether they want them or not. Here are some of the systems that I help my clients put in place: a client attraction system, a client enrollment system, a product or program development system, an implementing and launching system. What systems will you commit to putting in place for yourself?

Secret #3: Position Yourself as the Expert

When many clients come to me they have the belief that they have to achieve expert status before they can make great money and they also believe that it must happen externally. Did you know that as a soul-inspired entrepreneur, it’s your job to create your own expert status? All it involves is a mindset shift, that and a system (see secret #2) with tasks to whittle away at daily, and before you know it, voila, you’ll be the expert!

We all know that what’s in our bank account is a physical manifestation of what’s in our ‘spiritual bank account’. If yours isn’t where you want it to be, implementing any of these secrets will point you in the direction of your next money breakthrough.