Holy Leaping Horses Batman!

horsejumpingHere’s a picture of me practice jumping my show horse, Battle Sterling, in my (MUCH) younger years.

I’m sharing this with you, even though the photo quality is poor, because when recently reminiscing over “the good old days”, I suddenly realized that what it takes to get to the place of teaming up with a 1,000+ pound steed, and jumping large, immovable objects is exactly what it takes to make a major leap in business (I was in the middle of a 3-part jump in this picture).

I’ll share what that leap is with you in a minute, but first do you ever look at other psychics, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who seem to have it all and wonder why they do, and you don’t?

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, so I really get this one.

And it’s not luck! Those who are successful, and appear to have the stars perfectly aligned above them, somewhere along the line (usually often), took a BIG leap and ….

Invested in themselves!!!

They invested in themselves, all or nothing, and then stayed the course and made it happen, no excuses.

That’s what it takes in business, and that’s what it took jumping horses.

If you currently have a business that feels more like an expensive hobby, or one that could really use a double shot of abundance, there’s a distinct chicken and egg scenario at play.

And this is the tricky part, which comes first?

Do you have to create a successful business, so you then have the funds to invest in the mentoring that you need?


Do you have to make a terrifying investment in mentoring so you can create the successful business of your dreams?

For 99% of the successful entrepreneurs I know, myself included, it was the latter. I had to make an all or nothing decision, knowing that enough was enough, and find a way to invest in ME.

That’s what it took to create my success. Then, of course, I had to follow through with focused time and energy but when you make a powerful decision, backed up by extreme desire, that part is easy.

Jumping large, immovable objects on a 1,000+ pound horse is similar. Not only did I have to be completely invested, the first time I tried it, but I had to put myself out there in faith and trust. There is no way to become a good jumper in advance of doing it, the only choice was to commit and follow through, with a mentor of course.

If you’re ready to commit to your business, and have the stars seemingly aligned above you, check out my current mentoring opportunities and make 2015 the year of your big leap.




Three Secrets To Create, And Attract Exactly What You Want

FloatingWomen become entrepreneurs so that they can create the businesses and lives of their dreams. They have a deep passion to pursue, and lives they want to transform, but unfortunately many find that there’s a gap between the goals they had in mind when they first began, and their current reality.

Would you like to “magically” attract your best high-end clients, design desirable products and programs, and land great speaking gigs, joint venture partnerships, and great spots on awesome telesummits? Imagine what your life would be like! Others are doing it and you can too!

Here are my three must-have secrets to creating, and attracting exactly what you desire in business:

1. Are you set up to receive what you want?
Are you and your business ready for all the great things that you want to attract? Remember, opportunity favors the prepared entrepreneur. If you were to receive a high-end client today, do you have a program you could take them through? Do you have various payment options that you could offer them (Paypal alone is not enough)?

If you were invited to speak tomorrow, do you have a talk, or talk outline prepared? Have you set up a lead-collection “freebie” that potential clients can opt in for? Have you prepared for sales conversations with potential clients that come from your talk? Being ready with each of the above increases your chances of receiving exponentially.

2. What do you say when you talk to yourself?
We all know that what we attract is a mirror for what’s going on inside us, and how we talk to ourselves is a true reflection of the experience we create on the physical plane. Do you ever find yourself saying (either out loud or to yourself) “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have enough clients”, or “my clients will never pay that amount”?

Many struggle with this and it’s a surefire business, income and opportunity killer. That sounds harsh but it’s SO true. Turn this habit around by taking stock of what you’re telling yourself and then commit to only using dialogue that supports you, and your desired outcome. If you catch yourself slipping up, yell “stop” and immediately reframe your sentence.

3. Does your environment support your dreams and desires?
When you’re up-leveling or stepping into the next highest version of you, your environment is a key player in the success of your growth. It’s mandatory to clear and organize your space and remove anything that doesn’t lift you up and pull your forward, even if it means sitting in a sparsely furnished office. This is how you create flow and make the energetic room for what it is you’re attracting.

Addressing each of these will bring you closer to what you want in business.

Is It Time To Make More Money?

watering-moneyWay too often, spirit-rich, heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with making enough money. For some, it’s a challenge to make ends meet, let alone live comfortably, and it’s simply not meant to be that way. Think back to why you got into business in the first place, of course it was to bring your unique brand of transformation to the world, but wasn’t it also to create a decent income for yourself while doing so?

Besides the obvious, you’ll know you’re ready for a money breakthrough if:

  • You are having trouble attracting enough clients
  • You are attracting only low paying clients
  • You’re attracting moderate to high paying clients but they’re burning you out

If any of these scenarios is present for you, you won’t be able to maintain your business in the long run. Whether you’re a coach, healer, intuitive or consultant, it takes an investment of guts, money and a huge amount of energy to start and stay in business, and you deserve to be richly rewarded for your efforts. Otherwise, what you’ve got is an expensive hobby.

The problem here isn’t just that you’re not making enough money, doing what you love (as if that alone wasn’t a big enough problem!); it’s that it’s taking you out of energetic integrity in a BIG way. Having the clients and making the money you deserve is about so much more than just the money. It’s about who you’ll become, and the personal growth and transformation that you’ll go through to step into your place of power, it’s about the energetic vessel you’ll create to hold the energy required to truly shine your light in the world, and it’s about creating a clear channel to receive the spiritual downloads and divine guidance you’re meant to bring forth to the world. None of this can happen when you’re playing small and struggling to pay the bills.

So how DO you make great money doing what you love? Here are 3 of my secrets to help you create your money breakthrough, so you can stop struggling, start thriving and stay tapped into your vision and mission, for the long haul.

Secret #1: Value the Deep Transformation You Offer

Self-worth and value issues come up for nearly every heart-centered, spirit-rich woman entrepreneur I’ve met. One way to quickly abolish these feelings is to allow yourself to really bask in the value of the deeply transformative work you’ve already done (testimonials are a great help here). Then ask yourself: What were the results? How did your clients transform? What was the value for them?

Secret #2: Create Surefire Systems

Systems help you to create the outcomes you’re looking for, over and over again, and they free you up to do more of the creative, transformative work that you love. Every entrepreneur needs systems, whether they want them or not. Here are some of the systems that I help my clients put in place: a client attraction system, a client enrollment system, a product or program development system, an implementing and launching system. What systems will you commit to putting in place for yourself?

Secret #3: Position Yourself as the Expert

When many clients come to me they have the belief that they have to achieve expert status before they can make great money and they also believe that it must happen externally. Did you know that as a soul-inspired entrepreneur, it’s your job to create your own expert status? All it involves is a mindset shift, that and a system (see secret #2) with tasks to whittle away at daily, and before you know it, voila, you’ll be the expert!

We all know that what’s in our bank account is a physical manifestation of what’s in our ‘spiritual bank account’. If yours isn’t where you want it to be, implementing any of these secrets will point you in the direction of your next money breakthrough.

Has Your Business Faith Been Challenged? Energy Secrets To Use When Fear And Doubt Sneak In

thanksHave you ever found yourself in the middle of launching a new program, developing a new product, or preparing to give a big workshop that you were so enthusiastic about when all of a sudden you start doubting yourself and the worthiness of your offer, possibly even your deeper message? You worked so hard to figure this business thing out and master the step-by-step details only to suddenly feel like it’s just not working out, and all your efforts have been for naught.

A woman entrepreneur’s energy field, faith and trust can be challenged when venturing into the big wide world of online marketing. Personally, I’m all too familiar with this because I’ve been there myself, plus I see it often in the clients I coach. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, it takes boldness, courageous action and masterful energy strategies to stave off the heart sinking feeling of possible failure. Once you harness and own these positive qualities though, it’s a hugely rewarding endeavor.

The real problem isn’t that things didn’t work out as planned; it’s letting one or two unfavorable outcomes make you want to retreat to safety, or worse, pack it all in. Stepping up and growing a business is a spiritual journey, complete with all the “ascension” twists and turns. By working through them, you will grow, beyond your wildest dreams. That, I promise!

So how DO you align your energy, keep your faith, and trust in the continued growth of your business, even when you’d rather pull the covers over your head and pack it all in? Here are 4 of my favorite energy strategies to help you stay aligned and powerfully tapped into your vision and mission, in any situation.

Energy Tip #1: Feedback Is Energy, And It’s How We Grow

Do you remember when the TV would go all fuzzy and the announcer would come on and say “this is only a test”? They were testing their system to make sure it worked properly, so if it didn’t, they could fix it. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you make an offer in business. You’re testing the market to determine if your service works or not. If it doesn’t, it simply means is that an adjustment is required; it’s not an affirmation of personal failure.

Energy Tip #2: The Slightest Adjustment Makes A World Of Difference

Think about the dial on a radio. If you’re trying to listen to 99.9 but have your dial set at 99.8 you won’t hear the station clearly, but you are SO close. In fact, you are so close that you might actually hear the music, but the static makes it too unpleasant to listen. The same is true for you and your offers. Most likely, all you need to do to be an energetic match for your ideal client is the tiniest of course corrections, sometimes only .1 degree and you’ll hit lift-off.

Energy Tip #3: Connect Energetically With Your BIG Why

Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is the bigger idea or dream behind your mission? Soul-inspired entrepreneurs are big hearted, and their passion stems from their divine purpose and their vision for their target audience. They don’t start businesses only to give up when the going gets tough.

Energy Tip #4: Align Your Energy 100% To Your Core Message

Make a BOLD declaration to yourself and the universe that the minute any thought or feeling that is out of alignment with your message, creeps into your awareness, you are going to deal with it and realign your energy immediately. Then have a tool or strategy to do so.

If you’re marketing and selling prosperity (or insert your own topic here), you MUST be 100% energetically aligned with it, ALL of the time, otherwise you are sabotaging your efforts and your results. We all know this in theory but sometimes we need a reminder to absorb it in our DNA. This means that if you allow ANY thoughts of lack to creep into your consciousness, not only are you out of alignment and not walking your talk, more consequentially, you are creating an opening to allow lack into your experience and reality.

When You’re Aligned Energetically, You Allow The Highest Expression Of Your Soul To Shine Brightly, With Rich Rewards

Stepping up and growing your business allows for the highest expression of your soul AND fulfillment beyond measure. Once you work through any initial growing pains, and stick with your business in a powerful way, you are sure to be RICHLY rewarded.

Why Making Great Money is Part of Your Spiritual Path

pathAre you a spirit-led, soul-inspired female coach, healer, or holistic practitioner with a big heart and a deep desire to live your true purpose? Being spiritual means being connected to the sacred or divine, and being a ‘spirit-led entrepreneur’ means that you channel your passion, mission, or highest expression of you, into the work you do, to help change the lives of others. I’m talking about using your divine gifts, talents, passions and skills. What could be more meaningful to a woman?

Let’s take a look at the obvious. You were given your innate gifts, talents and potential so you could BOLDLY step up and shine your light, not only to fulfill your calling but to impact others. You were NOT meant to spend your precious time struggling to meet your bills, and wondering where the rent money is coming from. If you are currently struggling, or even worse, engaged in unfulfilling, ‘soul-sucking’ work, how will you ever have the time to shine your brilliant, divine gifts in the world? They are SO needed at this time, if they weren’t, you wouldn’t have been given them.

Think of the impact some of the divine feminine leaders of the last decade have had on us; women like Oprah, Louise Hay and Marianne Williamson come to mind. Each of them is a shining light and each has been richly and deservedly rewarded for their brilliance, and rightfully so. If they had chosen to stay stuck in their struggles, which I’m sure each of them experienced at one time or another, we would never have had the opportunity to receive the magnificent blessings of their gifts and talents and our experience of the world would have been less than it was. What a loss for each of us and especially for those whose lives they’ve been able to directly touch as a result of their successes.

The transformation you provide to your clients is AWESOME, and you are awesome. When you choose to step up and play a bigger game, not only will you be making great money, you will be able to reach those people whose lives YOU were meant to impact with the blessings of your gifts and talents.

Making great money is not only part of your spiritual path, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT. That’s right, it’s your birthright to live your purpose, passion and mission, AND be richly rewarded while doing so! My coaching request for you today is to decide now to act, speak and think like the divine feminine leader you are meant to be, AND to make fabulous money doing what you love!

Seven Keys to Creating Predictable Cash Flow (Part 2)

moneytreeSo on our last post, we covered the first 3 keys to creating predictable cash flow as a soul-inspired entrepreneur. Now let’s cover the last 4 keys:

4. Build a database – once you’ve got your free offer in place you will need to have a way to collect the names of those who sign up for it. A database of sorts, my preference is 1 Shopping Cart http://bit.ly/KILdEs. I like it because it’s not only a database but has many functions including a shopping cart, auto-responder, and way to send out newsletters (yes, you need one of them too). To make the most of your database, the people on it need to hear from you at least every 2 weeks. If you think that’s too much, trust me it isn’t.

5. Create products and programs that are the answer the problems your ideal clients have – here’s where you can bring in your spiritual guidance and channel some fabulous information. Information related to your expertise that will help your ideal clients solve the pains and problems I mentioned earlier (the ones keeping them up at night). You can create these products very simply as eBooks, audios, videos etc., just don’t think too hard about it, just get going and create them! My motto is “done is better than perfect”. If you find yourself stalling because you feel like you haven’t got it perfected yet, know that is just your ego trying to keep you small. Remember, the world needs your special variety of magic and expertise, otherwise you wouldn’t have been gifted with it.

6. Always be launching – I hate to be the one to tell you this but once you have your product or program ready to sell, people won’t be banging your door down to get it, in fact they won’t even know you have it unless you let them know about it in a BIG way. That big way is called a launch. A launch normally consists of sending out a series of emails or videos (and blog posts etc.) leading up to a free “preview call” that you design to introduce and sell your product or program. On this call you offer some great content but also offer your product or program at a reduced investment, for a limited period of time, usually with a number of juicy bonuses to entice buyers. This is pretty much how most online sales work. You can see why it’s good to “always be launching” as this is where you make your money.

7. Follow a Mentor – the best investment I’ve ever made in myself, and my business, was to hire an impartial mentor. Someone who would challenge me to leap to places I didn’t know possible, someone who had gone where I wanted to go and done what I wanted to do and could offer me first hand advice along with some tough love when needed. Looking back on the times in my life when I didn’t have a mentor my business (and income) just flowed along at the status quo and more often than not that was struggle mode. When I compare those times to the times when I have had a mentor (like now and in the foreseeable future) my business is growing in leaps and bounds and I am thriving. I stretch myself daily and create awesome results for my clients and myself.

These keys are the backbone of a business system that works for soul inspired entrepreneurs. Of course you will want to use your spiritual guidance in your business but you want to be sure you’re applying it to the areas of a business system that’s proven to work. My coaching request for you is to use the keys above to map out your success plan for creating your predictable cash flow.

Seven Keys to Creating Predictable Cash Flow (Part 1)

dollarbillsAs a soul-inspired entrepreneur (yes that’s you!) is your income flow predictable, or is it left more to luck or happenstance? Must the planets align in auspicious design for you to: make the mortgage, pay your bills, and have a little left over for emergencies, never mind socking some away in savings?

This doesn’t have to be so. One of the biggest mistakes I see spirit-led entrepreneurs make is failing to create predictable, repeatable cash flow for themselves. I’m not sure if they figure that “left to chance it will all work out somehow”, or that they will “have to scrimp and suffer for a while until their business magically gets going”, or what! What I do know is that using this business model involves giving away your power with money, AND it doesn’t work.

It is completely possible (and VERY probable) to adopt a system that sets you up for consistent and predictable income, even if you’re self-employed. There are seven keys that are the back bone of that system. In this blog post, we’ll cover the first three:

1. Clearly and concisely identify your ideal clients – there are specific clients that you were meant to serve, they are the ones who benefit most from the deep transformative work you do, and the ones that you love, more than anything, to serve. When you really narrow your focus down to this particular group, your business will flourish exponentially compared to when you were trying to serve everybody (with a really broad offering). Better yet, your ideal clients will be able to easily self-identify with your work and will be more apt to flock to you.

2. Figure out how your particular brand of magic serves your ideal clients – your ideal clients have specific problems they want solved and it’s imperative that you determine what they are. I’m talking about problems so big that are keeping them up at night worrying. In my own business, I can clearly hear my ideal clients saying to themselves: “I need to make more money”, or “I need to grow my business fast”. Once you’ve figured out the problem (or pain) your clients have, determine how what you do solves it and then market it to them in a “benefits” oriented way.

3. Create a kick-ass free offer – in order to get people to interact with you on the web in this day and age you must have a compelling free offer. It HAS to be hot, and something that makes your ideal clients think to themselves “I have to have this; it will help me to ______”. Spend time and energy on this, at least equal to what you would spend on something you’re going to sell, remember these are the people you’re going to be selling to so you want LOTS of them, and to get lots of them it’s got to be, well kick-ass. Once you’ve created it, assign a value to it, and be sure to mention the value on your website.

To be continued… I’ll cover the last 4 steps in my next blog post.