A Life Saved By Clairvoyance

OceanYears ago I was consulting for a client who had a very sick dog. She was only 2 years old but was starving herself to death despite her obvious hunger. Her people had spent thousands of dollars on medical tests with the best specialists they could find but were no closer to determining her problem. They were extremely worried, and of course very frustrated, at not being able to get to the root of the problem.

I tuned in and within seconds of connecting with their dog, she relayed to me that the problem was in her duodenum. Her people shared this message with the veterinarian team who was treating her, and sure enough they were able to do an endoscopy and confirm that she had a rare bacteria in her duodenum, so rare in fact that it normally only occurs in humans. Once the root cause was determined, the veterinarians were able to successfully treat the dog and she began her road to recovery and went on to live a happy, healthy life.

I felt like I had found a needle in a haystack as a dog’s body is made up of thousands of parts. I was literally amazed that I could pinpoint such specific information with Clairvoyance.

My gift of Clairvoyance was responsible for:

  • Saving the life of their beloved dog ~ they told me I saved her life as she was close to starving to death at the time of our reading
  • Saving them tons of money ~ those Veterinary tests are astronomically expensive, especially when there was no indication of which direction to go next
  • Dramatically reducing the suffering of my client’s precious friend ~ no extra invasive tests for the dog to try and diagnose her condition
  • Answering their prayers ~ they got a conclusive diagnosis that could be treated immediately
  • Saving time ~ Clairvoyance expedited the answer to their biggest question in a matter of minutes

I share this story with you because there was a time in my life that I didn’t think of myself as Clairvoyant, and definitely wouldn’t have called myself Clairvoyant even to close friends, let alone publicly. But denying my gifts would mean denying my mission never mind denying those I serve.

So even if you’re convinced you’re not Clairvoyant, even if you feel with all your heart that you’ve never had a vision or answer in your life, I absolutely encourage you to make a bold decision and check out my Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 training program Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

It’s designed for people just like you, people who secretly wish they had Clairvoyant abilities but have been denying the possibility for way too long.

How I Quadrupled My Real Estate Investment With Clairvoyance

doorwayIn March of 2013 I was offered an opportunity to purchase a home privately at a really great price. I already had a home at the time but took a look at the new one and decided to buy it on the spot. Risky business because I hadn’t even listed my other house, let alone sold it, but I was guided by my Clairvoyance so I knew it was right.

My then current house sold quickly (as I predicted) and I moved into my new house (#2) in May of that year. It almost immediately became apparent that the setting wasn’t what I’d expected it to be and upon tuning into my Clairvoyance further, I was guided to find yet another house; all this after being in my new, renovated home for only 4 months, (really?).

Again, I trusted my vision and expeditiously found my current home (#3), which I purchased, again (of course) before I sold #2. Another big risk in a real estate market that wasn’t very active, but I knew the routine; trust the vision!

As it shook out, house #2 sold for a more than 50% profit (after renovations) and I renovated and moved into house #3, my current house in November. This spring I had #3 appraised for more than double what I paid for it, which makes my current investment WAY over quadruple what I paid for house #2, making the series of moves the best thing I could have EVER done even though at times it didn’t always feel that way. I held to my vision and profited immensely!

I can always count on my Clairvoyance for making important decisions and seeing my next steps. What about you? Would you like to open this gift for yourself? Clairvoyance Mastery 2.0 >>

How To Use Clairvoyance to Manifest

vishuddha_chakraYou’ve all heard the words “ask and it is given”, it’s one of the universal laws of manifestation after all.

Esther Hicks and “Abraham”, the collective energy she channels, have been teaching it for years; they even have a book by that name. And yet, so many feel that when they ask it is NOT given.

I’m going to address the missing link, and my signature process for manifesting so you can do the same for yourself.

Once you’ve asked, the next step is to watch for the opportunities and signs that show up for you; this will happen, no matter what, but you HAVE to be watching. To complete the process, you have to take action on the opportunities and signs when they show up. Manifestation is a co-creation not a spectator sport.

This is where Clairvoyance comes in. Clairvoyance simply means “clear sight”. I’ve used Clairvoyance for years in my personal manifesting and want to share how you can too. Here’s how I do it:

I tune in to what it is I really want to create in my life, picture it clearly, and then get all my other “clairs” involved. If other “clairs” are easier for you, start with them.

Next I picture sending that creation up to the universe, inside a bubble.

Then I watch for the opportunities and signs, both on the physical plane and with my clear inner sight.

Concurrently, I visualize my bubble interacting with all kinds of other bubbles in the universe that represent the opportunities and signs available for me.

Then I visualize it joining, or matching up with the one that’s most aligned with my higher self and soul, and also in the highest and best interest of others.

Then I visualize it travelling back to me to be grounded into my consciousness.

Then I take aligned action. What I mean by that is I use my Clairvoyance (clear sight) to help me determine the timing and best course of action.

Then I watch as my manifestation (or creation) comes to fruition.

Is it always exactly as I pictured? No, but it is what I’ve created, in complete alignment with my higher self and soul, so I know it’s something that will also be valuable and beneficial to myself and others.

I’ve used this technique to create multiple 6-figure businesses, manifest horses, homes, careers, and live a life of freedom in some of the most desirable places in North America. You can too!

Join my for a free, 3-part Clairvoyance Summer School training program here:http://lynnmckenzie.com/clairvoyance-summer-school/

Practical Uses For Clairvoyance In Business

CSSchakraIn order for Clairvoyance to be a valuable tool in business, it must be practical, useful and actionable. What I mean by that is information that gives you immediate answers to the questions you have, help with important business decisions, and direction for next steps. I have used it in business for decades; beginning in the 80’s to create a multiple 6-figure businesses that truly nourish my spirit and serve my soul. It’s absolutely beyond fabulous when we have access within to the answers we need.

Financial Choices

If you’ve ever wondered where to allocate or invest your money in business, Clairvoyance is your savior. There are countless of choices for today’s business owner, from what programs and products to invest in, to what type of advertising to do. Knowing you’re making choices that truly resonate with you and your highest purpose is absolutely invaluable information to have at your fingertips.

Decision Making

No matter the size of your business you will be making LOTS of decisions; that’s a given. If you’re a small business you’ll be making even more as you’ll be wearing many or most hats. Imagine having the perfect tool to guide you to the decision that is “highest and best” for you every time!

Niche or Target Market

Who you target in business can make all the difference to your success, enjoyment and income. Clairvoyance has never guided me wrong when it comes to who I serve and the problem I solve for them. My clients must agree as I’ve been successful in a business that’s morphed itself based on my guidance for over 20 years.

Products and Programs

If you’re extremely creative like me, you have more product and program ideas than time to bring them to fruition. That can be a blessing and a curse. The good news is your Clairvoyance can guide you in choosing the ones that resonate energetically with both yourself and your clients and offer them in a strategic way where you client’s benefit is the greatest, and you are richly rewarded.

Staff and Helpers

Whether it’s choosing an assistant, an event coordinator or a vendor, you can use Clairvoyance for guidance and direction. After you have staff onboard you can then use Clairvoyance to determine the best tasks for them to help you with and the timing of projects. This can help to keep your staff happy and save you money too.

We’ve all had readings in the past where random, far out, possibly entertaining information of no importance or consequence is delivered. I’m not a fan of this use for clairvoyance when I know that it can be used for so much more meaningful, valuable insight.

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How To Know If You’re Clairvoyant


Are you Clairvoyant?

Would you like to be?

When working with private clients, more often than not they’ll share with me that they’re not clairvoyant, however upon further examination we find out they really are but they just didn’t know it.

Could the same be true for you?

Hint: it’s not all fireworks and hoopla, sometimes it’s very subtle.

Here are five ways that your clairvoyance may present itself to you:

  • You picture someone you know and within minutes the phone rings and it’s them on the line
  • You have a vivid imagination. You can picture a power spot, past vacation setting, or even new decor in a room
  • You catch a glimpse of energy or tiny spark, out of the corner of your eye
  • You have seen a fleeting image of an angel or deceased loved one in spirit form
  • Areas of disease or disharmony in people, places and things are either highlighted or show up in color when viewing in person, or in your mind’s eye

These are just a few of the ways your clairvoyance may be currently manifesting for you. If you’ve experienced any of them you are clairvoyant!

And, the good news is that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the vast level of magic that’s available to you when you truly develop it.

You can use clairvoyance every day in your business and life to get answers to all of your questions, and even to create the outcomes you desire.

How cool is that?

To activate this super power of yours even further, or to push the ignition switch (if you’re a newbie), I invite you to join me for my FREE, all new 3-part Clairvoyance Summer School training-call series, beginning this week on Thursday, August 7 at 5 p.m. Pacific.

You’re going to love it!




3 Magical Ways To Create More Time For The Things You Love

12359123Have you ever noticed that while each of us has the identical number of hours in a given day, some of us always manage to get double, triple, even quadruple what others get done in that time? Think high achievers like Oprah, Louise Hay, or Wayne Dyer.

It’s all about energy, and by learning to invoke your Divine Power, along with a little practical magic, you can do the same.

You are the Divine creator of your reality; you and you alone create your results. The great news about that is that no one else gets to determine, or control, what you do and how you do it. It’s 100% yours!

Here are three energetic tips for accomplishing tasks quicker and living a richer life:

Expand Time

I learned this concept many years ago; it’s the simple act of energetically expanding time to fit the activity we’re doing. It might sound impossible or feel weird but all it takes to do this is a shift in your belief or mindset around it, and then it’s possible. It’s done by using our Divine Will, in a commanding way, to ask for what you want, make it so, and trusting the result. Try it the next time you need more time for a specific activity. It’s a great one to use if you find yourself late.

Set Your Intention

To me, an intention is a “no matter what, commitment”, a true energetic responsibility, declaration or promise. It’s never got an “I hope” or “I wish” kind of vibe, otherwise, as you probably know, chances are good that it won’t happen. Set yourself a very strong intention that you will accomplish “x” in “y” minutes or hours, even when it may not seem possible. Then put your energy behind it, declare it, and so it is! You’ll be amazed how much things will shift for you, and how powerful you’ll feel.

Manage Your Personal Energy Field

Managing your energy field is tremendously important when it comes to creating more time. Your field is a sacred place, meant for you and your energy alone. Too frequently though, we allow it to be filled with energy that doesn’t serve us; energy that often isn’t even our own. What’s up with that? When this happens it’s like having static on the Divine radio station; your soul’s speaking to you, but you can’t hear what it’s saying.

We require an energy field that’s balanced, centered, and is a place of peace and space. To clear and balance your own field, focus your attention on your heart chakra and visualize the energy of it spiraling outwards throughout your field, and as it does so, clearing any non-beneficial energy (including that of others that you may be holding on to), out of your field to be transmuted by the light.

There are many other ways to create more time, like always having a clearly defined outcome in mind, calming your mind, using a timer for tasks so you don’t get sucked into them (warning, Facebook can suck you in worse than TV), and releasing any habitual time wasters from your day.

You have the power to create something new, or accomplish a task within a set amount of time, even if it seems impossible. I know because I do it all the time.

Please share your thoughts, or successes in using these tips below.

The Top 3 Mindsets That May Be Holding You Back From Receiving Large Sums Of Money


Are you WILLING to receive large sums of money from your Spiritual Business; I mean TRULY willing? I’m talking about sums that are much larger than you can presently imagine. Many of you will immediately think “that’s a no brainer, of course I am”, yet I see so many spiritual entrepreneurs blocking themselves from doing so. If you’re a psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur and would love to have a more fulfilling business, full of clients, income and abundance, keep reading because I’m going to share three of the top strategies that will get you there fast.

I call these mindsets the three “D’s”; Decisions, Discomfort and Discard or Decline.


Successful spiritual entrepreneurs have learned to decide and take action. It’s as simple as that. Even when they don’t feel totally ready! If you desire greater financial rewards, it’s time train yourself to make decisions and make them quickly.

Waffling, dithering, confusion, or wanting to “feel into it” for any length of time (a big favorite in the healing crowd), are simply habits that pull you down, take you out and sabotage your income. They’re costing you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know because it happened to me.

Tip – no productive, successful entrepreneur ever feels truly “ready” when they bring a new project, product or business to fruition, but they move forward with it anyhow as they know that “done is better than perfect”.


Our comfort zone is … well … comfortable, but when we operate safely within it, everything remains stagnant and status quo. That’s because all growth occurs outside of it. Let’s be honest here, no one likes discomfort, it wasn’t until I experienced how much, and how quickly I’m rewarded financially (and otherwise) for being willing to reach outside my comfort zone that I adopted a new mindset around it.

Now, whenever that niggling feeling of discomfort crops up for me, I celebrate the amazingness that’s on the immediate horizon! Growth in business, and personally involves stretching and leaping, and that often translates to something yucky; pain, fear, even nausea. Initially, anyhow!

Tip –discomfort is NOT comfortable, but I find it absolutely amazing how quickly it can transform into “no biggy” when we muster up the gumption to take courageous action. We humans are resilient creatures.

Discard or Decline

I used to think that success was just about adopting new behaviors, habits, beliefs and mindsets but interestingly, as we move up the success ladder, one of the things we must learn to do well is to “let go and say no”. Everything in our experience is either lifting us up toward our goals, or pulling us away from them. When we learn to quickly decline or discard the things in the latter category, we are in effect keeping our energy clean, clear and focused on success.

Tip – we must be willing to let go of people, places and things that are not serving our big vision and mission.

These are just a couple of my favorite mindsets, ones I always start on with new clients. The key theme in each of them is willingness. Willingness to do whatever it takes (no matter what!), separates the achievers from the dreamers, and those who receive large sums of money in their Spiritual Business from those who don’t.


~ High Paid Psychics and Healers ~

You’re a psychic or healer and you want to be paid well for the transformation you provide to clients, right?

If not, that’s something worth examining in its self, but better left for another conversation. If so, keep reading because I’m going to blast through an age-old belief system you may have, and there’s nothing better than clearing out old beliefs that aren’t working for us anymore, and replacing them with ones that are.

After working with thousands, yes thousands, of conscious entrepreneurs, what I can tell you for sure is that you absolutely don’t need another modality to create the very successful healing or intuitive business you desire. As I share that, I can feel the collective discomfort as it sinks in, because if you’re anything like 99% of the clients I work with, you LOVE learning new modalities and embark upon them with extreme fervor and the belief that each one is going to be your “golden ticket” to success.

How do I know this? I’ve been there!

I totally get it, you LOVE being a psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur because you love helping clients, and therefore you figure “more modalities = more ways you can help your clients,” right?

I hate to burst your bubble but after working with the thousands of conscious entrepreneurs that I have, I can assure you, without a doubt, that adding another amazing new modality is NOT the recipe for greater transformation, for both you and your clients.

That brings me to what the “golden ticket” for psychics and healers really is, and I’ll boil it down to this rather simple blueprint:

Determine Your Tribe

Who is it that you specialize in serving? Be very specific here. The more laser focused you can be, the more clients you’ll attract.

Discover Their Biggest Problem

I’m talking about the thing that keeps them up at night…the thing that they’re longingly praying for a solution to.

Determine the Outcome or Transformation You Provide

This is a very simple piece but one that most spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with immensely. Bottom line, you MUST know and be able to clearly tell others the exact outcome you provide them with. By the way, everyone has one.

Set Up Packages and Programs

Nothing is more appealing to your Dream Client than programs that feel like they’re designed just for them. This is called your offer.

Tell People About Your Offer

Talk to people, both in person and online. Get out there and market yourself and your offering.

Enroll People Into Them

Enrolling clients into your programs involves a very specifically orchestrated heart-centered transformational conversation. Learning how to do this well is your magic bullet for success.

Do Your Magic

This is where you get to do your sacred work. The reason why most of you became healers in the first place, right? Enjoy, you’re truly expressing your Divinity!

Make Fabulous Money

It is 100% doable to make 6 figures, multiple 6 figures, or even seven figures when you are energetically aligned and follow this blueprint. I’ve used it for my success and my clients have used it for theirs.

The alternative is a life of financial struggle. We both know that you can’t provide your best work when stuck in your own muck, and you can’t stay in business without income.

If you’re ready to step up and become the high paid psychic, healer or spiritual entrepreneur that you know you were meant to be, let’s have a chat.




The #1 Secret To Intuitive Money Manifestation That Nobody is Telling You (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the article – please read Part 1 here first.

The Channel of Personal Identity

Our Personal Identity is who we think of ourselves as, and how we see ourselves in the world. Does your identity empower you? It determines how much money we have or can make, our worth, our value, and the value of what we have to offer. Could your use some up-levelling?

The Channel of Divine Decisions

Your Divine Decisions are based on a combination of your divine inspiration and what you believe is possible. What filter or information are you using to make yours? Our decisions are the seeds of successful money manifestation.

The Channel of Vision and Clarity

Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” Since we are the ultimate creators, our Vision and Clarity determine our end results. As the conscious creator of your reality, are you absolutely clear as to EXACTLY how much money you want to create?

The Channel of Intuitive Action

The most important piece and biggest missing key to manifestation is Action. Actions must always be inspired by the precise outcome you wish to create and the intuitive hits you receive around it. Based on the money you want to manifest, what will be your next action step?

The Channel of Environment and Support

thankyouYour Environment and Support system is always either adding to or taking away from your success. Does your environment support the amount of money you want to manifest? Do you have positive support systems in place, including a mentor, to help you achieve your goals?


Gratitude raises your energetic vibration to a level where receiving is almost a given. All money manifestation begins and ends with Gratitude!

Each channel above supports and is also influenced by the channel immediately above it, and all of them work synergistically together to create amazing manifestations. If you ever feel stuck in one area, be sure to look to the channel immediately above and below it for help, inspiration and direction. The Eight Channels of Alignment for Manifesting is a reference that you can return to over and over again to walk yourself through the process to success.

I know you wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t know deep within that this is your time; your time to achieve your dreams and desires, your time to step into your full potential, reconnect with your birthright, and manifest the income and prosperity of your dreams.

Your someday is TODAY!

The #1 Secret To Intuitive Money Manifestation That Nobody is Telling You (Part 1)

Sunlight_thru_cloudsWould you like to have a proven system for Manifesting Money Intuitively? One that takes absolutely every level of your consciousness into account? A Money Manifestation system that works for you, over and over again, each and every time?

If so, keep reading because I’ve cracked open the codes to unlocking your channels to manifesting the prosperity you desire. First, let me share a little about myself so you become acquainted with me, my past experiences, and why I’m qualified to share this information with you, and then I’ll jump straight into the juicy content.

Back in the 90’s I left corporate America to follow my heart’s desire and become a Healer and Intuitive, and the interesting part, as I look back on it now, is that at some level I realized (even believed) that I’d likely earn much less income in my new career. That was my first mistake, but one that’s relatively conceivable because at the time there were absolutely no role models making great money as Healers or Intuitives. I didn’t have a template to follow and frankly don’t think one even existed back then.

I left my high paying career in real estate because I got tired of living a life that didn’t fit me anymore, and even though I made good money in that job, my soul was starving for deeper meaning. My path to prosperity took me on a winding adventure through hill and dale, and while my current finances are in fabulous order, there have been times in my past where my bank balance had dropped as low as $300 with no sign of any cash inflow on the horizon. So if you’re struggling, I want you to know that I’ve been there too.

What I’m about to share with you is the #1 secret that allowed me to break 6-figures in my healing and intuitive business, as an Animal Intuitive, during one of the worst recessions the US has ever seen. If I can create a result like THAT with this information, the sky is the limit for you. I’ve gone on to use this valuable information to create two new businesses and to double and even triple my income; so I know it works!

The secret is there are eight channels that must all be in alignment with our goal for successful money manifesting. This is why positive thinking and affirmations alone will never work. Once you become familiar with and master alignment in each of the channels, you’ll experience the magical sweet spot of infinite prosperity.

The Eight Channels Of Alignment For Manifesting Money

Use these channels as the foundational frame work for all of your money manifesting.

The Channel of Spirit or The Divine

The channel of Spirit or The Divine connects us with our sense of purpose, passion and mission. It’s our “big why”. Why is what you want to create  important to you, because it’s never only just about the money?

The Channel of Mindset

The channel of Mindset is our outlook and the belief systems we filter each of our experiences and opportunities through. Our beliefs are simply ideas we made real somewhere along the line and we can create new ones at any time. Currently, how much money do you think you can create?