Clairvoyance For Business

lighthandsThere are many ways entrepreneurs can use clairvoyance to help them in business, actually as a solopreneur it’s my unrivaled secret weapon when navigating all the moving parts of running a business.

Here are some examples of ways I use it in business:

One of the largest business expenses I have is investing in myself through other coaches and mentors, and purchasing programs and products to help me excel. That’s the secret to my success but I don’t do it “willy nilly”, instead I tune in clairvoyantly to determine which ones are right for me, and which are not. I’ve chosen my last 6 coaches using clairvoyance and I’ve always been happy with my choices and the results I created. This is a HUGE help to me in business.

I use clairvoyance to determine what programs and products to create, the names of my programs and products, and when to launch them and in what order. This can make or break my income earning potential as they must coincide with the desires and demands of my audience.

I use it to attract clients – we just reached a milestone, over 10,000 clients – so it must be working.

I also use in in my launches, like the one I’m in the middle of now, to determine how many people I would like in the program. It’s amazing how that works, if I wish for 40 attendees, I’ll get them, if I wish for 50, I’ll get them, if I wish for 60, I’ll get them. It’s really up to me and my clairvoyant manifesting. I also create a visual image to anchor that creation.

I even used clairvoyance recently to create a Facebook ad campaign for my Clairvoyance Mastery program. I invested a daily amount which is MUCH higher than I could have ever imagined committing to, but since I followed my guidance, it’s paying off.

These are just a couple of ways I use clairvoyance. If you’d like to learn how to apply these and more to your business, join me in Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0.

Connecting With Loved Ones On The Other Side Through Clairvoyance

cloudheartOne of the things I love most about Clairvoyance is that it can be used to connect with loved ones on the other side, both human and animal.

In fact, in my Animal Intuitive career that spanned over two decades, one of the things I’m most known for is connecting to beings on the other side. Through Clairvoyance it just came naturally and I’m very grateful for that.

The peace people feel when I relay messages from their loved ones on the other side is incredibly rewarding, and the fact that they can relay messages back is beyond fabulous as that’s where healing begins.

Whenever I finish an afterlife session, not only is my client’s vibration raised tenfold, mine is too. Actually I believe that clairvoyantly connecting to those on the other side benefits all beings, as the deep connection and sense of peace and love radiates from us like that of a deep meditation.

I’ll never forget the Doberman who could detect cancerous moles for his person when he was alive, doing the same through me when he crossed into spirit form.

Or the Brussels Griffon who was able to relay the Soul’s Divine Mission of his person and then offer specific guidance as to how she could create and achieve it.

Then there was the time that the Thoroughbred mare had heartwarming and very explicit messages for all of her family members, and then left each of them feathers in unusual places to prove her existence in spirit.

Nothing beats that!

If you would like to develop these gifts for yourself, even if you’re convinced with all your heart that you’ve never had a Clairvoyant vision in your life, I urge you to check out my Clairvoyance Mastery training. I was once where you are now, and I took the plunge, made the decision and immersed myself in “everything intuitive” and am now a sought after multi-6-figure psychic.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not reserved for the specially gifted, or the spiritually advanced, it’s for anyone who wants to commit to learn it. I invite you!

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The Clairvoyance Success Secret

runningwithclothA few career incarnations ago I was a successful 6-figure real estate agent. The secret to my success was my use of Clairvoyance, although I didn’t share it openly at the time because I didn’t think it would be accepted.

I used Clairvoyance to guide me in which listings to go after, which buyers to work with, in matching my buyers with the perfect homes, and in helping my listings sell.

Whenever I met a new buyer, I would tune into them clairvoyantly to determine which house would be a resonant match with their energy, and would also be one that they absolutely loved. On average, I sold houses to new buyers after showing them just four homes; a rather remarkable feat. I was asked often by other realtors how I did it as they were sometimes showing 20 houses or more to find the right one for their clients.

This concept may sound crazy but it worked. AND, it not only helped me be more successful but saved my clients and I lots of time, energy and money.

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Your Life and Soul Purpose Revealed Through Clairvoyance

lilyDo you ever wonder what you were placed on this earth to do?

What your most valuable and fulfilling contribution could be?

What the next step on your spiritual evolution is?

I hear you loud and clear!

For years I knew that there must be something more for me but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. The more I developed my intuitive gifts, namely Clairvoyance, the more in touch I got with what it is I came here to do.

I’ve had at least five career evolutions (as of this writing) and each of the last 4 were divinely guided and received through my Clairvoyant vision, including leaving a 6-figure real estate career to become an Animal Intuitive and Healer in the early 90’s. I now know, with complete confidence, that when I receive the guidance to change things up, to follow wholeheartedly.

If you’ve been wondering what direction to go and want to be sure it’s in complete alignment with your life purpose and soul’s divine mission, I encourage you to check out Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0, it has a heavy influence on helping participants get clear on what it is they came here to do and be. Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

Have You Ever Gone Against Your Clairvoyant Guidance?

crossroadsHave you ever gone against your Clairvoyant guidance?

I have! And it cost me $100,000 cash, out of my own pocket, but at the same time provided me with one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned.

Over 20 years ago, back in my realtor days, I was trying to get a group of new-home listings from a builder. He had realtors clamoring all over him for them but made a “special” deal with me that if I bought one of them myself, he’d give me all the remaining listings. My Clairvoyant guidance showed me very clearly not do it but my business minded head thought “you will get tons of business through having these listings to sell, and you can always resell the house you buy and make some money on it too”.

Unfortunately, my head triumphed over my Clairvoyant guidance so I bought the house, and got the listings.

The day after I closed the deal on my house, putting $70,000 of my hard earned cash down, the builder went bankrupt, and the listings were no longer mine. My house, of course was, but a housing-crash like no other promptly ensued. By the time all was said and done, my house had dropped in price by $100,000 and since I only put $70,000 down, I had to borrow $30,000 from the bank to close the deal.

The moral of the story is ALWAYS trust your Clairvoyant guidance. Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

It gives you a fast and accurate way of

  • clearly seeing the answers to life’s biggest issues, and even the small ones along the way
  • opening your Clairvoyant channels
  • easily removing your blocks

All in a step-by-step system for doing so that reveals your intuitive gifts, clears your psychic channel and dissolves any blocks you may have.

A Life Saved By Clairvoyance

OceanYears ago I was consulting for a client who had a very sick dog. She was only 2 years old but was starving herself to death despite her obvious hunger. Her people had spent thousands of dollars on medical tests with the best specialists they could find but were no closer to determining her problem. They were extremely worried, and of course very frustrated, at not being able to get to the root of the problem.

I tuned in and within seconds of connecting with their dog, she relayed to me that the problem was in her duodenum. Her people shared this message with the veterinarian team who was treating her, and sure enough they were able to do an endoscopy and confirm that she had a rare bacteria in her duodenum, so rare in fact that it normally only occurs in humans. Once the root cause was determined, the veterinarians were able to successfully treat the dog and she began her road to recovery and went on to live a happy, healthy life.

I felt like I had found a needle in a haystack as a dog’s body is made up of thousands of parts. I was literally amazed that I could pinpoint such specific information with Clairvoyance.

My gift of Clairvoyance was responsible for:

  • Saving the life of their beloved dog ~ they told me I saved her life as she was close to starving to death at the time of our reading
  • Saving them tons of money ~ those Veterinary tests are astronomically expensive, especially when there was no indication of which direction to go next
  • Dramatically reducing the suffering of my client’s precious friend ~ no extra invasive tests for the dog to try and diagnose her condition
  • Answering their prayers ~ they got a conclusive diagnosis that could be treated immediately
  • Saving time ~ Clairvoyance expedited the answer to their biggest question in a matter of minutes

I share this story with you because there was a time in my life that I didn’t think of myself as Clairvoyant, and definitely wouldn’t have called myself Clairvoyant even to close friends, let alone publicly. But denying my gifts would mean denying my mission never mind denying those I serve.

So even if you’re convinced you’re not Clairvoyant, even if you feel with all your heart that you’ve never had a vision or answer in your life, I absolutely encourage you to make a bold decision and check out my Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 training program Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

It’s designed for people just like you, people who secretly wish they had Clairvoyant abilities but have been denying the possibility for way too long.

How I Quadrupled My Real Estate Investment With Clairvoyance

doorwayIn March of 2013 I was offered an opportunity to purchase a home privately at a really great price. I already had a home at the time but took a look at the new one and decided to buy it on the spot. Risky business because I hadn’t even listed my other house, let alone sold it, but I was guided by my Clairvoyance so I knew it was right.

My then current house sold quickly (as I predicted) and I moved into my new house (#2) in May of that year. It almost immediately became apparent that the setting wasn’t what I’d expected it to be and upon tuning into my Clairvoyance further, I was guided to find yet another house; all this after being in my new, renovated home for only 4 months, (really?).

Again, I trusted my vision and expeditiously found my current home (#3), which I purchased, again (of course) before I sold #2. Another big risk in a real estate market that wasn’t very active, but I knew the routine; trust the vision!

As it shook out, house #2 sold for a more than 50% profit (after renovations) and I renovated and moved into house #3, my current house in November. This spring I had #3 appraised for more than double what I paid for it, which makes my current investment WAY over quadruple what I paid for house #2, making the series of moves the best thing I could have EVER done even though at times it didn’t always feel that way. I held to my vision and profited immensely!

I can always count on my Clairvoyance for making important decisions and seeing my next steps. What about you? Would you like to open this gift for yourself? Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

How To Use Clairvoyance to Manifest

vishuddha_chakraYou’ve all heard the words “ask and it is given”, it’s one of the universal laws of manifestation after all.

Esther Hicks and “Abraham”, the collective energy she channels, have been teaching it for years; they even have a book by that name. And yet, so many feel that when they ask it is NOT given.

I’m going to address the missing link, and my signature process for manifesting so you can do the same for yourself.

Once you’ve asked, the next step is to watch for the opportunities and signs that show up for you; this will happen, no matter what, but you HAVE to be watching. To complete the process, you have to take action on the opportunities and signs when they show up. Manifestation is a co-creation not a spectator sport.

This is where Clairvoyance comes in. Clairvoyance simply means “clear sight”. I’ve used Clairvoyance for years in my personal manifesting and want to share how you can too. Here’s how I do it:

I tune in to what it is I really want to create in my life, picture it clearly, and then get all my other “clairs” involved. If other “clairs” are easier for you, start with them.

Next I picture sending that creation up to the universe, inside a bubble.

Then I watch for the opportunities and signs, both on the physical plane and with my clear inner sight.

Concurrently, I visualize my bubble interacting with all kinds of other bubbles in the universe that represent the opportunities and signs available for me.

Then I visualize it joining, or matching up with the one that’s most aligned with my higher self and soul, and also in the highest and best interest of others.

Then I visualize it travelling back to me to be grounded into my consciousness.

Then I take aligned action. What I mean by that is I use my Clairvoyance (clear sight) to help me determine the timing and best course of action.

Then I watch as my manifestation (or creation) comes to fruition.

Is it always exactly as I pictured? No, but it is what I’ve created, in complete alignment with my higher self and soul, so I know it’s something that will also be valuable and beneficial to myself and others.

I’ve used this technique to create multiple 6-figure businesses, manifest horses, homes, careers, and live a life of freedom in some of the most desirable places in North America. You can too!

Join my for a free, 3-part Clairvoyance Summer School training program here:

Practical Uses For Clairvoyance In Business

CSSchakraIn order for Clairvoyance to be a valuable tool in business, it must be practical, useful and actionable. What I mean by that is information that gives you immediate answers to the questions you have, help with important business decisions, and direction for next steps. I have used it in business for decades; beginning in the 80’s to create a multiple 6-figure businesses that truly nourish my spirit and serve my soul. It’s absolutely beyond fabulous when we have access within to the answers we need.

Financial Choices

If you’ve ever wondered where to allocate or invest your money in business, Clairvoyance is your savior. There are countless of choices for today’s business owner, from what programs and products to invest in, to what type of advertising to do. Knowing you’re making choices that truly resonate with you and your highest purpose is absolutely invaluable information to have at your fingertips.

Decision Making

No matter the size of your business you will be making LOTS of decisions; that’s a given. If you’re a small business you’ll be making even more as you’ll be wearing many or most hats. Imagine having the perfect tool to guide you to the decision that is “highest and best” for you every time!

Niche or Target Market

Who you target in business can make all the difference to your success, enjoyment and income. Clairvoyance has never guided me wrong when it comes to who I serve and the problem I solve for them. My clients must agree as I’ve been successful in a business that’s morphed itself based on my guidance for over 20 years.

Products and Programs

If you’re extremely creative like me, you have more product and program ideas than time to bring them to fruition. That can be a blessing and a curse. The good news is your Clairvoyance can guide you in choosing the ones that resonate energetically with both yourself and your clients and offer them in a strategic way where you client’s benefit is the greatest, and you are richly rewarded.

Staff and Helpers

Whether it’s choosing an assistant, an event coordinator or a vendor, you can use Clairvoyance for guidance and direction. After you have staff onboard you can then use Clairvoyance to determine the best tasks for them to help you with and the timing of projects. This can help to keep your staff happy and save you money too.

We’ve all had readings in the past where random, far out, possibly entertaining information of no importance or consequence is delivered. I’m not a fan of this use for clairvoyance when I know that it can be used for so much more meaningful, valuable insight.

To check out your Clairvoyance chops join my free 3-part Clairvoyance Summer School training program here:

How To Know If You’re Clairvoyant


Are you Clairvoyant?

Would you like to be?

When working with private clients, more often than not they’ll share with me that they’re not clairvoyant, however upon further examination we find out they really are but they just didn’t know it.

Could the same be true for you?

Hint: it’s not all fireworks and hoopla, sometimes it’s very subtle.

Here are five ways that your clairvoyance may present itself to you:

  • You picture someone you know and within minutes the phone rings and it’s them on the line
  • You have a vivid imagination. You can picture a power spot, past vacation setting, or even new decor in a room
  • You catch a glimpse of energy or tiny spark, out of the corner of your eye
  • You have seen a fleeting image of an angel or deceased loved one in spirit form
  • Areas of disease or disharmony in people, places and things are either highlighted or show up in color when viewing in person, or in your mind’s eye

These are just a few of the ways your clairvoyance may be currently manifesting for you. If you’ve experienced any of them you are clairvoyant!

And, the good news is that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the vast level of magic that’s available to you when you truly develop it.

You can use clairvoyance every day in your business and life to get answers to all of your questions, and even to create the outcomes you desire.

How cool is that?

To activate this super power of yours even further, or to push the ignition switch (if you’re a newbie), I invite you to join me for my FREE, all new 3-part Clairvoyance Summer School training-call series, beginning this week on Thursday, August 7 at 5 p.m. Pacific.

You’re going to love it!